My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 50 - Bring My Daughter-in-law To Meet Me

Chapter 50 – Bring My Daughter-in-law To Meet Me

Zhan An, who didn't hear her son's response, immediately became anxious. "Son! If you are married, bring the girl here so that your mother can meet her! Whose daughter is that girl? How do you know her? What is her last name?"

"Mom, for half a year you have not returned home, shouldn't you be worried about your son?" Xian Zihao put aside the umbrella with a funny face on his face. He put on a wireless earpiece and started the engine. He drove his car out of the parking lot.

"I'm more concerned with my daughter-in-law. No matter what the girl's background is, as long as she's someone my son likes, I will definitely approve! On the other hand, your grandfather and father, these two stubborn old men, always wanted you to marry Cui Liuxian. I can tell that you love her and spoiled her a lot, but you don't want to marry her, do you?

Son, don't worry. I will handle your father and grandfather! But the condition is that you must let me meet my daughter-in-law! Wuu… If only I could hug my grandson now."

Xian Zihao's face suddenly darkened. "Why do you have to think so far?"

"Am I wrong? Isn't it right now, young couples are very close to each other. Let's see if your grandfather and father would have objected once you had a child."

Feeling helpless, Xian Zihao raised his hand to rub his forehead and sighed. "Mom, I'm driving."

"When will you bring my daughter-in-law to meet me?" Zhan An refused to stop this conversation.

"I will arrange it as soon as possible."

Finally, Zhan An agreed and ended the call.

Xian Zihao took off his earpiece and accidentally glanced at the umbrella next to him.


Xian Group, Chief Executive Officer Office

The red light at night shone through the large glass windows into the spacious and bright office. The room was quiet, with only the sound of files and the sound of pages flipping.

*Knock! Knock! Knock!*

Someone suddenly knocked on the door.

Xian Zihao paused. His black inked eyes were slightly raised as he looked at the rosewood doors.

Usually, when someone wanted to meet him, Secretary Du will make an appointment and informed him in advance. Moreover, the news of his return to H City was not leaked.

Cui Liuxian was the only one who could entered and left the Xian Building at will.

"Come in." His thin lips moved a little while answering indifferently.

The door was pushed open from the outside. A slender figure appeared in front of the door.

Cui Liuxian in a light blue dress had a mischievous smile on her face. She tucked out her tongue at him and asked, "Zihao, am I interrupting your work?"

Xian Zihao closed the file. "Why are you here?"

Cui Liuxian smiled sweetly. As she turned and closed the door, chestnut hair fell on her shoulders.

She turned, placing her hand behind her back and lifted her little feet, which were covered in a pair of white high-heeled shoes. She walked closer to his desk under his unperturbed gaze, then tilted her head and looked at him with a smile.

"You asked me to go with Bingqing to the Maldives for a vacation. Look at my body now. I am very tanned! I even went to the United States, and then came to Boston, wanting to see Guiying and mom. Guiying was very busy, so I couldn't meet her. I just saw mom, and she came back with me, you still don't know, right?"

Xian Zihao calmly looked at her. "My mother had refused to come back for years, afraid that she will strike up a ruckus whenever she meets my dad. Why is she willing to come back this time?"

His voice was dull and flat, unhappy or angry.

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