My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1817 - 1817 Weiwei's Memory 2

Chapter 1817 - 1817 Weiwei's Memory 2

1817 Weiwei’s Memory 2

Gu Weiwei thought for a while and nodded seriously.

“Let’s go.”

Yuan Meng let out a sigh of relief. “Then let’s go now?”

Gu Weiwei nodded and threw a look at Fu Hanzheng, feeling so helpless that she wanted to cry.


There were so many men in the world, how could she have slept with Fu Hanzheng?

If Mother Gu and Grandpa Gu knew about it, they would get very annoyed.

“Then I will drive,” Yuan Meng said and showed an ok sign to Fu Hanzheng.

Gu Weiwei followed her out and went into Yuan Meng’s car. She almost collapsed when she thought of Fu Hanzheng in the towel in the bedroom.

“Are you my sister or not? Why didn’t you stop me when I was surrounded by such a dangerous person? What should I do now?”

Yuan Meng’s lips twitched. She had been sharing the same bed with Fu Hanzheng for years, what was she breaking down for now?

If she knew that she had given birth to two children for Fu Hanzheng, she would pass out!

In order not to irritate her, Fu Hanzheng did not share the same car with them but drove his car and followed them to He Chi’s hospital.

He Chi had just spent one night studying the data sent by Yuan Shuo with his colleagues when Fu Hanzheng woke him up and told him that they were at the hospital.

He picked them up and said with a yawn, “Let’s go, I have asked my men to keep the data safe. We will do the EEG and then the CT, and MRI. We will check them all.”

Hearing the words, Gu Weiwei frowned curiously.

“Aren’t we checking for HIV? Why the brain examination?”

Startled, He Chi turned to Gu Weiwei and then to Fu Hanzheng.

“H… HIV?”

What was going on?

Didn’t they say that they were going to do a brain examination? What were they doing with HIV?

Yuan Meng and Gu Weiwei walked a bit faster and Fu Hanzheng and He Chi walked together as they said with a serious face, “She has forgotten.”

“What?” He Chi was confused.

“When she woke up this morning, she had forgotten everything about the past few years. The experiment was a success.” Fu Hanzheng sighed as he saw the girl in front of him.

“…” He Chi was still in a daze.

He had been wondering why sister-in-law was behaving so weirdly today, but it turned out that she truly had lost her memory.

But if she had forgotten about what happened these years in Hua Land, she would have forgotten about him too.

Fu Hanzheng said as he threw a look at him, “Yuan Shuo sent you the experimental data, how is the research?”

“When we compared sister-in-law and the other participants, we found that the experiment was actually a success. I thought that it was a good thing that Sister-in-law was not affected, but it turned out to be true.” He Chi sighed sympathetically.

If Gu Weiwei forgot everything, then their relationship would have been in vain.

It had not been easy for them to get married and have children, but the moment she woke up, she was back to how she was before. For the first time in his life, he truly felt sorry for Fu Hanzheng.

“Is there any way to make her recover?” Fu Hanzheng asked.

“Well, I can’t guarantee that right now, but we can wait until she finishes the examination,” He Chi said.

Fu Hanzheng sighed. “Anyway, let’s do the examination first.”

He Chi nodded and asked curiously, “But what is the point of checking for HIV?”

Even if she had forgotten about what happened a few years ago, he still could not understand why she came to the hospital for a HIV test.

“Get out of here.” Fu Hanzheng snapped.

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