My Descendant Begged Me To Help Him Just After I Became A God

Chapter 385 - Chapter 385: A Hundred Years of Spring and Autumn, A New Great Dao

Chapter 385: A Hundred Years of Spring and Autumn, A New Great Dao

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“Ancient existence? Out of the darkness? Don’t tell me you’re talking about the Endless Void?”

Ye Zhan was even more curious. The Endless Void was no stranger to the people of the Xuanhuang Great World. He had heard of it since he was young. In legends, the Endless Void was the abyss, the place of banishment, and the place of escape for evil.

The Ye Ancestor nodded and said, “The Divine Martial Realm is domineering and leaves no room for negotiation. However, there will always be someone powerful who can escape from their grasp. For these people, the Endless Void is the best place to go. Ever since the Xuanhuang Great World was established, the Endless Void has never been the cause of a calamity to the Xuanhuang Great World. This is unreasonable, which means that it will only happen in the future. Think about it. Since the Ye Clan was destroyed, aren’t you also thinking of taking revenge on the Divine Martial Realm?”

Ye Zhan nodded.

Even though the Ye Clan was not directly persecuted by the Divine Martial Realm, how could he not hate the Divine Martial Realm for suppressing Ye Shenkong and allowing the clans to disregard the law?

“Speaking of which. some of mv old friends are also in the Endless Void. I wonder if they are still alive.”

The Ye Ancestor stroked his beard and sighed with emotion as he started to reminisce about the past.

Ye Zhan fell into deep thought.

He had to tell the Heavenly Court about this. Perhaps it could be regarded as a contribution!

Coincidentally, he and the Emperor of Heavenly Jing knew each other. Jiang Ziyu had also promised that when he became the Celestial Emperor in the future, he would be conferred the title of Saint Marshal. This promise allowed the two of them to be very close.

Ye Zhan even accepted a disciple from one of Jiang Ziyu’s sons. Of course, it was not Jiang Shan.

After MO Buni was thrown into prison, Bai Qi went to visit him from time to time. At first, MO Buni was very unhappy, but after listening to Bai Qi’s account of the achievements of the Dao Ancestor, he realized that the Dao Ancestor did not persecute the Lower Realm universe. Instead, he saved everyone that should have been eliminated in the Martial World Competition.

This truth shook his understanding.

When Chang Yaoling, Taishi Changce, and Hei Hou took turns to come and tell the truth as people from the same origin, he was completely silent and no longer made a scene.

The Heavenly Soldiers were still very friendly with the Heavenly Origin Extreme Martial Realm experts that the Dao Ancestor had brought back. They had a tacit understanding that this person would be a high-ranking official in the Heavenly Court in the future. Not everyone could be brought back by the Dao Ancestor from the outer world.

Taishi Changce and the rest were relieved when they saw that MO Buni had started to train.

According to the rules, MO Buni would be locked up for eight hundred years for trespassing the Heavenly Court. Without the Dao Ancestor’s orders, they did not dare to let him out.

Little did he know that Jiang Changsheng only brought MO Buni back out of interest, mainly because Li Canghai acted righteously, which gave him a good impression. Even still, both Li Canghai and MO Buni were not worth mentioning in his eyes.

As for why he kept the two of them, there was no particular reason.

He did whatever he wanted to!

After MO Buni settled down, the Heavenly Court no longer encountered any trouble. The power of the Heavenly Court began to expand rapidly, and there were more and more servant gods. Even those Heavenly Soldiers who went out on missions had the chance to take in subordinates.

After everything was settled, Jiang Changsheng went into seclusion.

And this closed-door seclusion lasted for 104 years!

Jiang Changsheng only came back to his senses when he realized that time had passed too quickly.

When he opened his eyes, he felt that everything had changed, but it was also as if nothing had changed. Nothing had changed in the Purple Cloud Palace. Mu Lingluo, Bai Qi, and White Dragon were still there, but their auras had become stronger.

