My Descendant Begged Me To Help Him Just After I Became A God

Chapter 384 - Chapter 384: Martial Lord, Great Calamity of Martial Dao

Chapter 384: Martial Lord, Great Calamity of Martial Dao

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“Master, what is this?”

Bai Qi could not help but ask. Her tone was filled with curiosity. What a handsome throne. Even a demon wolf like her liked it at a glance.

Her voice also woke Mu Lingluo up from her trance. She opened her eyes and was also amazed by the Divine Throne of the Great Dao Origin.

Jiang Changsheng chuckled and said, “It is one of my magical treasures. It was originally hidden in my soul, but since my cultivation has improved recently, I can take it out.”

Bai Qi and Mu Lingluo had no doubts. The entire Heavenly Court and Heavenly

Jing knew that the Dao Ancestor was the reincarnation of the Ancestor of All Immortals. This identity could allow Jiang Changsheng to explain many problems, especially regarding the survival rewards.

Jiang Changsheng concentrated on refining the restriction while Bai Qi and Mu Lingluo started chatting. As they chatted, they began to discuss the situation in the Mental Wander Realm.

Recently, the Mental Wander Realm launched a martial arts seminar. In the seminar, incense believers would take sides and choose the martial arts technique they believed to be the strongest. The range of the selection must be in the Mental Wander Realm for the public to learn, which also led to a large number of martial arts techniques pouring into the realm.

The one who led all this was Ji Wujun. She was taking advantage of the innate competitiveness of people. At present, the strongest martial arts technique was not the ones donated by Ye Zhan and Taishi Changce. Their techniques were too profound, so very few people could learn them. Therefore, their techniques were unable to display their strength for the time being.

At present, Guan Tongyou’s techniques were still the most popular.

Mu Lingluo was also prepared to contribute an ultimate technique, and Bai Qi promised to find people to vote for her.

Time passed by quickly.

After Jiang Changsheng successfully made the Divine Throne of the Great Dao Origin recognize him as its master, Bai Qi and Mu Lingluo entered the dreamland.

Jiang Changsheng sat on the Divine Throne of the Great Dao Origin and casually leaned against the throne. An indescribable sense of comfort struck his heart. Sitting on the throne, he felt indescribably refreshed.

Most importantly, he could easily control all the restrictions of this throne as if it was his arm.

It was as if he had obtained a brand new toy. He tried all sorts of ways to play with it. He even sat on the Divine Throne of the Great Dao and executed the Five Elements Evasion Technique. Surprisingly, it felt exceptionally smooth, and it even had an enhancement effect. While executing the technique on the throne, his speed was even faster.

He appeared above the sea of clouds. The nine balls of light behind the Divine Throne of the Great Dao Origin shone with light. The bottom was surrounded by clouds, and the Ultimate Yang Divine Light floated by his side. It was as if the bright sun was surrounding him, still covering his true appearance. It was mysterious and filled with pressure.

Jiang Changsheng cast the Heavenly Elephant Dharma, and the Divine Throne of the Great Dao Origin could also enlarge at will.

Right now, the Kunlun Field was extremely vast and there were many uninhabited places.

After tossing and turning for a long time, Jiang Changsheng finally returned to the Purple Cloud Palace.

He sat on the Divine Throne of the Great Dao Origin and cultivated. He discovered that the Divine Throne of the Great Dao Origin could also help with his cultivation.

The 33 Layered Heavens, the Purple Cloud Palace, and the Divine Throne of the Great Dao Origin. With the three effects superimposed, cultivation became extremely smooth!

Compared to other power systems, cultivation was the most comprehensive. Immortal cultivation would cultivate their soul and body at the same time. At the same time, they would not neglect the improvement of external objects. Precisely because it was comprehensive, it was more difficult.

Jiang Changsheng mainly benefited from cultivating alone. If the entire world was filled with cultivators, cultivation sects would definitely have methods to gather spiritual energy. At that time, the cultivation world would have to fight for the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

Other than cultivating alone, the survival system was also a help.

