My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1030 - You Didn't Want Me to See?

Chapter 1030: You Didn’t Want Me to See?

“Okay, I will go back and tell them,” Fu Hanzheng said and closed her script.

Gu Weiwei reached out for it. “I am not done yet.”

Fu Hanzheng tossed it onto the other side of the sofa. “Why are you staring at the script when you are not even at home?”

Gu Weiwei put down the pen and said with a smile, “Alright, I won’t read the script, I’ll forget about it.”

Satisfied, Fu Hanzheng took her into his arms and whispered with his head against her forehead, “Do you want me?”

Gu Weiwei looked at the man’s gentle eyes and smiled.

“If you don’t want to, I will read the script.”

With one hand over her face, Fu Hanzheng kissed the girl’s soft lips gently and passionately.

Gu Weiwei responded to the man’s kiss gently, and as their breaths intertwined, she became even more passionate.

The man kissed her cheeks with one hand and unbuttoned her pajamas with the other, but she did not notice anything.

It was not until the man was about to kiss her neck did she realize what was going on. She retreated and panted as she gripped her pajamas.

“Not today.”

Fu Hanzheng looked at the girl’s glistening eyes in astonishment. She was obviously in the mood.


He had not disturbed her before because she had been too tired.

Gu Weiwei looked away guiltily and mumbled, “I am on my period…”

Damn Yuan Meng, she had not changed her underwear, so she was forced to wear the sexy underwear she had left in the luggage. But she was too ashamed to show it to Fu Hanzheng.

“I remember that you are not on your period these past two days.” Fu Hanzheng exposed her lie.

“Well…” Gu Weiwei said resolutely with a bitter face, “I just can’t do it today. ”

Fu Hanzheng lowered his head and kissed her ears as he whispered, “Why? Tell me the truth.”

“I… I…”

Gu Weiwei stuttered and could not utter a word. The pajamas were pulled open, revealing the sexy underwear.

Fu Hanzheng sized up the fiery red, sexy underwear on her. “Because you don’t want me to see this?”

Gu Weiwei replied with a glowering expression, “Yuan Meng replaced my underwear, this isn’t mine.”

Fu Hanzheng carried her off the sofa and returned to the master bedroom, laughing as he walked.

“I have seen you without it, and yet you are afraid that I will see it.”

“…” Gu Weiwei had no words to counter him.

Fu Hanzheng put her into bed and praised her as he placed his forehead against hers.

“Don’t worry, you look very pretty.”

It was very tempting.

The bright red color made the girl’s fair skin look even more lustrous and jade-like, which suited his taste.

In the end, Gu Weiwei was so exhausted that she failed to get up the following morning.

Satisfied, Fu Hanzheng got up early, kissed the sleeping girl, took a shower and got changed.

Then he asked someone to deliver the breakfast.

He was eating breakfast elegantly as he leafed through the international financial newspaper that was delivered with breakfast.

Gu Weiwei did not wake up until noon. The moment she opened her eyes, she cursed Yuan Meng inwardly.

No matter how elegant and spoiling of a man he was, he was not elegant when he was in bed. She had begged for mercy and he became even worse.

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