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Chapter 611 - A One-sided Situation

Chapter 611: A One-sided Situation

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“The enemy has already mobilized all their forces. Let’s go all out! Dragons, leave your compatriots to yourselves.”

Watson’s eyes were ice-cold as he clapped his hands. His voice spread far and wide with his combat aura.

Frigga had not only attacked his two masters but also his subordinates. That made his killing intent toward Frigga increase continuously. He hated people who hurt his family and friends. At that moment, Frigga had crossed the line repeatedly.

“Yes, Dragon Emperor.”

The Dragon Kings in the sky agreed and flew toward the Winter Nation’s army. Among them were Odyssey, Fafnir, and Nidhogg. Their expressions were hideous. They knew that someone controlled their fellow dragons. That was why they would fight against the Blackmoon Knights.

That person had dared to control the dragons and attack their most respected Dragon Emperor—they must have wanted to court death.

Then, giant dragons appeared among the shining stars in the sky. There were as many as a million of them. Those dragons came from various dragon lairs, and Fafnir’s nest was huge. After all, Watson had developed a diamond-tier breeding potion for them.

“Dark Dragon King, you’re controlled by the Winter Nation. You’re a disgrace to our race.”

The first to arrive was the Light Dragon King, Odyssey. He was not on good terms with the Dark Dragon King. he laughed when he realized that the Winter Nation controlled the Dark Dragon King.

They laughed at him, but his movements were not slow. The wings on his back expanded, and his body grew, turning into a light dragon with a body comparable to the sun. He collided with the Dark Dragon God.

“Cut the crap, Odyssey. Hurry up and remove the chains around my body. If you can’t do it, it’ll be too embarrassing for you.”

The Dark Dragon King opened his mouth and snorted coldly. He raised his massive claws and grabbed the neck of the divine dragon that Odyssey had transformed into. The two giant dragons rolled around where the Winter Nation’s army was. Whenever its body passed, the Winter Nation soldiers turned into bloody mist and meat paste, just like ants that had been trampled to death.

The Winter Nation soldiers, who had been excited and felt like there was some hope in the battle, revealed expressions like they had lost their loved ones.

The Dark Dragon King did not kill as many Blackmoon Knights as Winter Nation soldiers. When the Dark Dragon King and the Light Dragon King were entangled, the other dragons followed suit. One after another, they found the controlled dragons and dealt with them.

The dragons were like huge meat grinders, devouring the Winter Nation soldiers. Thanks to Watson, the Holy Dragon Kingdom had merged into the Kingdom of Kings, making the space infinite. Otherwise, the bodies of those huge dragons could fill up the entire Holy Dragon Kingdom.

The Winter Nation had lost more than half of their troops in just a few short minutes. Empress Gustav could no longer stand it. She stood up, raised the scepter in her hand, and said, “If this goes on, we will be annihilated. In the name of Empress Gustav, I call upon our ancient ancestors, the gods of ice and snow giants, to grant us protection.”

The ground beneath the Winter Nation army shattered. A layer of sky-blue cold current gushed out from the ground and blew in all directions. Wherever it passed, the ground froze into the shape of a glacier. At some point in time, snowflakes began to fall from the sky. It seemed like the world was about to return to the ice age.

In the midst of the cold, a crystal clear arm extended from the ground. The arm was made entirely of ice crystals. The five fingers on the arm were five icebergs. The huge ice arm gripped the ground fiercely and pulled it into pieces. Then, the arm extended higher, and the entire body extended out of the ground.

It was hard to describe how massive the body was. Its entire body was made of ten-thousand-year-old solid ice as if the chill that would turn the earth back into an ice age came from its body. There were no facial features or gender-distinguishing features on its face, only a towering body that reached into the clouds and a terrifying aura that was full of intimidation.

Most of the kingdoms that could survive for hundreds of years were well-established. Just like the Holy Dragon Kingdom that had the protection of the Primordial Demoness and the seven gods in the past, the Winter Nation also had the god’s protection. The god that protected them was the giant creature in front of them—the God of the Snow Giants.

The humans in the Winter Nation were not simple. A part of the giant’s bloodline flowed through their bodies. Harold, who had been sent to the Holy Dragon Kingdom to participate in the exhibition competition, was a genius who possessed the bloodline of the snow giant.

“The Winter Nation army can’t fight against those black-armored soldiers and the dragons. So what if the god is here?”

Empress Gustiano muttered to herself; the corners of her mouth rose slightly.

With the god’s help, the Winter Nation would definitely be able to turn the tide of the battle. After she summoned the God of the Snow Giants, the god opened his giant palm of ice. She picked up the Dark Dragon King and the Light Dragon King, who were rolling around on the ground, and threw them out.

If she could throw out such a huge and powerful creature like the Dark Dragon King, would it not be easy to deal with a mere Blackmoon Knight?

With that thought in mind, Empress Gustav stretched the scepter in front of her. “Go, God of the Snow Giants. Let those people see how powerful you are. Let them understand the glory of ice and snow—”


Before she could finish her words, a violent cracking sound came from above her head. She raised her head in surprise and looked up at the God of the Snow Giants, who was thousands of meters high above her head. At that moment, a thick and long crack appeared on her neck, and the crack spread to her entire body.

A man in clown makeup stood on the God of the Snow Giants’ neck and talked to himself, “The Dragon Emperor built that kingdom. In other words, it is my property belonging to the Dragon Clan! Why did you appear and change the terrain? That is a violation of my rights and interests. Do you want to die?”

Even though he did not seem to use any strength, the clown-like man had an irresistible force under his feet, stomping on the God of the Snow Giants’ body.

“That is impossible!”

Empress Gustav’s face was filled with shock.

The God of the Snow Giants was the ancestor of the ice giants, a powerful starlight-tier existence. Its body was entirely made up of ice elements. Even if it was destroyed, it could quickly reassemble and control the ice elements in the world. However, at that moment, she could feel the trembles coming from the God of the Snow Giant’s body as if it was terrified of the man standing above its head.

Who was the man who could make a starlight-tier ancient giant feel fear?

“I’m talking to you. It’s polite to respond when others are speaking to you. Are you ignoring me?”

The clown-like man was still nagging. He reached out his hand and pressed it on the God of the Snow Giants’ head.

A blazing planet, glowing with light, appeared in the man’s hand. It spun and grew larger. That was an actual planet. It crushed the God of the Snow Giants’ head the moment it appeared. Then, the planet expanded, and its body collapsed, leaving a massive crater on the ground. The Winter Nation soldiers in the crater had evaporated.

They gulped.

The snowflakes in the sky were still falling. The God of the Snow Giants had already disappeared without a trace. The Winter Nation soldiers stared blankly at everything in front of them; they looked like they were in despair.

The God of the Snow Giants was their totem and their guardian god.. If the man could destroy the god easily, then it must be very easy for the man to destroy them.

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