My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 44 - I Can’t Accept This

Chapter 44: I Can’t Accept This

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Half an hour later, the meeting ended. The attendant opened the door and Lu Shaoming walked out.

Zhu Rui ran over and spoke directly into Lu Shaoming’s ears, “President, the female lead role for Pretty Woman was taken by Ning Yao. Miss Ning was in a room alone with Xu Junxi for thirteen minutes then she left.”

Lu Shaoming listened quietly. Three seconds later, he took out his phone and spoke in his low magnetic voice, “Hey, Director Wang. Didn’t you want me to invest in your movie previously? I’m suddenly interested…”

Ning Qing returned to the hospital and kept Yue Wanqing company for the entire afternoon. Her mother wasn’t in a good condition and she kept wanting to fall asleep.

Ning Qing covered her with the blanket and sighed. It didn’t matter how much humiliation she had to bare outside, as long as her mother could recover and stay with her forever.

As Ning Qing frequently visits the hospital, she was close to the doctors. The doctor let her stay in a vacant room at night for free so she could sleep in the hospital while she takes care of her mother.

Ning Qing thanked the doctor. She then sat at the edge of the bed and called Ning Zhenguo.

Everything else aside, she was still Ning’s daughter. Her mother was sick and her father should help. One million was nothing to Ning’s family anyway.

“Ring ring” Then, someone answered the phone. Somehow or other, Ning Qing wasn’t sure if she was sensitive or what not, she heard a burst of faint flirtatious laughter over the phone and some abnormal noises. But, it stopped very quickly.

“Hello, Qingqing, why did you call Daddy at this hour for?

“Dad, Mom’s nephrosis gone from bad to worse. She needs to go through a liver transplant in two days and it would cost a million dollars. I don’t have that much money, can you pay on my behalf for now? I will return it to you as I earn it.”

Ning Zhenguo kept quiet for a while and coughed lightly before he said, “Alright. Let’s meet up tomorrow. I made a booking in Haoge Hotel. Let’s have dinner together.”


Since when has he become so nice?

Ning Qing was suspicious. When she wanted to reply, Ning Zhenguo already hung up the phone.

Ning Qing put down her phone and there was a knock at the door. “Ning Qing, it’s me,” Kong Yang’s voice was heard.

She got up to open the door.

Kong Yang passed Ning Qing a bank card and smiled gently, “Ning Qing, I heard from the doctor about Aunt Yue going for a liver transplant surgery. There’s two hundred thousand on this card. Take it for now. If it isn’t enough, I will figure out a way tomorrow.”

Ning Qing looked at the card and shook her head, “Kong Yang, I can’t take this.”

Kong Yang was not from a rich family. The two hundred thousand was most likely Kong family’s savings. Don’t take a reward if it’s not deserved. The hardest debt to pay is a favor.

Kong Yang wanted to speak but Ning Qing cut him off and said with a smile, “I called my dad. He prepared a cheque for me and I will collect it tomorrow. So Kong Yang, thank you. I’ve taken care of the surgery fees.”

Kong Yang saw that she looked sincere, and it didn’t look like she was lying. So, he retrieved his card and scratched his head, “It’s great that you took care of the surgery fees. If you need any help, do let me know.”

“Okay.” Ning Qing nodded.

Ning’s villa.

Ning Yao changed into room slippers and threw her branded bag on the sofa in the living room, “Mom…” She ran upstairs to look for Li Meiling.

When she reached her bedroom, she looked at the half-opened room door. There was a dim light in the room and there was a seductive noise from the room. So, she peeped into the room.

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