My Girlfriend is a Zombie

Chapter 518 - Chinese is too Difficult

Chapter 518 – Chinese is too Difficult

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Seeing that the ‘Commander’ was just glaring at him, Jian Qi smirked and asked, “Do you not want to talk to me?”

He acted very naturally, as if he didn’t see the chair the ‘Commander’ was holding at all.

Ling Mo calmly stepped back a little and looked down at Tom.

“No superficial injuries, but he’s out cold...”

“You’re the one that caused this?” the ‘Commander’ asked coldly.

“Heh...” Jian Qi chuckled lightly, as if he had heard some funny joke, and said, “How else could we talk?”

He glanced at Tom indifferently and waved his hand as if chasing a fly “He’s just an ordinary member of the Falcons. Besides, he isn’t dead, I simply knocked him out. When he wakes up, he also won’t know who attacked him.”

Jian Qi stared at the ‘Commander’ before continuing “I don’t think the head of the regiment would care about these small fries, right? Although I don’t know what kind of agreement you and Wen Xuan have reached, it can’t be amicable... if you’re worried about how this will affect you, then you don’t have to...”

He said, took two steps back, and dragged a figure from the corner.

This man was obviously knocked unconscious, but his face was unfamiliar.

“Look,” Jian Qi smiled, “I’m ready for a scapegoat.”

“Who is this person?” Ling Mo asked, a frown appearing on his face.

Of course, as the “Commander”, he always looked expressionless.

“Oh, he’s an ordinary member of the Air Force Regiment. I’m sorry, I am using your men without your permission, but I doubt you care much about these small fries, right?” Jian Qi blinked.

“You know he will end badly, right?” Ling Mo asked.

“Hehe, Commander, I didn’t expect you to ask this.” Jian Qi put aside the “scapegoat” and clapped his hands lightly, “Don’t worry, after we finish talking, I’ll finish him off. After that, we can just say that I saved Tom and killed the perpetrator.”

Mizaki shrugged: “After all, my benefits are still with Captain Yu, there is no reason to offend the Falcons.”

While saying those words, Jian Qi’s eyes were always indifferent.

Ling Mo first thought it was because he had strength and learned to face danger calmly, so that he could have this look.

But now, Ling Mo feels that this person is very dangerous...

His indifference is simply because he doesn’t care, be it being in danger or human life...

Ling Mo looked down at Tom again and clenched his fists secretly.

He really wanted to walk up and beat this guy, but the feeling of extreme danger crept back into his heart again.

This Pig Head [1] here is not Jian Qi’s opponent...

“Now, can we talk?” Jian Qi crossed his arms and looked at the ‘Commander’ expectantly.

“What do you want to talk about?” Ling Mo asked.

“You and Ling Mo...”

As soon as the first four words came out, Ling Mo was ready to attack.

Although this Pig Head is very weak, if the other party knows something, Ling Mo has no choice but to take action.

“What is the relationship between you two?” Jian Qi asked.

After he asked, he tried to see the reaction of the Commander, especially any change of his expression.

But to his disappointment, the “Commander” still had a straight face, and his eyes were even a little dull.

Jian Qi suddenly had this question for a reason.

As the Commander of the Air Force Regiment, he had no reason to cooperate with Wen Xuan.

Secondly, from the ‘Commander’, Jian Qi felt an aura that was similar to Ling Mo’s.

What Ling Mo didn’t know was that when he shook hands with Miyazaki and felt his back numb, Jian Qi also felt something abnormal.

And facing the Commander of the Air Force regiment right now, he vaguely had the same feeling.

Others may think this is a coincidence, but Jian Qi have never believed in coincidences.

There must be some sort of connection between them!

No matter what, he has to know the answer.

That Ling Mo feels really interesting to him...

In just a few seconds, countless thoughts passed through Ling Mo’s mind.

When he saw Jian Qi’s lips move slightly and seemed to be about to speak again, Ling Mo quickly cut him off.

He snorted coldly and said, “Why should I tell you? Who are you even?”

As soon as these words came out, Jian Qi’s smile froze instantly.

He never thought that he would hear such an answer...

