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Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Dream Eaters

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The Dream Eaters was an organization with a complicated background.

Almost every country around the world had such an organization established for the purpose of “invading other people’s Dream Dungeons and destroying them.”

The Dream Eaters had support from the country behind them. They were founded at first to eliminate all unnecessary threats on the battlefield of Dream Dungeons for the employers.

This time, the Dream Eaters had an eye on a new target—Battle Royale and the creator behind it.

The Lord of Nightmare Devouring Plan of their employers was originally foolproof this time. The Lord of Nightmare under their command could easily swallow the Lord of Nightmare in Fengdu Prison, who had been starving for countless years.

However, Fengdu Prison chose to risk their life and directly open their Nightmare Seed to regions, other than the Celestial Empire, all over the world.

This decision made the Dream Eaters and the companies of their employers laugh. The employers, who were management personnel of a large corporation that operated “Lost Heart,” even thought Fengdu Prison had gone mad.

Did they genuinely think that a Level S Nightmare Dungeon, which could kill people, would be accepted by the public so easily? People weren’t foolish. How could they possibly go in there without a reason?

In order to promote “Lost Heart,” this company had spent countless resources and money to advertise it every day and night back then. They were even in a wrangle with the Rating Review Department of the country before they could gradually secure a spot for “Lost Heart” in the overseas game market.

At the same time, this also made the Lord of Nightmare of “Lost Heart” save its strength, waiting to swallow the weaker ones of its own kind with one bite.

Fengdu Prison had only opened the Level S Nightmare Dungeon to the public after realizing they were in danger. This was totally suicidal behavior, like a drowning man clutching at a straw!

Then… Battle Royale became a hit. It was popular to the point where those people of the companies were confused.

But in Herring’s perspective, it was normal that Battle Royale became popular. Its gameplay was also attractive to the Dream Eaters, who had had many experiences!

It had been almost a day since Herring last ate chicken. Her fingers were feeling a bit itchy. She started to miss killing those innocent sheep on Jedi Island.

However, she also hoped that she could match with players of the same level, so it would be more thrilling and challenging.

But forget about playing. She still had to complete the mission given by her employer.

The daily number of people in the Nightmare Dungeon, Battle Royale, had reached 4142, and it was rising slowly.

If it continued like this, the Lord of Nightmare in Fengdu Prison would swallow their Lords of Nightmare instead sooner or later!

So, they were now hunting down the Dream Maker of Battle Royale all over the world. Yesterday, that Dream Maker seemed to have uploaded a new Nightmare Dungeon.

The Dream Eaters sent two agents inside for investigation.

“It’s just an investigation for a Level D Nightmare Dungeon. There’s still no result yet?”

Herring looked at the two Dream Explorers lying in the two machines for entering the dream with cold eyes.

This professional equipment for entering dreams could monitor various signs of people’s bodies. It would save them once they showed symptoms of dying while investigating the nightmares.

But this time, they were investigating a Level D nightmare.

Even ordinary people without training would be fine after wandering around inside. These two people were Nightmare Investigators who had extremely rich experience among the Dream Eaters.

For Level D nightmares in the past, they only needed two to three hours for the investigation. Not mentioning the detailed situation in the nightmare, they could even analyze the gender, character, and mental health condition of the Dream Maker in detail.

However, it had been seven hours now. If these investigators still hadn’t woken up, it meant that… they hadn’t completed their mission yet.

They didn’t only fail the mission, but they also made the Level D Nightmare Seed even stronger!

I asked you to go and investigate, but you only feed the enemy just like that?

“They may still need some time. Their blood pressure has gradually started to rise above standard three hours ago,” the doctor responsible for monitoring their body condition said next to her.

“Extract them from the Level D Nightmare Dungeon.” Herring issued an order a bit speechlessly.

Her order was soon executed. Those two Dream Explorers, who had entered the Level D nightmare for investigation, were directly awakened. The moment they woke up, they both showed… symptoms of extreme rage.

Such uncontrollable rage didn’t last long and was repressed by Herring’s cold gaze.

“Tell me about the situation in that Level D Nightmare Dungeon. Did you find any information about the Dream Maker?” asked Herring.

As expected, the result was negative. These two pitiful Dream Explorers had been tortured in the world of Getting Over It for almost seven hours. They only thought about how they could climb higher with the hiking stick.

They became more furious as they described what happened in the Nightmare Dungeon. Judging by that tone, it seemed that they couldn’t wait to find a hundred water tanks here and smash them all.

The final conclusion was—the Nightmare Maker definitely had a severe anti-social personality. If not, it was impossible for him to create such a tormenting Nightmare Dungeon!

Really? Herring then wanted to meet the Dream Maker of the Battle Royale even more, so she could “talk” to him well.

Such an impulse gave Herring no intention of sending more people in there for investigation. She was planning to invade that Level D Nightmare Dungeon herself.

“Get ready for invasion…”

“Be careful, Herring… Don’t go too far and destroy that Nightmare Dungeon. We can’t lose this lead.” A cold voice sounded behind Herring to remind her.

“Of course. After all, I’d like to see… what the dream of that Dream Maker who created Battle Royale is like more than any one of you.”

Then, she would completely destroy it! This was probably the thought of many Dream Eaters here as well.

They were saving power right now. Once they found out the real identity and the location of the Dream Maker of Battle Royale… the Dream Eaters would rush to invade his dream and completely destroy his Dream Dungeon.

Herring was already prepared to invade that Level D Nightmare Seed.

In order to invade other people’s Dream Dungeons, a person first needed the support of a Dream Seed that was powerful enough, then spend a large number of Creation Points to break the gap by force.

This was like smashing the city wall of the enemy with siege engines.

The Dream Seed supporting the Dream Eaters could easily break the “city wall” of a Level D Nightmare Seed. It was just that the Level D Nightmare Seed was on the other side of the ocean, so they had to pay a bit more toll.

This invasion cost almost a hundred seventy thousand Creation Points, but the Dream Eaters could afford it.

In the end, Herring entered the Level D Nightmare Dungeon as an intruder.

The difference between an intruder and a Dream Explorer was that… a Dream Explorer was here to play the game, while an intruder was here to destroy it!

An intruder didn’t have to follow the rules of the Nightmare Dungeon and could use Creation Points to bring the abilities of other Dream Dungeons into the one being intruded.

Right now, Herring was holding two daggers that didn’t belong to this Nightmare Dungeon. In her hands, they were covered with glitters of danger.

She directly came to the guardian of this Nightmare Dungeon… and stood in front of the grey wolf.

“Can you tell me… who the person that built this dream for you is?”

Herring asked as she stared at the giant wolf, which was already as tall as three men, in front of her with expressionless eyes.

The wolf wasn’t planning to answer her. It showed its fangs and gave the intruder before it a threatening growl.

“If your Dream Maker hears you whimper, he… may come in to have a look,” said Herring.

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