My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start

Chapter 612 - The Primordial Demoness And The Demoness Bandit Gang

Chapter 612: The Primordial Demoness And The Demoness Bandit Gang

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Just as the soldiers of the Winter Nation fell into despair, something even more desperate happened not far away. The Dark Dragon King, who was fighting with the Light Dragon King, took the opportunity to untie the chains around his body. He looked at them with hatred in his eyes.

“You lowly humans, how dare you enslave me to attack the Dragon Emperor? You deserve to die!”

The Dark Dragon King opened his mouth, and darkness covered the sky. The soldiers from the Winter Nation clutched their throats in pain and fell to the ground, green smoke rising from their bodies. Then, the bodies vaporized and disappeared.

The Winter Nation troops had been reduced to less than 500,000 after the battle. Then, after the Dark Dragon King’s attack, fewer than 300,000 soldiers were left.

The remaining soldiers had lost the confidence to fight. The timid ones even threw away the weapons in their hands and started to retreat.

Empress Gustav cast a pleading look at Frigga, who was in the air. At that point, she did not have any good ideas.

“It’s as I expected. The Winter Nation may seem mighty, but in reality, they don’t have much combat strength! I’m very disappointed with your performance, so let me increase your strength.”

“Supernatural evolution power, restrictions removed!”

The light of the elven race chess pieces in Frigga’s hands grew stronger and stronger, shining on the Winter Nation’s soldiers. Those who had already evolved once evolved again, and lumps of flesh grew on their bodies. Their bodies exploded and turned into minced meat on the ground. They fused into a colossal wriggling ball of blood, which looked disgusting.

Even Empress Gustav was no exception. Her body swelled and became ugly, which made her look terrified. “No, Frigga, you can’t do this to me! We agreed that as long as I help you achieve your wish, you’ll take me to live with you in the future. ”

“I did say that, but I haven’t succeeded yet, have I? After I achieve my wish, I will definitely resurrect you and fulfill your wish. Before that, you can contribute your strength to me. ”

Empress Gustav cried and shouted, “No!” Blood rained from the explosion of her body merged into the blood ball in the air.

[Supernatural evolution product: God Slayer’s Blood]

[Effect: blood that has evolved to the extreme and has the ability to kill gods.]

After Frigga created the blood ball monster, the relevant information appeared in Watson’s eyes.

“You even harmed your own teammate. Isn’t that too cruel? Are you still human?” Even though he knew that Frigga was a cruel person, it was still a shock seeing her kill Empress Gustav without changing her expression. It looked like she had turned into a monster.

“Cruel? Watson, that wasn’t cruel. That was rational use of power. Compared to me, your method of using power was too childish! If I had the power in your body, I would have fused everyone in the world to become an incomparably powerful existence. All the resources in the world would also be under my control. At that time, not to mention the world, even the gods would have to fear me. I would be above all gods.”

Frigga opened her arms and laughed maniacally in a high-pitched voice.

“You’re so pitiful.”

Facing the hysterical Frigga, Watson did not feel angry. Instead, pity appeared in his eyes. He could understand Frigga’s thoughts. If she obtained the fusion system, she would fuse everything within her sight until she became the strongest person in the world. Doing so could indeed maximize the use of the system’s abilities, but it was also very lonely.

Fusing everything around her, she was destined to lose her family, friends, and loved ones. If there was no one around her, she would not even have someone to talk to, then what was the point of having a life, even if she became the strongest?

Watson sighed and walked toward Frigga. He wanted to take care of Frigga personally. He could not let her escape.

Frigga waved her hand. The God Slayer’s Blood that she had just extracted from the Winter Nation’s soldiers immediately flew toward Watson. The surging blood contained a strong killing intent; it wanted to wrap Watson within it.

“Molecular deceleration.”

Before the blood touched Watson, Nia’s voice came from the sky. Twelve wings spread out from infinite wings wrapped around the blood ball. From the outermost layer, a layer of solid ice covered the blood ball. Watson turned around and nodded to Nia. He did not stop walking.

“Petrifying eyes!”

The second person to stop Watson was the Primordial Demoness, standing beside Frigga. The scarlet eyes on her body opened, and rays with petrifying functions appeared in the air. They interwoven into a dense network and enveloped Watson’s body. Just as the petrifying rays were about to touch Watson’s body, a few beautiful girls in maid attire flew out of the Blackmoon Castle. They opened their hands and deflected the petrifying rays.

“Money enhancement!”

“Invisible hand!”

The maids were the Demoness Bandit Gang leaders that Watson had subdued at the border. Previously, Watson had sent Lust to the planetary fortress to be the boss of the Everything House. However, not all the higher-ups of the bandit gang had been sent out by him. There were still some who remained in Blackmoon Castle. At that moment, those diamond-tier maids flew to the sky. Their bodies emitted a strong aura of desire; they confronted the Primordial Demoness.

As the Primordial Demoness’ former believers, no one understood her ability better than them.

“Aren’t you all my former believers? Are you going to resist me?”

The Primordial Demoness swept her gaze across Greed, Gluttony, and the others who had tried to stop her. Her heads let out a mocking laugh. “Don’t forget who gave you your ability. You want to use the power that I gave you against me? You’re overestimating yourselves! Give up your resistance. As long as you give up and believe in me again, I can reestablish the Demoness Church and make you all the new saintesses of the church.”

The Primordial Demoness’s words were seductive, like the whisper of a devil. It made people subconsciously want to agree, but Lady Greed, Gluttony, and the others who stood in front of her were unmoved.

“The Primordial Demoness said that she wants us to believe in her again, and she also wants us to be saintesses. What do you think?” Greed tossed a coin in her hand, the corners of her mouth raised, and a faint smile appeared on her face.

“Is it better to believe in the Primordial Demoness than to believe in Young Master Watson? Can she let us live a life where we don’t have to do anything every day, and we can get food, clothes, and even treasures just by moving our fingers? I haven’t finished reading Miss Margaret’s latest novel yet. Let’s hurry up and get rid of that guy and go back to reading.” The higher-ups of the Bandit Gang frowned coldly, their bodies gradually expanding as they spoke. They had used Fury’s ability, Goliath.

“I’m so sleepy… I want to sleep. ” Gluttony was not far away from her, lazily lying on the soft pillow. There was snot in her nose as she stretched lazily.. She did not even open her eyes.

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