My Dungeons Are Popular

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: I Want to See Qiu Ren!

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Qiu Ren went into the Dream Dungeon of “The Giant and The Little Bee” very smoothly.

After he entered, he must say… this was indeed a dream with the main theme of sweet and greasy love.

Once Qiu Ren was in there, he immediately felt like there was a layer of fresh filter in front of his eyes. It made everything within his eyesight much warmer.

And the place where Qiu Ren was taken was also picturesque. There was a grassland covered with colorful flowers. Looking across the grassland, he could see snowy mountains and the blue sky.

Was this the legendary movie set in New Zealand?

Qiu Ren was a bit touched when he saw this refreshing scenery. Ever since he came to this world, he had only seen, apart from darkness, two Lords of Nightmare who wanted his life in the Dream Dungeons he had entered.

It was not bad… to be able to get into a beautiful dream.

“That giant is the consciousness of this Nightmare Dungeon?”

Qiu Ren walked all the way to the center of the grassland with the screenwriter crew or the creator team. He found that the giant wasn’t really tall, at most 2.1m to 2.3m.

He looked very handsome and deserved to be the protagonist in a girl comic.

A teenage girl with long blonde hair was sitting next to the giant. She should be that little bee in “The Giant and The Little Bee,” the human girl who fell in love with the giant.

The garland woven by the giant was indeed too large. It couldn’t be put on the little bee’s forehead, so she could only use it as a pendant without any other choice.

“No.” As the senior screenwriter of this drama series, Xia Lian denied Qiu Ren’s guess.

“So, is it the human girl?”

Qiu Ren then looked at the human girl who was talking to the giant with bulging cheeks. This didn’t seem like a story with extreme contrasts?

“They both are.”

Xia Lian said directly without keeping him guessing.

“They’re both the consciousness of the Level A Nightmare Seed. Even though I’m a screenwriter responsible for season two, the first season was, in fact, still dark and gloomy. I don’t know how the Dream Explorers stabilized the two consciousnesses back then. The giant was a warrior with great swordsmanship, while the human girl was an assassin with extraordinary strength. For the Dream Explorers at that time, comforting these two nightmare consciousnesses must have been a real headache.”

Xia Lian said with a slightly shaking voice.

Luckily, when she took over as the screenwriter of season two, the two nightmare consciousnesses were already stable and could sit down happily like this, falling in love and living a peaceful life away from the world.

“Seeing how affectionate they are, how would there be any feeling of a nightmare… Perhaps it’s a nightmare for single people?”

When Qiu Ren looked at the two protagonists, who were sitting on the grass and basking in the sun far away, he felt like he was stuffed with a big mouthful of rations.

“However, the giant’s nightmare consciousness still hasn’t been totally purified. There’s still a tiny chance it may lose control. We’re here today to come up with the direction of the script that can purify his obsession once and for all.”

Xia Lian said as she led Qiu Ren all the way to the backstage of the set of “The Giant and The Little Bee.”

The backstage was truly for the behind-the-scenes crew. Xia Lian was only one of the screenwriters of season two.

The drama series had many other episode screenwriters, and most of them were professors from Yangmei University. Xia Lian was the only member from North City University in the screenwriter crew and was even a student.

Qiu Ren could only listen to the screenwriters from Yangmei University discuss the giant’s obsession. Just what was it that the consciousness of that Level A nightmare wasn’t willing to put down?

Most screenwriters thought it was time to let the giant and the little bee get married. Perhaps when they had a child, the giant would let go of his obsession and be completely purified?

Most people agreed with this thought. Thus, the screenwriters gathered together and started conjuring up ideas for the wedding of their protagonists.

Qiu Ren looked at the giant and the human girl far away. He had no idea what these two nightmare consciousnesses would feel when they knew they were forced to get married by humans.

Hm? Qiu Ren noticed that they were listening to their conversation. The giant and that human girl were indeed looking over here.

The screenwriter crew wasn’t planning to hide their thoughts, either. They soon finalized the development of the storyline after the protagonists’ marriage. Xia Lian then took Qiu Ren to talk to the two nightmare consciousnesses as a representative.

The two nightmare consciousnesses seemed to be satisfied with this decision as well. The human girl even asked Xia Lian what kind of a wedding dress she would design for her with a timid look.

It looked like the Dream Makers here were already certain that this Level A Nightmare Seed would be purified after the scene of the wedding was completed.

But was it truly like that?

Suddenly, a wolf howl resounded around the entire valley. The howl didn’t belong to this Level A Nightmare Dungeon. Instead, it was from the grey wolf in the Level D Nightmare Dungeon Qiu Ren had built yesterday.

It seemed to be caught in a hard fight. Its howls were full of grievances, and it was whimpering for help.

While professors from Yangmei University and Xia Lian were all wondering where the howl came from in shock, the consciousness of the Level A Nightmare Seed—the giant—reacted to the howl.

He pulled out a black sword from nowhere and directly slashed at Xia Lian in front of him. Luckily, Qiu Ren pulled her back swiftly and took her out of the attacking range of the sword.

Once a Level A nightmare consciousness ran wild, his destructive power was huge. That slash from the giant had created a long gully on this straight grassland.

Petals flew everywhere. When the second howl sounded, the giant also let out a furious roar.

Xia Lian sat on the ground. She was a little terrified as she looked at the nightmare consciousness that had lost control. When the giant raised the sword in his hand and slashed at Qiu Ren again…

“You want to get back to fighting, don’t you?”

Qiu Ren’s words caused the sword to stop in the air.

At this moment, Qiu Ren was staring right into the eyes of this nightmare consciousness. On the side, the human girl kept tugging at the giant’s clothes, as if she was trying to pull him back into the sweet rom-com.

