My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 9 - It’s Her, the Girl Who Saved Him Three Years Ago

Chapter 9: It’s Her, the Girl Who Saved Him Three Years Ago

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It was Zhu Rui, Lu Shaoming’s secretary, who just said, “Young Master Lu.” Zhu Rui saw a half-drunken woman with her arms hanging around his boss’s neck, and he was asking for Lu Shaoming’s permission to have the woman dragged away.

Lu Shaoming waved his hand, signaling him to keep quiet.

He looked at the woman. It was her.

The girl who saved his life on that winter day three years ago.


Lu Shaoming arched a smile and asked in a low and charming voice, “Miss, have you confused me with someone else?”

Who is she calling “dear”? Being chased by a fat middle-aged lecher having to use him as a shield. It seems that she has had it pretty bad over the past three years.

Ning Qing felt so dizzy, as the drinks she downed earlier had gone to her head and blurred her vision. She tried hard to open her eyes and saw that the man was wearing a sarcastic smile with a hint of delight.

She flashed him a sweet and bright grin and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. She raised her eyebrows and said coquettishly, “Just borrowing you to put on an act. Why this reaction? I know. I got it. Here, it’s your tip.”

While talking to Lu, Ning Qing reached for the money in her neckline. She was wearing a V-neck top, as required by the director for today’s shooting, and she didn’t change before going to the pub.

She took out a bill from her neckline and put it into the pocket of the suit Lu Shaoming was wearing. She then tapped on his shoulder and smiled, totally drunk. “Here is half of the two hundred I made today. Don’t say I’m not generous enough.”

She let go of him and stumbled away.

Zhu Rui and the rest of the people stared at her in astonishment as she walked away. Who is this woman? Does she have the slightest idea about the man who had just stood right in front of her?

Mr. Lu would not even blink even if five more zeroes were added to that bill.

It’s a wonder that she took the note out. She’s absolutely drunk.

Zhu Rui was the first to stop staring. He looked at his boss tentatively, who was still assuming an air of grace as usual. Lu looked down, reached for the note, and casually threw it at him.

Zhu Rui hurriedly grabbed the note. He couldn’t believe what he saw: there was a hint of a smile in his boss’s eyes.

A doting, indulgent smile.

Lu Shaoming began to walk. Zhou Yao glanced in the direction in which Ning Qing had gone, and nudged him while asking him curiously, “Shaoming, who’s that woman? You’re always indifferent to women, how come you let her come near you? Is this because she’s particularly pretty?”

Everyone knew that Mr. Lu stayed celibate. He was thirty years old. As the grandson of the Lu family and the CEO of a business giant, he was the most desirable bachelor in people’s eyes. In these years, Zhou Yao had never seen him care to pay attention to any woman.

And as a man who once served in the army, he was expected to be agile. Zhou Yao didn’t believe he hadn’t noticed that drunk woman bumping into him. He just let her put her arms around his neck and he smiled so warmly. There’s got to be something going on.

Lu Shaoming glanced at Zhou Yao, who was clearly excited about the gossip. “An acquaintance who once saved me.”

Ning Qing was thrown into one of the luxury suites of the pub. “Just stay here. Our boss is going to show you his favor.”

“Okay, that’s enough. She’s too drunk to run away anyway. Let’s stay outside and guard the room. We don’t want to ruin the boss’s night.”

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