After being stunned for two seconds, he twitched the corner of his mouth: “Heh...”

“Heh your sister, I don’t like your pretentious actions! Who are you even in FIRE? Are you the spokesperson of FIRE? I’ve been the Commander of the Air Force Regiment, before and now! Even if it is not later, The successor will also be Yu Wen Xuan, when is it your turn to come here and ask questions?”

Ling Mo scolded him in a series of words, but his expression did not change at all, and he could see the corners of Jian Qi’s eyes jumping.

He looked at Ling Mo with a dark face and opened his mouth, but he couldn’t reply immediately.


Ling Mo was delighted. From the moment this guy came into the picture, he always looked like he had everything in his hands. His eyes were indifferent, and the corner of his mouth was smiling.

“He already has a mohawk haircut [2] , so he is basically a delinquent, and how unpredictable is he pretending to be?!”

Despite cursing over and over again, Ling Mo never stopped thinking of countermeasures.

There is no one around, and Tom is out cold.

Even if he regains consciousness, he is not Jian Qi’s opponent, and might even die fighting him.

The actions Jian Qi has taken have shown that he is definitely a ruthless character who can kill without blinking an eye.

“Hehe, good lecture.”

Jian Qi put down his arms, clapped his hands lightly, and stared at the ‘Commander’ coldly: “The Air Force Regiment really relies on its mouth to choose its leader...”

“Dumbass? Didn’t you even change your surname to be cheap?” Ling Mo showed no weakness.

“That’s Jian!” After seeing the ‘Commander’s’ rebuttal, he felt powerless, “Chinese is really difficult...”

He gritted his teeth and asked with a sneer, “Don’t talk about it, I’ll just ask you, will you just tell me?”

“Tell your sister! Fucking Broom head!”

Ling Mo quietly pierced the palm of his hand with his fingernails, took a step laterally, and stood in front of Tom.

“At least, Tom can’t be hurt...”

“Good... very good......”

Jian Qi reached out and touched his Mohawk, which he was proud of, and sneered: “I’ll hit you till you speak!”

The words came out, and Jian Qi moved!

Ling Mo only saw this person flicker in front of him, and in the next second, a huge force hit him from the side.

So fast, so strong!

“No wonder Tom was knocked unconscious without saying a word, this guy is really strong!”

“Just what is his ability?”

Ling Mo’s body started to move as soon as this question popped into his mind.

He ducked sideways, and the chair in his hand slammed into the leg that Jian Qi used to kicked.


Jian Qi snorted coldly, his toes were a little in the air, before he quickly spun abruptly in the air, and then blocked the chair that Ling Mo smashed down with his elbow.


“Fuck, he blocked that?!”

At the same time as the muffled sound came, Jian Qi’s other fist had already smashed towards the ‘Commander’s’ chest.

He quickly stepped back, Jian Qi, seeing this, jumped high, with one leg smashed directly at the ‘Commander’ like a hammer.

If Ling Mo dodged, this kick will hit Tom...


Ling Mo’s movements immediately stagnated for a moment, and along with the sound of “huhu”, the foot landed on Ling Mo’s shoulders.

Although he blocked it with both hands in time, the ‘Commander’s’ shoulder blades still made a crisp sound, and even the arm muscles were torn.

At the same time, he folded his knees and almost fell to the ground, but the ‘Commander’ still stood on his feet firmly.

“Oh... so you’re not all talk.”

Immediately after, he saw Jian Qi’s figure flicker again, and he was already in front of Ling Mo, before punching him fiercely.


In front of this kind of quick attack, a mere Pig Head had no time to react, and Ling Mo suddenly felt a heat flow from his abdomen.

One kick lost an arm, and one punch shattered the internal organs.

And the target is a zombie whose defense is more than ten times stronger than that of ordinary people...

“This guy is a reinforcement type psychic...”

The Pig Head then spat out a mouthful of blood, and flew backwards, hitting the ground heavily.

[1] Pig Head refers to the Commander

[2] Mohawk and Pompadour in Asian communities (especially Japan and China) usually signifies that the person is in a gang or is a delinquent

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