The Heavenly Court had also become stronger. There were many new auras and those old friends had also become stronger.

This seclusion was like a dream.

He even felt that only a day had passed.

This feeling was incomparably wonderful, and it also allowed him to have a deeper understanding of time and life.

What was a day in the sky and a year on the ground? Perhaps it was because of the difference in realm. A mortal’s dream was also the life of some insects.

Jiang Changsheng also thought of a problem. Could it be that the strongest martial artists were still dreaming and did not realize that there was an anomaly in their territory?

As his realm increased, Jiang Changsheng would definitely spend more time in seclusion in the future. Would there be unknown and difficult to discover anomalies in his world?

This question was almost unsolvable.

He could not concentrate on it every day. Once he entered a state of cultivation, time would always pass quickly.

Soon, he was relieved. Instead of guarding against unknown dangers, it was better to work hard and cultivate so that his time would be meaningful.

Jiang Changsheng looked at the world.

It was now the 383rd year of the Dingtian Era in Heavenly Jing, and the territory had expanded by more than tenfold. After Heavenly Jing’s foundation reached its peak, its expansion speed was extremely terrifying. Heavenly Jing also had sufficient talent reserves to govern its land.

More and more martial artists from the endless oceans sought refuge with Heavenly Jing. Heavenly Jing’s combat strength at the Grotto-Heaven Realm and the Martial King Realm was no longer inferior to some powerful races, benefiting from Jiang Changsheng’s luck.

However, Heavenly Jing had yet to give birth to a Martial Emperor.

Even though Heavenly Jing did not have it, the Heavenly Court did!

Guan Tongyou and Ji Wujun had stepped into the Heaven and Earth Emperor realm one after another. Ji Wujun had only broken through two years ago. They were already geniuses and enjoyed the luck of being legitimate gods, so naturally, their breakthrough speed was fast.

Di Chang, who had swept across the Martial Emperor Realm, had finally reached the Imminent Divine Realm. The other legitimate gods had also made their own breakthroughs.

More than 100 years had passed, and the world had been turned upside down.

Jiang Changsheng began to calculate the strongest experts in different distances and spread out his spiritual will at the same time.

Since the Kunlun Field had moved into the Endless Void, the center of the system’s detection range naturally became the Endless Void.

In the area, he was the strongest, and the second strongest was Chang Yueqian. This meant that there was no danger. In addition, his spiritual will did not detect any danger, so it was a double confirmation.


Jiang Changsheng retracted his spiritual will and his mind wandered away. He was prepared to walk through the Endless Void again to expand the map in his mind.

First, he came to that place that was suspected to be a world with ancient sects. This place was surrounded by black mist, similar to a crescent moon that emitted a dark yellow light, mysterious and dangerous.

He flew towards the interior of the world. It was a world of its own, dominated by humans, but there were also tens of thousands of races that formed an ecosystem.

The human language here was the same as the Xuanhuang Great World, and naturally, it was the same as the Kunlun Field. Even if the language was different, Jiang Changsheng could tell what they wanted to express with his realm. Of course, time was required for comparison and confirmation.

He finally saw the fighting style of ancient sect members Ancient martial arts indeed used mysterious runes as power. These runes were obviously formed by some kind of law of the natural order. The runes could stimulate the energy in their bodies and even strengthen their bodies.

Ancient martial arts were very abundant and involved various ranks. In Jiang Changsheng’s opinion, the prosperity of ancient martial arts was not inferior to martial arts. In some aspects, it even surpassed martial arts. However, in terms of lethality, ancient martial arts were weaker than martial arts. Comparing ancient martial artists and martial artists with similar strength, the latter would be more lethal. Perhaps that was the reason why martial arts suppressed ancient martial arts.

A long time ago, the Human Race must have encountered some crisis and needed a more destructive practice system. Therefore, martial arts was born. That was Jiang Changsheng’s guess.

