My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 45 - A Woman Only Has To Conquer The Man

Chapter 45: A Woman Only Has To Conquer The Man

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There were two figures entangled by the edge of the dressing table. There were makeup products all over the carpet. Li Meiling sat on the dressing table while Ning Zhenguo panted as he hugged her waist.

Li Meiling hugged Ning Zhenguo’s neck and spoke flirtatiously as she bit Ning Zhenguo’s ears. Her full and fair figure swayed and she spoke in a seductive voice, “Husband, do you agree with what I told you about Qingqing? It’s for Qingqing’s own good.”

“Lingling, don’t move. Didn’t I listen to you? I asked Qingqing for dinner tomorrow,” Ning Zhenguo was burning with desire.

Li Meiling flashed a satisfied smile as she glided her finger across Ning Zhenguo’s chest, “You’re nice to Lingling. I shall reward you today and let you enjoy.”

Li Meiling lowered her body gradually.

Ning Yao blushed with embarrassment and her eyes were rippling. She closed the door and ran downstairs to get herself a glass of warm water.

Ning Yao was reading a fashion magazine the living room. She waited for an hour until Li Meiling walked down in her sleeping gown.

“Mom, that’s bad. During the casting for Pink Lady, Ning Qing that b*tch revealed the truth about you and dad. Many say that you’re a mistress. You’re definitely going to be in the headlines tomorrow. Your image is ruined.”

Li Meiling sipped on the beauty tea that the maid brought to her. She extended her finger and tapped Ning Yao’s forehead, “It’s all your doing! I told you long ago. You just returned, pay full attention to taking care of Xu Junxi. Let him bring you into the entertainment circle and let him marry you. I will take care of Ning Qing but you just won’t listen.”

“Mom, I was upset. What do we do for your trouble then?” Ning Yao shook Li Meiling’s shoulder as she acted like a spoilt kid.

“I’ve found out about today’s trouble. It is just a matter of time until it is exposed. Danger means a turn for better. Xu Junxi was nice to you. He told his PR team to contact me and already came up with a countermeasure. So, don’t bother.”

“Really?” Ning Yao beamed with joy. She knew that if her mother were to take charge, she could relax. At the same time, she also felt a surge of sweetness as she knew that Xu Junxi did love her.

With protection by Xu Junxi and her mother, she would be famous in the entertainment circle in no time.

“Yaoyao, why did you return so early? Didn’t you say you were going to have a candlelight dinner with Xu Junxi?”

“Mom, Junxi sent me back. He said that he’s busy with the company and he had to work overtime in the office tonight. Hence, the candlelight dinner is canceled.” Then, Ning Yao asked hesitantly, “Mom, What were you and dad talking about… Regarding Ning Qing?”

Li Meiling looked towards Ning Yao, “You peeped by the door?”

Ning Yao blushed and lowered her head.

“Yaoyao, don’t bother with these things next time. I was trying to get your dad to sleep before I came downstairs. A woman doesn’t need to do much in life but only need to conquer the man. The moment you conquer the man, you can use him to fight for the throne for you.”

Ning Yao heard and her face blushed in embarrassment. She nodded confidently, “Mom, don’t worry. I will make sure Junxi will be dead set on me.”

“Mm,” Li Meiling nodded with satisfaction. She extended her hand and hugged Ning Yao.

Ning Qing took care of her mom in the hospital during day time and she went to Haoge Hotel at night. She asked the front desk and she walked into the private room under Ning Zhenguo’s reservation.

She walked in and there was another man in his forties besides Ning Zhenguo.

Ning Qing kept her guard up.

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