My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 24 - Jiang Bingqing

Chapter 24 – Jiang Bingqing

Jiang Ruolan continued to put some manuscripts in the bag. After thinking for a moment, she said, "Anyway, I have completed what President Xian ordered me to do, so there is no need for me to wait for him. Thank you, Secretary Du."

Seeing her insistence, Secretary Du did not stop her.

When Jiang Ruolan arrived at the lobby on the first floor, she checked in her ID card and left the company. Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly heard a commotion behind her and turned to see the source of the noise. She saw several company directors who had completed their meeting walk out of the elevator, but there were no signs of Xian Zihao.

It can be seen that Secretary Du only politely urged her to stay not on Xian Zihao's instructions.

Realizing what she was thinking, Jiang Ruolan couldn't help but laugh as she turned and walked out of the building.

If it weren't for Han Xuegang's scheme, she would definitely not have a relationship with a man like Xian Zihao, whose status was so high that it could shine. In that case, it was good enough that he did not see her as a woman who was good at acting, and she was grateful that he did not use the most direct and cruel way to make her disappear from this world.

Could it be that she was relying on him to have a good effect on herself?

Ah, she no longer dreamed of being Cinderella.

It was already 9.30 am when she rushed to the company. Jiang Ruolan lowered her head and walked forward, noticing the unfamiliar car parked in front of the company.

"Jiang Ruolan, you are really capable enough. Even a man like Xian Zihao can be tempted by a little vixen like you!"

A familiar voice was heard from behind her. Jiang Ruolan stopped and looked at the woman in surprise. A nightmare from seven years ago once again appeared in her eyes.

She looked at Jiang Bingqing, who was wearing an expensive dress and was standing in front of a white Audi car with a mocking expression.

Seeing the shock in Jiang Ruolan's eyes, Jiang Bingqing walked one step towards him. She gracefully stood in front of her, arrogantly lifting her sexy lips and laughing coldly while mocking her. "What? You did not expect to see me again?"

Although Jiang Ruolan was shocked, she quickly calmed down. She glanced at Jiang Bingqing before turning to look at the car. Madam Jiang was nowhere to be seen. Jiang Ruolan gave her a puzzled glance. "Why are you here?"

"I went with my mother to H City to visit relatives and who would have thought that I would see the news about you in the newspaper. After seven years of not seeing you, you really look like a shameless woman. You dare to crawl into anyone's bed."

Jiang Bingqing looked at Jiang Ruolan in disgust, "I just checked in with someone and found out that you work here. Why? Aren't you going to be the CEO's wife? To work in a place like this? Looks like I guessed it right. You really used shameless methods to get into Xian Zihao's bed, forcing him to pretend that you are his fiancee in front of the media. "

Faced with this woman's mockery, Jiang Ruolan had long been accustomed. She looked at Jiang Bingqing's usual noble and proud look with an expressionless face. "Miss Jiang doesn't need to care about my matters. If there's nothing else, I'm going to work."

As she spoke, she turned and was about to enter the company door.

"Jiang Ruolan, you shameless bastard! Do not dream of climbing the Xian Family! Let me tell you, I have known Xian Zihao for a long time. He is my best friend's childhood sweetheart. In terms of family background, Xian Zihao wouldn't even spare you a glance! Don't think you can get into a man's bed like that shameless mother of yours! The Xian family is not like our Jiang Family, and Xian Zihao is not a coward like your father! Why don't you follow in your mother's footsteps and commit suicide?! Do you know that a shameless bitch like you only polluting the air!"

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