My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 285 - Good Night, Uncle Fu!

Chapter 285: Good Night, Uncle Fu!

Gu Weiwei could not sit still, after hearing Fu Shiqin talking about Fu Hanzheng giving commands to his men, to look for the Yuan Family and herself.

So when no one was paying attention, she sneaked into the study.

Fu Hanzheng was on the phone and became startled at the sight of her. Then he ended the call and said, “What is it?”

After they returned to the old mansion, she kept isolating herself from him as if trying to keep herself from being eaten but now, she had come to his doorstep of her own accord.

Gu Weiwei showed him the coffee and the cake she had brought and said, “I noticed that you ate very little at dinner, so I am here to give you some food.

Fu Hanzheng put down the phone and smiled.

“You are not trying to hide from me anymore?”

“You keep cornering me and kissing me!” Gu Weiwei put down the food and snorted.

Fu Hanzheng stretched out his hands and asked her to sit down in his arms.

“If you were not here with Grandma, I would not have to sneak around.”

At the apartment, he could kiss her without any concern.

Gu Weiwei squinted at him. “But it is you who is always up to something.”

Damn Fu Shiyi who had gotten her drunk and delivered her to his bed; it made him think that she was desperate to sleep with him and he had been constantly teasing her about it too.

Fu Hanzheng chuckled. He was just testing to see if the other night had been her intention or not.

If she had not been willing to do it, he would not have forced her to do anything either.

Gu Weiwei threw a look at the computer and asked casually.

“Well… any news about Gu Weiwei?”

Fu Hanzheng lowered his gaze and said, “You seem very concerned about her these days.”

As long as there was any news about Gu Weiwei in the past few days, she would always ask about it.

“Well, it was because of her that Gu Siting stopped us from coming home, so of course I am curious about who she is!”

Gu Weiwei smiled brightly, concealing her true intentions that were hidden inside her heart.

Fu Hanzheng suddenly looked cold, when he thought of how she was trapped in A Land last time.

“From today onwards, you are not allowed to go anywhere in A Land.”

Gu Weiwei smiled and did not respond.

Ling Yan was in A Land, so of course she was going there but that was a future conversation to have.

Right now, what she wanted to know was how much had he found about this whole matter.

“If Gu Weiwei is found, then I can go there, right?”

“If she is found, the Gu Family will lose control of A Land, so of course you are allowed to go there.” Fu Hanzheng said.

Gu Weiwei took a bite of the cookies and asked, with a seemingly indifferent expression, “Then how is the search going?”

“Well, what we can find is that they are in Hua Land right now. If they contact each other again, we can locate their place more accurately.” Fu Hanzheng confessed.

Gu Weiwei smiled. He had gotten everything under control but if he only knew this much information, he might not know that she and her master’s family were supposed to talk on the phone tomorrow.

However she had to warn them against Gu Siting and Fu Hanzheng too.

Before she reached her goal, she could not reveal herself to anyone, not even to this man who claimed to love her deeply and wanted to marry her.

“It is late now, I won’t disturb you anymore. I am going to see Grandma Fu now.”

She had already got what she needed and it was time to leave.

Fu Hanzheng’s face sank and he asked with displeasure, “Leaving now?”

Gu Weiwei placed a small kiss on his lips and smiled naughtily.

“Good night, Uncle Fu!”

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