On the road to becoming stronger, there had to be opportunities. Sometimes, reaching the peak was not something that could be done just by relying on hard work.

Jiang Changsheng began to immerse himself in his cultivation.

There would be no major crisis for the time being, so he could cultivate in seclusion in peace.

The blue sky was boundless, and the sea of clouds was layered and surrounded in circles. The scenery was magnificent.

Above a city, Lu Shenzhou stopped and said to Li Canghai, “Stay here for the time being. You can report using my name.”

Li Canghai nodded. He was still in a daze and had yet to recover from the previous calamity.

Lu Shenzhou flew toward a tall mountain in the center of the city. The mountain was majestic, and the top of the mountain shone with brilliant light. He flew toward the top of the mountain quickly and disappeared.

Soon, Lu Shenzhou stepped into a resplendent hall, and his robe fluttered in the wind. He stopped in front of the steps and looked up at the figure meditating with his back facing him.

“Martial Lord, the mission failed and all of us were wiped out. Other than me, only one person survived. The five Great Celestial Venerables also died.”

Lu Shenzhou said with an ugly expression. He did not mention Li Canghai.

The Martial Lord had a broad back, and his yellow robes were embroidered with dragon patterns. Phantoms of golden dragons surrounded him, and there were nine of them. His long black and white hair fluttered in the wind. “I already know. Tell me, what kind of existence is the enemy?”

The Martial Lord did not get up, nor did he turn his head. His tone was extremely calm.

Lu Shenzhou did not hide anything and told him the truth about the battle.

When he recalled that battle again, his expression was extremely gloomy.

This was definitely a complete defeat!

Other than frustration, there was more confusion.

The Dao Ancestor’s ultimate technique was incomprehensible. The mysterious ultimate technique that shrunk him and made him almost lose his fighting strength, as well as the powerful technique that killed millions of martial artists in one go…

If the Dao Ancestor was really from an ancient sect, then the power of ancient techniques…

In the past, Lu Shenzhou disdained ancient martial arts, but the strength of the Dao Ancestor had shaken him.

“In that case, he is indeed an anomaly. Perhaps it is the same as those ancient sects. Otherwise, why would they want to contradict the Divine Martial Realm? They are even afraid of being discovered by the Divine Martial Realm.”

The Martial Lord casually said. He did not care about the death of millions of martial artists at all.

Lu Shenzhou asked in surprise, “Just like ancient sects, are there other practice systems other than martial arts and ancient martial arts?”

“Of course. Before ancient times was the era of ancient martial arts. Can you say there were no other systems before ancient martial arts? It was just the change of the old and the new. The Martial Dao system is the strongest.” The Martial Lord answered, and Lu Shenzhou’s eyes flickered as he listened.

Was the Martial Dao system really the strongest?

The power of the Dao Ancestor could only be realized in the face of it.

He felt that he had not yet seen the true strength of the Dao Ancestor. He thought of what the Dao Ancestor had said to him.

If he only pursued strength…

“There’s no need to think about this anymore. Prepare for the internal test of the Divine Martial Realm. The matter of the Dao Ancestor of the Heavenly Court will be resolved by the Divine Martial Realm. When you failed, the Divine Martial Realm had already sensed it. Next, the God Punishment Army will sweep through the Xuanhuang Great World. Anything related to him or the

Heavenly Court will be cleaned up.”

The Martial Lord’s words pulled Lu Shenzhou’s consciousness back to reality.

Lu Shenzhou thought of the Dao Ancestor’s other words and the tragedy in the Lower Realm. He knew that more people would die in this calamity.

With that thought in mind, Lu Shenzhou turned around and prepared to leave.

“Why did the Dao Ancestor let you go?”

The Martial Lord suddenly said. When Lu Shenzhou stopped, he turned around and found that the Martial Lord had already stood up and was looking down at him.

With nine dragons wrapped around him, the Martial Lord had a cold expression on his face, and there was a murderous aura between his brows. His eyes were like tigers as he coldly stared at Lu Shenzhou. His expression was filled with oppression, and Lu Shenzhou frowned.

