My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 264 - The Value of Gu Weiwei

Chapter 264: The Value of Gu Weiwei

Gu Weiwei’s hand shivered, spilling the cup of black tea over the book and herself.

Hearing the noise, Fu Hanzheng leaned forward and checked on her.

“I… er… need to get changed.”

Trying hard to stay calm, she dashed out of the study and went into the walk-in closet, where she changed into a new outfit.

She breathed hard as she leaned against the door after she walked into the walk-in closet.

She had thought that she should be very grateful to the Gu Family, when they adopted her and gave her the most luxurious life but the Gu Family, who had always focused on their interests, would never do anything without gaining anything in return.

So it turned out that her adoption was a secret deal.

Because of her mysterious father who never showed up, the Gu Family gave her the most luxurious life and kept her safe in every single way, concealing her real identity.

In those years, she tried her best to find her missing father by reading the diary her mother had left to her.

She even risked her life by running into the battlefields, when she failed to get any clues from it.

But she failed every time.

Gu Siting told her that her father was long gone.

Yet he knew exactly who he was, where he was and he had even… met him before but he kept lying to her and refused to tell her anything.

Was she nothing more than a bargaining chip for the interest exchange for Gu Siting and the Gu Family?

Seeing that she had been inside the walk-in closet for a long time, Fu Hanzheng finished the video call and knocked at the door.


Gu Weiwei came back to herself, finished changing herself and adjusted her expression, before walking out.

Fu Hanzheng noticed that she looked pale, so he asked, “Feeling unwell?”

“It is my stomach.”

Gu Weiwei came up with an excuse, perfectly concealing her untold past.

Fu Hanzheng thought for a moment and said, “Maybe it is because of the wine from last night, we can visit the hospital if it gets too serious.”

Gu Weiwei nodded and nestled herself on the sofa obediently.

Fu Hanzheng poured her a cup of brown-sugar water and called Lei Meng for something serious.

“Any suspicious news from the Gu Family these days?”

Lei Meng thought for a while and said, “Nothing special, we have not found the person Gu Siting is looking for and he has not found that person either.”

Fu Hanzheng frowned.

“What about Gu Weiwei who was adopted by the Gu Family?”

What he had heard from the military department of the alliance, was that Gu Weiwei had been missing for several months.

“She has not shown up for months, need me to check it out?” Lei Meng asked.

Gu Weiwei might be the lady of the Gu Family, yet she was never involved with the Gu Family’s business.

She was a talented person in the arts, so she was never included in the investigation.

Fu Hanzheng’s face turned cold. “Yes, check it out and you’d best find her.”

Startled, Lei Meng asked, “The person Gu Siting is looking for…”

Fu Hanzheng said, “Look for that person too. They may know something about Gu Weiwei, that is why the Gu Family is looking for him.”

“Got it, Boss.” Lei Meng hung up after hearing the words.

With the cup in her hands, Gu Weiwei asked in a trying tone, when he finished the call right in front of her, “Do the Gu Family and the Fu Family really not get on well with each other?”

Fu Hanzheng sat down by her side and put his arm around her shoulders.

“The two families had fierce fights in my grandpa’s generation, my Second Grandpa, my uncle and my aunt died because of them. The Gu Family paid dearly too.”

He looked sinister when he spoke of the Gu Family.

“More than twenty years ago, the Fu Family almost crushed the Gu Family but suddenly, an underground force appeared and helped the Gu Family, so that they recovered and even established tight relationships with the royal family of A Land.”

Gu Weiwei took a sip of the warm brown-sugar water and asked in a seemingly casual tone, “Then why do you need Gu Weiwei?”

Fu Hanzheng had meant to tell her about the grudges between the two families, so that she could stay away from the Gu Family in future, thus concealed nothing from her.

“She is the daughter of the head of the underground organization and the underground forces kept having fights and internal conflicts, so the head of the organisation concealed his daughter and gave her to the Gu Family. She is the biggest bargain chip between the Gu Family and his alliances, and as long as the Fu Family finds her, the Gu Family will be doomed.”

In the past few years, it was due to the prevention of the underground forces that the Gu Family kept growing stronger.

Gu Weiwei finally understood what happened. “Can she still be found?”

She was dead and she was sitting right in front of him, living underneath his nose.

“Gu Weiwei seemed to have disappeared with the Yuan Family and the Yuan Family are the bodyguards sent by the underground organization to keep her safe. So if we find the Yuan Family, we will be able to find her.” Fu Hanzheng said.

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