My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 37 - Impersonate Zhao Feiyan

Chapter 37: Impersonate Zhao Feiyan

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Ning Qing thought she was unlucky when she saw the CEO of Huayi Entertainment. Emperor Entertainment Group and Huayi Entertainment were the two biggest players. Emperor Entertainment Group were well known for their capability, while Huayi Entertainment took both legal and illegal channels. They had great connections.

Speaking of which, she found it weird that the CEO of Huayi Entertainment didn’t disturb her after she ran away from the hotel room the other day.

She lived for a few days in peace but eventually she ran into the CEO of Huayi Entertainment again.

Ning Qing stood straight and looked at the CEO of Huayi Entertainment directly. If he were to take any action, she would react accordingly.

Just as Ning Qing made wild guesses, the CEO of Huayi Entertainment walked before her and said, “Hello, Ning,” the CEO of Huayi Entertainment greeted her unexpectedly. He waved and behaved rather friendly with her.

That’s strange!

Ning Qing couldn’t believe that the person before her was the pervert. She suppressed her shock and smiled faintly, “Hello, Huayi CEO.”

“Good, good, good. You came to join the casting for Pink Lady. All the best. I have high hopes for you.”

Ning Qing had goosebumps all over. Would it betray her illusion? She thought the CEO of Huayi Entertainment seemed to be afraid of her. Now he seemed to be trying to curry favor with her.

That’s strange. Did something happen that she was unaware of?

In T city, the CEO of Huayi Entertainment was on par with Xu Junxi. Was there someone that he’s afraid of?

Xu Junxi saw and he got upset. He knew that the CEO of Huayi Entertainment once said that he wanted to blacklist Ning Qing. Hence, the reason why Ning Qing had three years of hard knocks in the entertainment circle. Why was the CEO of Huayi Entertainment greeting Ning Qing so nicely then?

Did she sleep with the CEO of Huayi Entertainment?

The answer is definite. Hehe.

Ning Qing reined back her gaze from the CEO of Huayi Entertainment and she could feel a pair of eyes burning a hole in her. She looked to the side and saw that Xu Junxi glaring at her ferociously. It was as though he wanted to burn a few holes in her.

Ning Qing found it very funny. He’s again feeling that the situation is unfair for Ning Yao?

Why were there all these maniacs around her?

The casting for the female lead role started. On the panel, there were Xu Junxi, the CEO of Huayi Entertainment and three other directors and producers from the States.

The girls who came for casting were paired up. They had to draw notes from a green box. On the notes, there were famous historical people, or classic roles from movies. The girls had to change and pick their props accordingly, and would then perform for ten minutes.

After a few rounds, Ning Qing and Ning Yao were in a group. The two of them drew notes.

Ning Qing opened it and saw “Zhao Feiyan”.

The crew announced the result through a loudspeaker. Ning Yao was Xishi (A beauty in the State of Yue).

Xiao Zhou walked behind Ning Qing and said softly, “Ning Qing, it’s ridiculous. I saw someone sabotage the green box. Xishi is a girl that washes silk clothing. It suits Ning Yao’s innocent look. It’s so easy for her. And you are the coquettish concubine with the utmost infamy in history. They’re obviously bullying you!”

There were people making sarcastic remarks behind Ning Qing, “She’s Zhao Feiyan. Do you think she would act out a bedroom scene? In history, the emperor died on Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede’s bed. If she really has the guts, she should act out a bedroom scene. Haha.”

Xiao Zhao was stomping her feet in anger. Ning Qing looked at the props, she then tugged Xiao Zhou’s sleeve and pointed at the crystal palm dish.

“Ning Qing, are you serious?” Xiao Zhou found it unbelievable.

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