My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1029 - Work Hard, Understand?

Chapter 1029: Work Hard, Understand?

Gu Weiwei had forgotten about this matter, but when she heard her words, she was furious.

“Who asked you to touch my things?”

“Just preparing a small surprise for your s*x life.” Yuan Meng smiled sinisterly.

Gu Weiwei gritted her teeth. “You shouldn’t have!”

“Why are you angry? I am just trying to help you finish your plan of having a child as soon as possible,” Yuan Meng said as she chewed the apple. “You two have slept together so many times, and yet you are not even pregnant yet. I am starting to suspect that something is wrong with you two.”

“You are the weird one!” Gu Weiwei snapped.

She was just affected by the drugs that were injected into her when she was at the Gu Family, so it was not easy for her to get pregnant.

“My son is already three years old, there’s clearly nothing wrong or weird with me.” Having said these words, Yuan Meng warned her out of kindness. “This week, apart from Fu Hanzheng’s work time, you must take every opportunity to make a baby, understand?”

Gu Weiwei felt her forehead speechlessly. She did not want to talk about her private life anymore.

“By the way, where is Anthony Gustav?”

“He woke up last night and is angrily looking for you. But don’t worry, he won’t be able to find you before you return,” Yuan Meng said confidently.

How could she let the third wheel disturb such an important occasion?

Gu Weiwei felt a bit relieved. Now that she knew what she wanted to know, she was not in the mood to talk with her any longer.

“I am hanging up.”

“Remember what I said, make use of all the time you have to make babies.” Yuan Meng stressed the important mission again before hanging up.

Gu Weiwei managed to hang up before she finished the words.

Although she also wanted to get pregnant, she did not want to get pregnant now.

When they returned home, the movie was going to start and if she was pregnant, everything would stop.

When the movie was finished, they would have a lot of time to move here, so there was no need to hurry.

She was just thinking when the sound of a car arose from outside. Soon the door opened and Fu Hanzheng returned after the meeting.

“Finished?” Gu Weiwei put down the script and asked.

“It is not a matter that can be settled in one or two days, so I thought it better to come home for dinner.” Fu Hanzheng unbuttoned his sleeves and removed his suit jacket.

Gu Weiwei chuckled. Normally, at this hour of the meeting, he should be drunk, but he was here for dinner with her, unafraid of offending anyone else.

Fu Hanzheng asked the private butler to prepare dinner and said to her, “Prince Walid has a banquet tomorrow night, are you coming?”

“Should I go?” Gu Weiwei asked.

If she had not been worried before, they would have to be very cautious now, when they were worried about the Old Lady of the Fu Family and Fu Shengying.

“It is just a private banquet. The villa you like was given to you by the Prince,” Fu Hanzheng said.

“Then… let’s go.” Gu Weiwei laughed dryly.

The wealthy royal family was indeed different. They gave away the villa instantly.

When the private butler delivered the dinner, they ate it together and Fu Hanzheng went to take a shower and changed into his pajamas.

When he came out, he saw that she was still reading the script and taking notes, so he sat down next to her.

“Is Anthony Gustav disturbing you?”

“One is upstairs at work and the other is watching the door at home. If I was not so strong-hearted, I would have collapsed,” Gu Weiwei mumbled as she wrote the analysis notes.

“You can get back at him when the movie starts,” Fu Hanzheng said.

Gu Weiwei stopped writing and looked at him. “Aren’t you… currently not allowed to care about me?”

“No one will bother you.” Fu Hanzheng chuckled.

It was not convenient for him to interfere, but he could let the people who could control Anthony Gustav do so.

“It would be best if we can get him to leave before the filming starts,” Gu Weiwei said.

Otherwise, she had no doubt that that man would join the crew and appear in front of her every day.

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