My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 42 - Heavy Rain I

Chapter 42 – Heavy Rain I

On the way home, it rained heavily. Heavy rain made the road to the city closed. Looking at the traffic in front of him, Xian Zihao turned off the car engine and parked it on the side of the road.

The lights in H City were on at the moment, but some street lights on this street were already broken. All around, it was dark and quiet, and the sound of heavy rain falling around the car was heard.

No one spoke.

Only when Xian Zihao's phone rang, did she turned to look at him. Seeing that he did not answer, she said softly. "Your phone rang."

Finally, Xian Zihao moved. He looked at the number and immediately switched off the phone. He set aside his phone when he saw the traffic finally moving; he started the car and dove slowly.

After moving a distance of three meters, both were once again trapped in traffic jams. They could also hear the sound of sirens and quarrels in front of them.

Jiang Ruolan tried to observe what was happening in front of her when she suddenly heard the sound of the car door open. As she turned around, she saw Xian Zihao get out of the car.

"Wait! It's raining heavily outside." Her voice was interrupted by the sound of the car door closing from the outside. She looked at the tall figure walked through the heavy rain recklessly.

Jiang Ruolan remembered that she had an umbrella in her bag and quickly took it. It was raining heavily outside, and Xian Zihao would have a fever if he were soaking wet like this. Quickly, she hurried out of the car.

It was raining so hard that she couldn't see the view in front of her. Jiang Ruolan vaguely remembered the direction that Xian Zihao had taken, so she walked in that direction rapidly. On this stormy night, the umbrella in her hand almost flew several times due to the wind.

"Looks like your car was stuck here too, just like us. If we keep waiting like this, we might get stuck here until tomorrow morning, waiting for the traffic police to arrive!"

"That's right, the road ahead was closed. If it weren't for your carelessness, our car would have passed! You've seen the road condition but you're still speeding your van."

"Sorry, I'm sorry. Who would have thought there would be a big hole in the side of the road? I ignored it, and the wheels suddenly got stuck. I did not expect this to happen."

Hearing the commotion from the other side, Jiang Ruolan saw the rear wheels of a medium-sized van had sunk into a small hole in the highway and could not be driven away. Under these circumstances, someone usually will call for help or inform the police. The crane tried to pull the van, but due to the road in front was blocked by heavy rain, the crane could not get past it.

At the same time, she saw Xian Zihao, leaning on the back of the van, apparently where the van had fallen. He stood up and said something to the anxious driver nearby.

Jiang Ruolan stood farther away from the others, though, she still saw the faces of those around him shining with a little hope. "All right, let's try it."

After a brief discussion, the van's driver nodded and got back into the van to restart the engine. Four or five men nearby pushed the back of the van with all their might.

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