However, the giant’s last remaining wish wasn’t to get married or have children. He was certainly immersed in the beautiful life in front of him, but his last wish…

Was to serve his king on the battlefield until his last breath.

And yet, Qiu Ren didn’t get a reply to his question. This Level A Nightmare Seed, which was already more than 99% purified, was judged to have lost control.

The professors from Yangmei University quickly gathered all the students and started to evacuate. Qiu Ren and Xia Lian were forcibly taken away from this Nightmare Dungeon.

Soon after this, the Level A Nightmare Seed was sealed under the highest level of lockdown. The management of “The Giant and The Little Bee,” which was originally updated every two weeks, also reluctantly announced that they had to stop the updates.

Cracks had appeared on the surface of Qiu Ren’s Level D Nightmare Seed; there were traces that it had been invaded by someone. Luckily, as the nightmare consciousness, the grey wolf had survived.

It was licking its wounds, as if it was waiting to take revenge on someone.

For some time after this incident, Li Jing didn’t bother Qiu Ren again. He stayed in the dorm and shut himself in until he completed the project plan for Dark Souls.

When this project, as thick as four hundred pages, was finally finished, Qiu Ren felt like his soul was emptied.

On the same day Qiu Ren finished the plan, Professor Li Jing invited him to Yangmei University to attend the discussion for the plot of “The Giant and The Little Bee.”

In the meeting, Qiu Ren and Xia Lian sat together.

“Thank you… for the last time.”

Xia Lian and Qiu Ren both had “sublime beauty” on their faces. It seemed that there was a huge impact on her after the Nightmare Seed that carried “The Giant and The Little Bee” was sealed.

However, she was here to “save” the Nightmare Seed today. The purpose of this meeting was to come up with a follow-up plot that could stabilize the Level A Nightmare Seed that had lost control.

For this, Xia Lian had prepared a thick stack of scripts. She and Qiu Ren found a seat in the discussion room.

Many people were here for the meeting this time, so it was held in an amphitheater at Yangmei University.

The original screenwriters of “The Giant and The Little Bee” were not the only ones sitting in the theater. There were also new students from Yangmei University and North City University. They had all brought the follow-up plot development they wrote for “The Giant and The Little Bee.”

After all, there was strength in numbers. Judging from the mental condition of that nightmare consciousness right now, a sweet love story could not do the trick anymore. It needed some other plot development.

So, these chosen new screenwriters pushed themselves hard. They had watched this drama series five or six times before coming here so that their scripts could be picked by the director.

If they could become a screenwriter for a Level A Nightmare Dungeon while they were still in university, this resume could give them a headstart once they stepped into society.

However, the reality wasn’t as good as they thought.

The director and the main creator of “The Giant and The Little Bee” were very strict. They rejected a large pile of scripts one after another. The plots written by a couple of student screenwriters were so ridiculous that they had been scolded down the stage before they finished speaking.

In the end, only Qiu Ren and Xia Lian hadn’t gotten on stage in the entire theater. The scripts written by the others and even the current screenwriters of “The Giant and The Little Bee” were all rejected.

Their last hope was put on Xia Lian, the current screenwriter. However, the director and the main creator also rejected her script ruthlessly.

Xia Lian sat back next to Qiu Ren. She held the thick stack of manuscripts with a discouraged look.

“It’s very common for them to reject the manuscripts. Don’t care about it too much,” Qiu Ren whispered and comforted this senior student next to him.

“Qiu Ren, aren’t you going up there and giving it a try?” Xia Lian noticed the huge pile of manuscripts next to Qiu Ren.

“Me?” Qiu Ren was a bit startled. At this moment, the professors from Yangmei University and North City University also noticed Qiu Ren, the final individual seedling.

“You… I remember you’re the special student of North City University?”

The director of “The Giant and The Little Bee” was also a professor from Yangmei University. He had some memory of Qiu Ren. Besides, he was the only one here who hadn’t been on stage.

“I remember you’re Qiu Ren. Have you finished writing the script for purifying that Nightmare Seed?” the director from Yangmei University asked. Even though Qiu Ren was a freshman, the pile of scripts he had next to his hand was the thickest.

Besides, Professor Li Jing also tried his best to recommend Qiu Ren, so maybe he should give the guy a chance.

“Yes, but professor… it’s probably useless for you to read the script.” Even though Qiu Ren spoke very implicitly, there was still an uproar down the stage.

The director and the main creator of “The Giant and The Little Bee” were both sitting here! Yet he said it wasn’t useful for them to look at the script?

“So, who should look at it?” the director from Yangmei University also smiled and asked.

“Hm… should be here.”

Qiu Ren heard rapid footsteps in the corridor outside the theater. For a while, the whispering voices in the entire theater went silent for a moment. Someone soon pushed open the door of the theater.

“Is Qiu Ren here?” The newcomer sounded anxious.

The director from Yangmei University was about to ask him who he was and to tell him not to interrupt the discussion meeting for the purification of the Level A Nightmare Seed. But soon, he found that it was a researcher from the Central Research Institute.

“I’m here,” said Qiu Ren.

“Qiu Ren… have you completed your dream construction plan?”

This researcher seemed to have known that Qiu Ren had accepted the request of that Lord of Nightmare. Else, he wouldn’t have asked this question.


Qiu Ren said as he raised the thick pile of drafts in his hand.

“Take everything. I’ll bring you to meet that Lord of Nightmare. I hope your plan can satisfy the Lord of Nightmare.”

The researcher couldn’t take care of Qiu Ren anymore. The current attitude of that Lord of Nightmare was, “I want to see Qiu Ren! If you don’t let me see him, I’ll die with you all!”

Where did the charm of this freshman come from? He made two Lords of Nightmare crazy for him.

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