There were many powerful auras in this world. In terms of unfathomable aura, he even felt that it was not inferior to the Xuanhuang Great World.

However, the Xuanhuang Great World could not represent the entire nmartial arts system. There was still the Divine Martial Realm above it.

Jiang Changsheng did not dare to go deeper. After all, his understanding of ancient martial arts was not deep, so he could not rashly go to those unfathomable existences.

Several hours later, his soul consciousness left the ancient world.

He wandered in other directions. How fast was his soul consciousness?

In the blink of an eye, several days passed. Jiang Changsheng found more than 20 worlds and discovered another aura that was different from martial arts, ancient martial arts, and immortal cultivation. After entering and observing it, he learned that this energy was called spirit energy.

This discovery surprised him. There was now 4 different practice system.

The spirit energy was not only passed down from ancient times, but it was also a newly born practice system. Overall, it was still weaker than the ancient martial arts, especially the number of practitioner. However, there was a terrifying aura in this world that even Jiang Changsheng could not see through.

He could not afford to provoke the other party!

Jiang Changsheng’s soul consciousness began to return.

Returning along the spirit energy world, he found a spirit energy practitioner moving forward at a very fast speed. In terms of aura, he was not inferior to someone in the Ultimate Void Realm. In the spirit energy world, he was definitely one of the upper echelons.

Jiang Changsheng paid attention and followed him for a while. He realized that he was heading towards the Kunlun Field.

Perhaps it was an illusion, but the other party did not hesitate and completely overlapped with Jiang Changsheng’s return route.


Jiang Changsheng’s voice sounded in the spirit energy practitioner’s heart, startling him into immediately stopping.

The spirit energy practitioner was also a human and looked similar to the martial artists of the Xuanhuang Great World. He wore cloth clothes and a hoodie, giving off a foreign aura.


Gu Chen shouted in a deep voice and looked around the void, but he did not see anyone.

He suddenly thought of something and relaxed. He asked, “Are you on the path of the New Great Dao?”

The name New Great Dao was a name coined by them to call a new practice system. The ancient martial arts world and the spirit energy world called their own practice system the Great Dao.

Without waiting for Jiang Changsheng’s reply, Gu Chen bowed and said, “I am

Gu Chen, from the Spirit Energy World. I have deduced that a different Great Dao was born in the Endless Void. I wish to represent the Spirit Energy World to form an alliance with you to resist the calamity of the Great Dao!”

At the same time, Jiang Changsheng’s consciousness had returned to his main body. He opened the Limitless Eyes of Heaven and Earth and looked in Gu Chen’s direction. It took him a while to lock onto Gu Chen.

During this period of time, Gu Chen felt uneasy. He did not know the temperament of a practitioner of the New Great Dao, but he could not sense the other party. This natuirally meant the other party was much stronger than him.

At that moment, a blue shadow appeared above. Gu Chen looked up and could not help but be shocekd.

Dao Heart Clone!

However, this Dao Heart Clone was sitting on the Divine Throne of the Great Dao Origin. This was Jiang Changsheng’s progress after hundreds of vears of seclusion, allowing the Dao Heart Clone to undergo more changes. For example, right now, sitting on the Divine Throne of the Great Dao Origin, he was as tall as 100,000 feet. Even though the Divine Throne of the Great Dao Origin was also a blue phantom, the nine balls of light behind it still emitted a dazzling white light. In the darkness, he was like a god of creation, looking down on insignificant mortals.

Gu Chen was stunned. This was the first time he had encountered such an existence.

His heart was beating extremely fast. He could not understand why there was such an oppressive existence on the Great Dao of New Life.

“Is he really a human…”

“You, from the Spirit Energy World, how do you wish to cooperate with me and the Immortal Dao?”

The Dao Heart Clone’s voice sounded with an indifferent tone.

Immortal Dao?

When Gu Chen heard that name, his pupils constricted.

What an arrogant name!

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