My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 10 - Barged Into His Room

Chapter 10: Barged Into His Room

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Ning Qing slumped on the ground. She had been really unlucky that day. She had just left the bar and was caught by the CEO of Huayi Entertainment’s people and thrown in here.

Although she was drunk, it was all in her body. Her mind was still rather clear.

She couldn’t just sit and wait passively for her demise. Once that old lecher came in, it was inevitable that she would be violated. She had to escape.

But where to? There were two guards at the door so she couldn’t exit that way. Then… She shall climb out of the window. It’d be better to become disabled than to be raped by that man.

Ning Qing opened the balcony door and her legs grew weak when she saw that it was at least a ten-story drop. She was afraid of heights.

Ning Qing couldn’t jump off the building. She looked around, though her vision was blurry. Bingo! Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Each room’s balcony was merely a meter apart. She could climb over to the next balcony, which was attached to the room next door.

Ning Qing immediately took action. She climbed onto the balcony and sat on the railing. She then extended her long legs to hook onto the next balcony. She closed her eyes and didn’t dare to look. When she reached the railing of the next balcony, she finally loosened her hand and rolled onto it.

Sweating with anxiety, she stood up and ran into the suite. Phew, I’m finally safe.

There was no one in the room and it was very quiet. She could only hear the sound of running water from the washroom. It seemed that someone was taking a shower.

Ning Qing was dying to splash her face with cold water. She wanted to stay awake. If she were to leave in such a dizzy state, she would be bound to be caught by the CEO of Huayi Entertainment again.

I’ll never drink ever again.

She staggered her way to the toilet. Without considering the fact that someone might be inside, she opened the door.

“Ah.” Out of nowhere, a large hand suddenly grabbed her delicate wrist. She spun around and her back was pinned against the cold marble wall.

There was a brawny man who smelled freshly showered.

Lu Shaoming looked at the girl in his arm. He heard some movement in the room as he was taking a shower, so he wrapped a towel around his waist and got ready to suppress once the intruder entered the room.

His alert nature had been nurtured by the warlike carnage of the business world. Corporate life was like a warzone. Three years earlier, a corporate rival sent an assassin to kill him. If it wasn’t for the girl back then, he might have already been dead.

He never thought that it would be her who barged in.

It was their second time seeing each other that day.

After the girl cried in surprise, she seemed to recognize him as well. She let out a breath of relief and pouted her pink lips. “Oh, it’s you.”

Lu Shaoming let go of her wrist and put his hand against the wall next to her. He asked in a low voice, “Why are you here? It is very dangerous to barge into a man’s room.”

Ning Qing was really dizzy. In order to avoid falling on the ground, she supported herself with the man’s arm, which was packed with brick-like solid muscle.

“Someone was trying to rape me. Please, lend me your phone. I’d like to make a call to…” Then, Ning Qing paused. Who was she going to call? Who would save her then?

She messed up her hair with her other hand in a fret. Ning Qing continued, “Forget it. I don’t want to make any calls… Could you please lend me your shower, then? I’d like to sober up.”

Because of her drunkenness, the girl’s originally delicate face had a faint blush that made her bloom like a rose. She looked extremely attractive. Her half-closed beautiful yet drunken eyes, her smooth forehead which was revealed when she had messed up her hair earlier, and her delicate face inadvertently gave off an innocent charm. All of these things made it impossible to look away from her.

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