My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 49 - Naive

Chapter 49 – Naive

Jiang Ruolan lowered her gaze and looked at the card on the ground.

She bent down to pick it up and saw Han Xuegang and Ling Fei'er's names written on it, as well as the date and time of the engagement.

A week ago, Ling Fei'er went to her company and entered her office unhindered. Under the gaze of her colleagues, she placed this delicate engagement invitation on her desk.

"Jiang Ruolan, I heard you married to Xian Zihao? Why is there no wedding? But don't worry. In the next 15 months, I welcome you to my engagement party with Han Xuegang."

Ling Feier beamed as her slender fingers pushed the invitation towards Jiang Ruolan. "I believe Young Madam Xian will give the Ling Family face, right? You definitely won't miss it, won't you?"

The scene from a few days ago passed before her eyes as she held the invitation card tightly in her hand.

They're getting engaged?


During the seven years she left Jiang Family, Han Xuegang was one of those who once gave her four years of happiness.

A full four years! One thousand four hundred sixty days and nights.

Han Xuegang, who was once admired by all the girls at the university.

Han Xuegang, who wore the woolen gloves when he walked past her with red cheeks due to winter.

Han Xuegang, who had invited her to dance at the school anniversary ceremony.

Han Xuegang, who held her hand and said that he liked her because she was innocent and silly.

Han Xuegang, who got a surprising result because of his hard work, despite having an average family background.

Han Xuegang, who had loved her so much that he was willing to die with her.

Han Xuegang, who had kissed her on the face after she graduated from school, said that he would marry her.

"Lanlan, no matter where or when, as long as you need me, I will be by your side!"

"Lanlan, stop sneaking around. Just wait. One day, I will make a name for myself. At that time, you just need to stayed at home and be pampered by me."

The past was like smoke. Everything had changed in the end.

Did Ling Fei'er gave her this invitation card because she wanted her to see the man she (Jiang Ruolan) once loved holding the hand of another woman?

Jiang Ruolan knew full well that she would be humiliated, but she had no other way out. If she didn't go, they might think it was because she was afraid and still couldn't forget Han Xuegang.

How much courage and perseverance it would take for her to appear flawless at their engagement party?


Outside the VIP entrance of the airport.

When Secretary Du saw Xian Zihao, he quickly approached him. He handed the file to him. "President Xian, this is the file you requested. As you'd expected, they've been aware of recent changes and have begun to be unable to sit still."

Xian Zihao took the file and walked towards the parking lot while flipping through it. His cell phone rang. He saw numbers and traces of shock across his eyes.

"Mom?" He picked up the phone, his eyes still on the file in his hand.

Zhan An's voice was heard from the end of the phone. "I just got home today and your father started arguing with me because of you. No matter what, you are still my son. Why didn't you tell me you were married? Your grandfather was so angry that he did not even leave the room. When did you get married? Why are you hiding this from me?"

Xian Zihao sighed and said, "Mom, you just got home. Rest first. I'll see you later."

"Stop changing the topic! Tell the truth, are you really married?"

Xian Zihao opened the car door and threw the file into the passenger seat.

His eyes suddenly saw a glimpse of the umbrella that had been left in the box by the door. He paused, then got into the driver's seat and stretched out his hand to take the umbrella.

The light pink umbrella was a bit old, and the design on the edge of it was very simple and clean. There was also actually a plastic beaver tied to the umbrella holder.

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