My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1672 - Weiwei  

Chapter 1672: Weiwei

Kuroda Shio did not utter a word.

He and Gu Ziting’s mother had tried numerous times to persuade Gu Siting to stop trying to make Weiwei return to the Gu Family, and they had become numb to it.

Therefore, no matter what he wanted to do, he did not want to say anything more. He just wanted to finish what he was supposed to do.

Gu Siting thought for a long while and asked suddenly, “Where is Keiko? She is not home yet?”

“Keiko is injured, she is in Hua Land,” Kuroda Shio said.

The purpose of the attack was to test how many men Fu Hanzheng had arranged around Weiwei.

But unexpectedly, Keiko overheard their conversation, snuck into Hua Land and stopped their men.

Although they would have failed this time even without her help, yet her participation was totally unexpected.

“She is with Weiwei, right?” Gu Siting said.

When she was little, she was the only girl in the Kuroda Family, and Weiwei did not have any other friends of the same gender. When they grew up together, they became just like sisters.

But when Keiko returned to Japan, they did not have much contact with each other.

If she stayed in Hua Land and did not return, she would definitely be with Weiwei.

Kuroda Shio was silent for a moment and answered truthfully, “She stayed at the hospital for a few days and Miss Weiwei took her to the Fu Family.”

Gu Siting massaged his eyebrows and thought for a long while.

“Shio, can you ask Keiko to do something for us?”

“I don’t think she will agree,” Kuroda Shio said.

The Kuroda Family was loyal to the Gu Family, but his sister was not that loyal to the Gu Family.

President Gu asked him to ask for Keiko’s help because he wanted to bring Weiwei home. But Keiko would never agree to that.

“How can you be sure that she won’t agree without asking her first?” Gu Siting said.

Kuroda Shio looked embarrassed. “You know that I am her brother, but Keiko never listens to us.”

If it had been for something else, it would have been fine. But if she had to do something against Weiwei, Keiko would not agree to it.

“I am not asking her to do anything to Weiwei, it’s not that difficult,” Gu Siting said.

Kuroda Shio was surprised. “It is not about Miss Weiwei?”

“Of course not,” Gu Siting said and smiled. “I just want her to bring something home.”

“Oh, that should be fine.” Kuroda Shio let out a sigh of relief.

If it was really about Weiwei, he would not only be giving her trouble, but also him trouble.

“As for what to bring, I will think about it. You don’t have to call her back now.” Gu Siting looked profound and unpredictable.

“Yes.” Kuroda Shio did not ask anything more, but put down the files and said, “President Gu, these are the files you need to go through.”

“Got it.” Gu Siting took over a file and leafed through it as he said indifferently, “Keep an eye out for the men Cayman has arranged. I don’t want them to ruin anything in the future.”

The moment Weiwei was kidnapped in Hua Land, Cayman sent his men here, fearing that he would bring Weiwei back from Hua Land.

But he had waited for three years just to bring her home, and he was not going to give up so easily.

He did not care about Cayman Dorrans or Fu Hanzheng.

No matter what it took, he had to bring her back to him.

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