My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1673 - The Rest of Her Life   

Chapter 1673: The Rest of Her Life


In the capital of Hua Land.

Gu Weiwei had not left the villa after she picked up Kuroda Keiko and Mrs. Fu and Old Lady had practically moved in.

When it came to daily necessities, there were servants who went out to buy it, and there were also renovated clubhouses, gym, KTV, swimming pool and small cinemas in the villa area.

After Mrs. Fu and the Old Lady moved in, they took over the responsibility of taking care of the two children during the daytime. They asked her, Keiko and Yuan Meng to spend more time together rather than hovering around the two children.

So in the following days, they went through all the facilities of the villa area.

Yuan Meng swam twice in the indoor swimming pool and said to Gu Weiwei who was talking with Kuroda Keiko, “I don’t care to return back, I will depend on you for the rest of my life.”

Gu Weiwei pursed her lips. “Have you ever considered Master’s feelings?”

What did she mean by depending on her for the rest of her life?

What did she owe her to set her up in this way?

Yuan Meng wiped off the water on her face and smiled sinisterly.

“I will depend on you for the rest of my life.”

She was living a very happy life as a tycoon’s wife.

In the compound, there were all kinds of entertainment facilities that already made her dumbfounded.

It was almost ridiculous to have built a club when they were the only family living in such a large villa area.

Her backyard was the most expensive one in the capital city of Hua Land, and she could do whatever she wanted with it.

“I really can’t afford your style.” Gu Weiwei turned her down with a smile.

“Don’t even, the pocket money Mr. Fu gives you, is enough to use to look after me, just take care of my food and accommodation,” Yuan Meng said unwillingly.

Also, she had more than pocket money. Even if she took all of Fu Hanzheng’s properties, Fu Hanzheng would still give them to her without fuss.

“Be satisfied, now you are living here for free and getting paid.” Gu Weiwei snorted.

Fu Hanzheng had asked her to return from Italy, but he still gave her the same salary as Lei Ning.

Also, her benefits were even higher than Lei Ning’s.

“If I don’t get paid, I will have nothing to eat if I keep watching over you all the time,” Yuan Meng said.

But it was very difficult to find a job that was so profitable.

“You make it sound as if 200 million yuan in a Swiss bank is nothing.” Gu Weiwei countered with a smile.

Yuan Meng pursed her lips. “It is nothing compared to what you have.”

Weiwei herself was very good at making money. Fu Hanzheng had a large family business and Cayman Dorrans had a large family business that was going to be passed down to her. She was the richest woman in the world.

They were just talking happily when Lei Ning came in and said, “Madam, someone wants to see you.”

“Who?” Gu Weiwei raised her eyebrows.

Only a few people knew that she was here. Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian said that they did not have time to meet her these days.

No one else would be able to meet her when everyone else was living here.

Lei Ning looked serious and said, “Gu Yun Che.”

She had not expected that Gu Yun Che would come here alone and ask to see her.

Startled, Gu Weiwei exchanged a look with Yuan Meng.

“Where is he?”

“Outside the villa, should we let him in?” Lei Ning asked.

Gu Weiwei stood up and said, “Take him to the tea room, I will get changed.”

Since she was here swimming with Yuan Meng and she was wearing a swimsuit, she was definitely not going out to meet anyone looking like this.

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