My Girlfriend is a Zombie

Chapter 517 - - High Risk

Chapter 517 – High Risk

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At first, Ling Mo was nonchalantly flipping through the files, but when more files were being pulled out by him, Ling Mo’s eyes became brighter and brighter.

The Air Force Regiment was indeed capable of holding down both the Falcons and the F Group in their 3-way power struggle.

They used aerial advantage to collect a large amount of information that ordinary people could not grasp.

Almost the entire situation around X City is in this small archive room.

And, what he was in his hands now was a report titled: “Summary of the Post-Catastrophic Situation”.

Compared againstwhat he already knew, this report is much more detailed.

“The world order has fallen...That’s pretty obvious... The estimated population loss is as high as 80%... Huh? 80%?!”

Ling Mo pinched his eyebrows, and turned the cover over to check the time “Oh, no wonder, it’s the report for the third month after the apocalypse.”

But even a record from a few months ago still seems relevant now.

He used his main body to throw up an excuse that he was going to take a nap, and then leaned on Ye Lian, closed his eyes, and devoted himself to reading.

This is the first time Ling Mo has come to understand this disaster from an outside perspective.

Three months after the cataclysm broke out, it was hard to see signs of human survival around X City.

Looking around, there are zombies everywhere.

They stayed in a large number of buildings, streets, and usually seem to be like those slow, mentally handicapped walking dead that appear in most film and television works...

But once any living creature approaches, even they smell or created a sound that’s slightly different, they will be instantly ripped apart.

These monsters quickly replaced the dominance of humans with their tenacious survivability and extreme fighting ability, and became the kings of these steel jungles.

The surviving people can only hide in the ruins, hiding in places where they can’t see the light, and living a lives like rats.

On the other hand, whether in cities or suburbs, traces of collateral disasters such as explosions and industrial leaks can be seen everywhere.

From a distance, these places are like scars imprinted on the world that cannot be erased.

Compared with the evolution growth of zombies, although humans are seeking a way to survive, this road is extremely difficult.

Production has not yet resumed, weapons are still seriously lacking, ordinary people are still struggling to survive, and the advantages of psychics are not obvious.

The despair conveyed between the lines made the Commander (Ling Mo) frown.


Ling Mo roughly scanned it, sighed, and put the report back.

“Huh? Second edition?”

He was about to look away when he saw another report and hurriedly pulled it out.

This report turned out to be from last month...

Turning to the first page, Ling Mo was attracted by the subtitle: Summary of Environmental Changes.

The title is very straightforward, but the content makes Ling Mo feel very shocked.

“...The Virus have no effect on plants. This was our common understanding in the past few months. But according to the information we have obtained so far, this is not the case... A large number of corpses and water pollution are the reasons for the drastic changes in the environment. ...The climate has changed significantly, and the plant ecosystem has changed a lot...

In a certain place, there were some plants that were growing very fast, and looking down from the top, some areas were like primitive jungles...”

The environment has changed dramatically, which is beneficial to the survival of zombies and mutant beasts. In particular, it has contributed to the sharp increase in the number of mutant beasts...”

For us, it is a risk and a huge opportunity to survive...

The recovery of production can be further accelerated, but the growth of mutant beasts has to be prevented...”

“Primitive jungle... The number of mutant beasts has increased dramatically, which is too bad...”

After a quick read, Ling Mo’s eyes turned to the next chapter: “This time it should be about zombies... Ha, it really is.”

The second subtitle: Evolution summary of zombies and mutant beasts.

“Zombies have been evolving since their appearance, and those with outstanding evolution are called high-level zombies. Currently, all high-level zombies are temporarily divided into:

Mutant zombies: Characterized by their blood red eyes, normal facial features, which are obviously different from the hideous appearance of ordinary zombies, extremely low intelligence, poor judgment ability, and small range of activities

Advanced zombies: Appearance characteristics are not any different from mutant zombies, but their intelligence have significantly improved, they have general judgment, such as having a fixed hunting area, and they have the habit of storing food

Special zombies: Instead of having completely blood red eyes, only their pupils are red, and the light can also be seen at night. They are now much more intelligent, and their behavior is no longer as predictable as a regular zombie. According to some infomation broker, their behavior is much more complicated, but they essence is still want to hunt, with humans being their favourites. The stronger zombies have the ability to suppress other low-level zombies, and can even give out simple commands.

High-Strength zombies: Similar in appearance to advanced zombies, but with darker eyes, and no other obvious features. Initially possessing surname characteristics, their behaviors are more complex, and their intelligence cannot be accurately judged, but they are very close to humans

Mutated zombies: This kind of zombies have obvious appearance characteristics, mutated limbs, are born everywhere, and spread rapidly. Generally speaking, their intelligence is low, but their combat power is several times that of ordinary zombies. Every mutated zombie group has a leader. The leader zombie is responsible for the proliferation and reproduction of the group, and has high intelligence and strong combat effectiveness

P.S: The classification of zombies is provided by a psychic who cooperated with Falcon Camp...

“It’s so detailed!” Ling Mo nodded and said, “The special zombie is the leader level, and the high-strength zombie is the overlord level... By the way, I actually appeared in their P.S!”

The paged ended there, But when Ling Mo flipped to the next page,his pupils shrank.

“Strengthened zombies: Found during the search in Cuihu City, two helicopters were lost for closer observation, the specific strength is unknown, and it was rated as a high-risk level, and Chihu City is now labelled a red zone.

“There is already a level above Overlords! And... two helicopters were shot down?!”

“The first one can be said to be a loss caused by underestimating the enemy, but how did the second one get shot down?”

And “high-risk level”, which is rare in Ling Mo’s memory of the head of the group.

As for the “red warning zone”, which is unique in the records of the Air Force, the meaning is simple: if it’s not for death, don’t go there.

“Cuihu City...”

Ling Mo carefully thought about it, and finally determined the approximate location: “It’s close to the neighboring province...”

He stared at the words “Strengthened zombies” and looked at them carefully, and silently rolled his eyes in his heart: “Whoever who named this is bad at naming things...”


At this moment, there was a sudden sound outside the door, Ling Mo’s heart moved, and he quickly dropped the report.

He pulled up a chair with his backhand, and then slowly approached the door.

There are no cat eyes on the door of this room. ‘Commander’ leaned against the door and whispered, “Tom?”


After listening for a while, he freed one hand to grasp the doorknob and slowly unscrewed it.


There was a soft sound from the door, and it was particularly clear and harsh when listening to it right now.

As the door opened a little, Ling Mo also grabbed the chair in his hand tighter.

Just as the door was halfway open, Ling Mo saw a pair of legs.

The man fell to the ground, from Ling Mo’s point of view, he could only see below his calf.

And that pair of shoes was clearly worn by Tom.


Ling Mo’s heart tightened and he quickly opened the door.

However, as soon as he rushed to Tom, he suddenly froze and stopped.

A figure appeared behind Ling Mo. Under the dim light, Ling Mo saw a shadow overlapped with his own figure...

“Dear Commander, do you have time for a chat?”

The tone of the person who spoke was very gentle, even with a hint of negotiation, but Ling Mo felt as if a poisonous snake was staring at him.

He turned around slowly and stared at him gloomily.

“It won’t delay you much.”

The person folded his arms and smiled slightly.

Those unremarkable facial features and extremely indifferent eyes made him seem very sincere.

“You should know me, Jian Qi, from FIRE Group.”

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