My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1816 - 1816 Weiwei's Memory

Chapter 1816 - 1816 Weiwei's Memory

1816 Weiwei’s Memory

Fu Hanzheng’s expression sank and he exchanged a look with Yuan Meng.

Could it be because of the experiment? —Fu Hanzheng

Could it be because of the way he looked at her in the bedroom? —Yuan Meng

Startled, Yuan Meng said to Gu Weiwei with shaking hands, “Take a closer look, you really have no impression of him?”


They had been so deeply in love before, but now after sharing the same bed they were strangers?

“A bit familiar.” Gu Weiwei threw a look at Fu Hanzheng and said to Yuan Meng, “I told you not to have any male models at my party, but you insisted. Now this man is killing me!”

“Male model party?” Fu Hanzheng looked at Yuan Meng coldly.

Yuan Meng surrendered and whispered, “I swear that although we had a party, she drank and slept with none of them. Nothing happened.”

So she was thinking back to a few years ago, when they attended a fashion show in Paris and had a party on the second day.

Also, she had thought that Fu Hanzheng, who shared the same bed with her, was a man she had slept with when she was drunk.

Gu Weiwei squinted at her. “Stop whispering. You hired him and so are you going to drive him away?”

“Why should I do that? This is his home.” Yuan Meng felt her head aching.

Oh gosh, how was she going to tell her clearly that she had been sharing the same bed with him for years and they had two children already?

“His home?” Gu Weiwei looked around and realized that this was not the villa they lived in.

Yuan Meng nodded seriously. “Yes, his. And he is not a male model, he is Fu Hanzheng.”

She thought back to what would happen if she said this a few years ago and Weiwei realized that she and Fu Hanzheng had slept together. She would go mental.

Sure enough, Gu Weiwei got up and moved away from Fu Hanzheng the moment she heard his name.

“Me and him… what is going on?”

Fu Hanzheng looked serious as he took a few steps away and said, “Yuan Meng, come here.”

Yuan Meng stubbed out the cigarette and followed him to the dining room obediently. The two of them watched the woman who was pulling her hair and smacking her head in the living room from a distance.

“It seems that… she has forgotten what happened all these years.”

She had lied to Gu Siting about her memory loss in A Land, but when she finally returned to Hua Land, she had started to lose her memory.

Fu Hanzheng’s expression sank. His worst fears had come true.

“She only trusts you now, try to talk to her and let’s go to the hospital for a checkup.”

Yuan Shuo had already asked his men to pass the data of her experiments to He Chi, so they could take her there for an examination and see what to do next.

She was not going to trust him now anyways.

“Then… I will try.” Yuan Meng felt stressed.

She had thought that she could pack up and leave today, but now she has to deal with this big problem.

But Fu Hanzheng was probably under more pressure than she was.

It had not been easy for him to woo her, but now she had forgotten everything that had happened years ago. She had not only forgotten about their love for each other, but also about her own children.

She returned to the living room and looked at this woman who was still breaking down because she had slept with Fu Hanzheng.

“Weiwei, are you feeling alright? Let’s go to the hospital, okay?”

Gu Weiwei looked at her in astonishment and then at Fu Hanzheng as she whispered, “What is wrong with him?”

Yuan Meng felt her forehead and said, “Not sure, but let’s go to the hospital for a check-up.”

In order to get her to the hospital, she had to slander Fu Hanzheng.

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