My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 36 - If They Had Something

Chapter 36: If They Had Something

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Ning Yao clenched her teeth with hatred. She had not seen Ning Qing for three years and she had become even sharper with her words. She originally wanted to humiliate Ning Qing and put her to shame, but she never thought that Ning Qing would improvise the initiative and set up a trap for her.

She knew that the incident about her mother Li Meiling and herself couldn’t be exposed, but she never thought Ning Qing would opt to reveal it at such an important occasion before all the media.

Looking at Ning Yao’s expression, which was pretty exciting, Xiao Zhou couldn’t help but give Ning Qing a thumbs up, “Well done, Ning Qing.”

Ning Qing smirked coldly at Ning Yao. Actually, Li Meiling’s incident involved her mother. She wasn’t willing to expose her mother in front of the media too. However, she wouldn’t harm anyone if no one was trying to hurt her. But as Ning Yao cornered her, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t counterattack.

Her mother Li Meiling and herself were blotted. They were not exposable. As they weren’t afraid of being shamed, she might as well give them a push and let them gain fame.

Xu Junxi pulled back his arm and hugged Ning Yao’s shoulder. He stood straight and coughed softly at those people who were gossiping. His protective manner was very obvious.

Everyone quickly shut their mouths and the hall resumed silence.

“Yaoyao, let’s go,” Xu Junxi said softly.

“But…” Ning Yao was upset. She pouted and looked at Xu Junxi with her sad puppy eyes, wishing he could come forward for her.

Of course, Xu Junxi understood what she meant. He remained silent but pursed his lips and frowned at her.

Ning Yao was shocked. It was the first time he frowned at her. There was a tinge of annoyance in his eyes.

She suddenly softened and slouched into his embrace. She reined back her pitiful expression and nodded obediently, “Okay, anything Junxi says.”

Xu Junxi brought her to the panels. Ning Yao saw that he looked calmer and she said timidly, “Junxi, my sister badmouthed my mother just now so I got angry. I…”

“If you didn’t call her your sister first, why would she talk about your mother? Yaoyao, this is the entertainment circle. Every word you utter has to go through your brain first.”

Ning Yao shook and thought, Xu Junxi was complaining that she’s stupid?

Although he was normally completely under her thumb, he was explicit about his involvement in the entertainment circle.

Ning Yao didn’t know if he overthought. She didn’t know if he guessed the intention of her calling Ning Qing “sister”. If he did, it was totally against the innocent and kind image that she portrayed before him. He would suspect her.

“Junxi, it’s my fault. Don’t be angry. I was surprised when I saw her, that’s why I called her. I never thought she would drag my mother in,” Ning Yao explained and probed as she tugged Xu Junxi’s sleeve. She looked innocent as she acted spoilt.

Xu Junxi was soft-hearted. He hugged her shoulder and comforted her, “You just entered the entertainment circle. You don’t know much about anything. Ning Qing has been in the game for three years. She’s cunning and you are at a disadvantage. It’s not that I didn’t want to stand up for you but this is a sensitive yet awkward issue. It would be worse if anyone tried to explain. It’s best to not reply. Don’t worry, I’m here. You only have to put on a great show and I will take care of the rest.”

Ning Yao beamed with joy. Not only did he believe in her, but he also promised her.

“Okay, Junxi. I’ll rely on you.”

Looking at Ning Yao’s admiring and dependent eyes, Xu Junxi extended his hand to rub her hair. The corner of his eyes couldn’t help but watch the beautiful back. Then, there was another commotion at the door. The CEO of Huayi Entertainment was there.

Xu Junxi smirked coldly. He heard long ago that the CEO of Huayi was interested in Ning Qing. He wondered if they had something.

He’d really like to see.

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