My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 23 - Fell Asleep

Chapter 23 – Fell Asleep

At 2:30 in the morning, when Xian Zihao opened his office door, his eyes froze slightly.

At a glance, he saw a slender figure in the corner of the sofa. Because the air conditioner was too cold, Jiang Ruolan curled into a ball.

It was obvious that Secretary Du had already told him about her presence, so he was not too surprised to see her, however, he did not think that this woman would actually rearrange the night press release and sleep in his office!

Xian Zihao walked to the sofa and glanced at Jiang Ruolan's calm face as she slept. He also glanced at the script prepared on the computer.

She really could sleep anywhere. Basically, no one can enter his office casually and without his permission. This woman actually used his office as her bedroom, and she also sleeps soundly!

Xian Zihao unbuttoned his suit jacket and placed it on Jiang Ruolan's body. She moved a little in her sleep.

Xian Zihao lowered his eyes to see her lashes fluttering as if she was about to get up. But after a few movements, she stopped moving.

He sighed and walked around the table. He entered the data he had brought back into his computer and spent the night learning the new plan that had been approved.

When Jiang Ruolan woke up, it was already morning. She got up from the sofa and looked at the time. It's actually over 9 o'clock! Shocked, she quickly got up to go to work when she suddenly saw a jacket slip into her lap.

"Are you awake?" The office door opened and Secretary Du entered. Seeing Jiang Ruolan stared at the jacket, he walked with a smile. "President Xian came back last night. Miss Jiang, you are very dedicated. You did your job quickly."

Xian Zihao came back?

Jiang Ruolan was shocked and said in surprise, "Heaven, I actually fell asleep here. Is President Xian angry?"

"Miss Jiang did not sleep all night to finish writing. It's understandable that you fell asleep. Why would he be angry?" Secretary Du smiled warmly.

"Then where is he now?" Ji Ruolan suddenly remembered her manuscript and she quickly turned on the computer on the tea table. After a moment, she sighed in relief. "Luckily, I had it ready last night."

Having said that, she looked at Secretary Du who was smiling at her. Jiang Ruolan lowered her head and looked at the shirt jacket in her hand. She gently placed it on the couch, then began compiling the manuscript. "I was an hour late for work, so I had to rush back to the company."

"You will not wait for President Xian?"

Jiang Ruolan glanced at him. Looked like Secretary Du had seen the news. It was clear that he knew about her 'relationship' with Xian Zihao. No wonder she was allowed to be relaxed in the CEO office.

She no longer hesitated and continued packing her things. "He was so busy yesterday and rushed back to H City last night. Shouldn't he go back and rest? I won't wait for him. I have to go back to the company."

"President Xian was in his office last night to deal with a plan he brought home from Beijing and did not return to rest. Currently, he is in the conference room on the second floor, meeting with several directors. Also, Miss Jiang, we have contacted your company and you get a day off today. "

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