My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 263 - You on Me (Extra)

Chapter 263: You on Me (Extra)

He was a busy man and it was not proper for him to get involved with the entertainment industry, so he needed Fu Shiyi to keep an eye out for her.

Therefore, he must not betray him in this hour.


Annoyed, Gu Weiwei tossed the things into the dustbin, realizing that it was not her who had intended to do something to him but actually it was him that had intended to do something to her!

Damn, she must leave and start on her new work now. It was too dangerous to stay here.

“So… if I were not on my period, you would have done it with me last night, right?”

Fu Hanzheng burst into laughter. “It was you who said that you wanted to eat me, a piece of candy!”

He had no idea that in her mind he appeared as a piece of candy!


Seeing her flushing shyly, Fu Hanzheng continued teasing her.

“I stopped myself, but you still tried to pull off my belt and wanted to continue…”

Feeling extremely ashamed, Gu Weiwei turned around and continued to make the bed.

“Stop blaming me, when you are the flirty one!”

Fu Hanzheng approached her and swept her into his arms, whispering by her ear, “You know that I always do whatever you ask me to. If you really wish to do it with me, I am 100% willing to do it with you too.”

Gu Weiwei bit her lips, cursing inwardly. That was not what she was thinking at all!

“Why… are you not at work? Are you really so free?”

Fu Hanzheng held her in his arms tightly, trying to gain some consolation from her because she had been away from home for more than a month.

“I already finished relegating the tasks in the morning meeting and I will have a video meeting soon, so I can stay at home with you.”

He had not thought that this apartment was empty, until she went away. That was when he found this place to be so vacant.

“Director Mo Chi has a film audition in a couple of days and if I am selected, I will need to be with the crew again.”

Gu Weiwei did not conceal her plan from him any longer, after thinking about it for a while.

The joy in Fu Hanzheng’s eyes turned faint. He asked confusedly.

“You want to make movies but only because you like doing it, right?”

When the Long Wind received such a great box office review, he did not sense any joy from her who was supposed to have realized a dream.

Instead, she behaved as if she were forging ahead towards a single goal.

“Of course it is only because I like doing it.” Gu Weiwei turned her head around and smiled.

But that was not the truth. She had a goal… and it was to crush Ling Yan’s dreams.

Fu Hanzheng checked the time. “I am going to have a meeting in the study, come in with me.”

Gu Weiwei should have known that as long as she was here, back at home, she would be chained to his side. Therefore, she made two cups of black tea and followed him into the study.

Sitting in front of the computer, Fu Hanzheng was talking with the partner on the other side of the line fluently, in a foreign language.

Sitting opposite him, Gu Weiwei was deeply fascinated in a foreign masterpiece of literature.

She understood from their conversation that the meeting was about the weapon business of the military enterprise that was subordinate to Fu’s Enterprise.

The Fu Family’s initial business was in the military and they were in charge of the development and production process of high class weapons in Hua Land. It was also the biggest reason why the Fu Family enjoyed the highest rank, throughout the entire country.

Hua Land and its allied lands tended to buy their national defense weapons from Fu’s Enterprise, which allowed the Fu Family to remain in their unshakeable position in the country.

Fu Hanzheng talked with the partner for over two hours and finally came to an agreement. The partner from the other side of the line said, “According to our latest information, Gu’s Enterprise of A Land seems to have a problem with their alliances and they may not currently be able to give you any more trouble.”

Excitement suddenly crept into Gu Weiwei’s eyes, which were on the book as her brain drifted somewhere else.

Fu Hanzheng looked a bit startled, so he asked for more information.

The partner thought for a moment and replied, “Our information is quite limited but what we can be sure of is that the reason of their collaboration is because the Gu Family adopted the daughter of the head of the organization and that Ms. Gu has been missing for several months! If you, Mr. Fu can find her, then the Gu Family are going to lose this alliance forever.”

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