My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 286 - Senior Sister and Master's Wife

Chapter 286: Senior Sister and Master’s Wife

The time she set with her master and his family was 12:12 p.m. but in order to avoid making Fu Hanzheng suspicious, she dared not use her own phone to make the call.

If she went out and found a place to make the call, Fu Hanzheng’s bodyguards would suspect that something was going on.

Also, due to the Long Wind, as well as her rumor with Fu Shiyi, she had gained some fame in Hua Land and she might be easily recognized.

Because neither of these two situations were favourable, she asked Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian if they could meet up together.

Both of them were off for the weekend and so they decided to have lunch together somewhere.

Seeing that the time was approaching, she switched off her own phone and borrowed Ji Cheng’s phone at 12:11 p.m.

Then she picked a quiet corner and dialed the number she had memorized hundreds of times.

The signal was out of service for the first call but after three times of buzzing in the second attempt, someone answered the call.


Gu Weiwei could tell that it was not Yuan Shuo who answered the call, but her Senior Sister who was also her Master’s wife, Yuan Meng.

Then she speechlessly told her a series of numbers… because the password was none other than the measurements of her breasts, waist and hip!

The moment she finished saying the password, the woman questioned loudly, “What on earth is going on with your Gu Siting? Did we ruin his family or something? Why is he hunting us?”

After hearing her complaint that lasted for a whole three minutes, Gu Weiwei asked, “How is it going with you and master?”

“How are we?” Yuan Meng snorted and bellowed. “In order to avoid being found by the Gu Family, we hid ourselves in an isolated corner of the mountains! How do you think we are doing?”

“Where are you now?” Gu Weiwei asked.

Yuan Meng’s voice turned cold when she heard the question.

“Are you helping Gu Siting to find us?”

“I am not with the Gu Family anymore.” Gu Weiwei said.

They had left A Land but had not returned to the Dorrans Family, which meant she could trust them.

“You left Gu Siting? Liar!” Yuan Meng snorted.

Gu Weiwei stayed silent for a long time and then said, “I am already dead, Ling Yan took my heart.”

They had no idea that she had passed away a few months ago.

Yuan Meng was a little startled after hearing what she said. “So I am talking with a ghost?”

“How many hearts with the same blood type in the world, could be given to Ling Yan do you think?” Gu Weiwei countered.

Yuan Meng became increasingly confused. “But you said that you are dead but you are on the phone with me?”

Gu Weiwei turned around and saw Ji Cheng beckoning her, so she said, “It is very complicated to explain everything right now. Is the Master doing okay after the accident last time?”

“To hell with okay! He is still under treatment right now and his face is almost ruined! I came to his door just for his face and if his face is ruined, how will you compensate for that?” Yuan Meng felt so annoyed when she thought of her injured husband, who was so dear to her.

Having heard these words, Gu Weiwei stayed silent for a moment.

“I am sorry.”

“Forget it, when should we meet again?” Yuan Meng asked straightforwardly.

Although what she said sounded ridiculous, thanks to their long-time friendship, she decided to set up a meeting with her just to get everything sorted.

Seeing that Ji Cheng was approaching her, Gu Weiwei ended the conversation in a hurry.

“Fu Hanzheng is looking for you guys too, so be careful when you are out. I will send you the time and address with another number when I have it ready.”

Then she hung up and removed the conversation history.

She must think of a way to tell Fu Hanzheng that Gu Weiwei was already dead.

Only in this way would he be able to stop investigating.

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