My Father in Law is Lu Bu

Chapter 532

Chapter 532

The carriages were opened and the trunks were taken out.

“Could it really be provisions?” The soldiers wondered as they worked. When the trunks were also opened up, they finally saw weapons and armor.

“Spendthrift Qi! Is it all weapons and armor?” The other soldiers did not dare believe it.

“Are these for us?”

“How would I know? Let us just wait and see!” Spendthrift Qi replied in a bad mood.

“Give your weapons and armor to your immediate superior then come and take one set!” An official from the industrial zone said to the soldiers.

“Understood!” The soldiers who already took off their equipment handed it over before receiving their new ones.

“Ouch!” One person suddenly cried out in pain.

“What’s wrong? Did the armor not fit you?” The official asked. As the armor was mass produced, it would not fit everyone’s body. That was why cloth was used to smoothen out the spiky edges. This could harm the soldiers so the smiths would need to be warned.

“No!” The soldier quickly shook his head bashfully. “I am fine.”

“Are you sure?” The official asked again.

“I am really alright!” The soldier replied again.

Just as the official was about to leave, someone else suddenly spoke up. “Eh? Why are you bleeding?”

“Who asked you to be so talkative?” The soldier said in annoyance. He finally explained that he cut himself when he was testing the sharpness of the sword. He injured himself as it was sharper than expected. The official finally stopped caring about it and told the soldier to bandage his injury.

“Xiao Liu! Do you think this armor suits me?” Spendthrift Qi wore his armor and held his sword. “Do I look like a general?”

“Spendthrift Qi! If you are a general, you will drag this army down!” One person mocked.

“Get lost! What does this have to do with you?” Spendthrift Qi said resentfully. However, it was also true that Spendthrift Qi looked a little like a general with his new armor.

These were all the new armors from the industrial zone. Normally, these kind of armors were only reserved for generals. However, the improved technology made it possible for such armors to be mass produced quickly enough for common soldiers.

“Are you Spendthrift Qi?” Someone called out from behind while Spendthrift Qi was admiring his new armor. “Do you want to be a general?”

“What nonsense are you asking? Who doesn’t want to be general?” Spendthrift Qi replied before turning around. At this moment, someone immediately berated him.

“Spendthrift Qi! Who taught you how to speak?” One person had to scold him before Spendthrift Qi turned around. The moment he did, his expression immediately fell.

“Ge-Ge-General!” Spendthrift Qi thought it was only Zhang Hu when he turned around but realized that Zhang Liao was also there. Spendthrift Qi immediately realized that he was in big trouble. There were no good endings when one provokes their superior officer.

“General! Spendthrift Qi is a veteran that had always charged in front. He simply did not realize that you were behind him, please forgive his mistake!” Zhang Hu may have scolded Spendthrift Qi but still pleaded leniency for his sake.

“General. Spendthrift Qi may have made a mistake but he did not mean to offend you.” Ge Jun also spoke up. If Spendthrift Qi was not so fond at gambling and had a less foul mouth, he would have already became a commander of 100-men instead of just a squad leader leading five men.

“Am I so petty in your eyes?” Zhang Liao asked with a smile but he did not look at Zhang Hu and Ge Jun.

“We don’t dare!” Zhang Hu and Ge Jun lowered their heads. The other soldiers also lowered their heads. No one dared to provoke the hellishly strict Zhang Liao.

“Are you Yan Xiao Liu?” Zhang Liao asked the person standing beside Spendthrift Qi.

“Yes!” Xiao Liu replied shyly.

“Spendthrift Qi! Let me ask you, do you want to become a general?” Zhang Liao turned back to Spendthirft Qi and asked.

“I…” Spendthrift Qi did not know how to reply. If he says no, he can no longer show his face to his companions. He would be known as a guy who only knew how to brag. If he says yes, he might offend Zhang Liao.

After thinking for a while, Spendthrift Qi shouted loudly. “I want to become a general!”

His voice was clear. Yet the moment Spendthrift Qi shouted out his words, he immediately regretted it. This is especially true when he saw Zhang Liao’s smile. “I am dead. I am definitely dead.”

“What about you?” Zhang Liao asked Xiao Liu.

Spendthrift Qi pleaded in his mind for Xiao Liu to say no. He did not want Xiao Liu to follow in his footsteps and die for nothing.

Xiao Liu shyly asked. “Are generals wealthy?”


“Then I want to be a general!”

“We are finished.” Spendthrift Qi pronounced his own death penalty. Contrary to his expectations, Zhang Liao laughed loudly and said something shocking.

“Good! Spendthrift Qi! Yan Xiao Liu! The two of you will become my Xiliang Cavalry’s general!”

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