My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 41 - Let Her Go

Chapter 41 – Let Her Go

The sky had turned dark.

As the car drove down the road leading from H City to the suburbs, Jiang Ruolan held her phone tightly. Xian Zihao said that he would arrive soon in his text, but it was already an hour, and he was nowhere to be seen.

Could it be that she would go to the Xian's Mansion like that without preparation?

According to others, with just one command from Xian Family, the entire city would tremble. Xian Family was a well-known family in the eyes of all the Chinese in the world. She also heard that General Xian, who was over eighty years old, had a terrible temper.

Just as Jiang Ruolan was worried about her unpredictable situation, two blinding lights flashed from behind the car.

Stunned, she turned her body to look, but she couldn't open her eyes entirely because of the bright light.

Jiang Ruolan raised her hand to block the light, and between her fingers, she saw a car speeding towards her at incredible speed. In the blink of an eye, the car passed the military jeep she was riding in.

Soon, two ear-piercing brakes were heard one by one.

Jiang Ruolan almost crashed into the front of the car when the car braked suddenly. She hurriedly stretched out her hand in front of her chest to avoid hitting the seat.

A familiar black Land Rover had stopped right in front of their car, blocking their path.

The two men in front of her were startled by the sight of the car. They looked at each other after seeing the car clearly.

The middle-aged man looked back and saw the phone in Jiang Ruolan's hand. He immediately understood and his eyes showed remorse. He felt regret for not grabbing her phone as soon as she got in the car.

The two men rushed out.

On a dark night, the dark clouds that covered the sky and the stars and the moon were also gone. A faint cold wind blew, signaling that it was going to rain.

Xian Zihao slammed the car door and walked towards them. With a cold look in his eyes, he said, "Let her go."

"Young Master Xian!" The two men approached him, smiled, and said respectfully, "The Old Master ordered us to bring the Young Madam to Xian's Mansion."

Xian Zihao didn't have much patience. His cold gaze drifted towards Jiang Ruolan who was sitting upright in the car. She did not know whether she must get out of the car or not.

"Young Master Xian!"

As they tried to block his path, Xian Zihao stopped and looked at the older man.

His cold gaze caused the person's expression to freeze slightly. After hesitating for a while, the arm that was blocking him slowly drooped down.

Xian Zihao immediately walked to the car and opened the car door. He looked at the woman inside. His lips slightly pursed as he said, "Get out."

Jiang Ruolan hurried out of the car. Because the car was too high, she almost fell to the ground. Xian Zihao immediately pulled her hand and dragged her to his car.

When she got into the car, she suddenly shouted, "My luggage!"

Xian Zihao said calmly, "Wait a minute."

He closed the door on his side and drove his car which he parked in the middle of the road to the side of the road.

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