Lu Shenzhou said in a deep voice, “How would I know why he let me go? Don’t tell me you don’t believe me?”

In the face of the Martial Lord, Lu Shenzhou’s attitude was very unyielding. He was not someone who had to beg others to enter the Divine Martial Realm!

The Martial Lord looked at him with disdain and said, “I’m just concerned about you. Since you don’t know, then it’s fine. Don’t leave the Divine Martial

Realm in the future!”


Lu Shenzhou snorted and left with a flick of his sleeves.

Time passed.

30 years passed quickly.

It was the 279th year of the Dingtian Era. For the past thirty years, Jiang Changsheng had been cultivating. One day, Chen Li came to visit him, claiming that someone had trespassed the Heavenly Court.

It was MO Buni!

He had wanted to leave the Kunlun Field, but he was stopped by the Chang

Clan. After that, he became more and more frustrated as he roamed around the

Kunlun Field. In the end, he attacked the Heavenly Court and was captured by Taishi Changce.

At present, MO Buni had been thrown into the dungeon.

“I understand. Treat him according to the rules.”

Jiang Changsheng’s voice floated out from the Purple Cloud Palace. When Chen Li heard it, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

He was afraid that the other party was related to the Dao Ancestor. In that case, they would be slapping the Dao Ancestor’s face.

Chen Li bowed and bid farewell. Bai Qi, on the other hand, became interested and snuck out to visit MO Buni.

Jiang Changsheng did not open his eyes from beginning to end and concentrated on his cultivation.

The white-robed man he met when the Dao Heart Clone returned gave him a sense of urgency. He had to make the best use of his time to cultivate.

On the other side.

Tianjian Mountain, inside the cave.

Ye Zhan sat on the ground, surrounded by a gray aura of nirvana. The Ye Ancestor floated beside him, his expression changing.

After a long time.

Ye Zhan opened his eyes and let out a breath of turbid air. He sighed and said,

“What a domineering Nirvana Ultimate Creation Technique. No wonder Brother Shenkong could dominate the Xuanhuang Great World back then. If I master the Nirvana Ultimate Creation Technique, it will not be difficult for me to sweep across realms.”

During battle, going through each nirvana of the Nirvana Ultimate Creation Technique could allow his combat strength to soar. After nine nirvanas, his strength would reach an extremely terrifying level. After being suppressed for so many years, Ye Zhan felt that his speed of becoming stronger was far faster than before. He was grateful to the Dao Ancestor from the bottom of his heart and believed that he was giving him a chance.

He turned to look at the Ye Ancestor and asked, “Old ancestor, why aren’t you saying anything? What have you been thinking about for the past few years?”

The Ye Ancestor had always followed him. As he only had a soul body, he was extremely lonely on ordinary days and would always talk to him. However, ever since he had the Mental Wander Realm, he began to neglect his care and concern for the Ye Ancestor.

The Ye Ancestor slowly looked at him and said, “Recently, I have been feeling uneasy. I feel that something big is about to happen. This feeling reminds me of the calamity 2 million years ago…”

Ye Zhan frowned when he heard that.

2 million years ago, ancient sects destroyed a source of the Celestial River in the Lower Realm. Then, over the years it was destroyed, it rapidly strengthened and launched an attack on the Xuanhuang Great World. It was known as the Great Calamity of Martial Dao.

That was the most recent Martial Dao calamity that had lasted for tens of thousands of years. The number of casualties could not be calculated at all. Even the Divine Martial Realm had been breached. However, in the end, the ancient sects failed and were massacred. Until today, they had become street rats that could only hide in dark corners.

Ye Zhan asked curiously, “Do you think the Dao Ancestor is going to launch a war against the Xuanhuang Great World?”

Even though he came from the Xuanhuang Great World, he did not have a favorable impression of it after the Ye Clan was destroyed.

The Ye Ancestor said, “From the current development of Kunlun Field, it is far more than forming a Martial Dao calamity. What I am worried about is that with the emergence of the Dao Ancestor, it would lure out those ancient existences out of the darkness because they saw the weak side of the Divine

Martial Realm..”

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