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Chapter 50 - Student Union President's Election

Chapter 50: Student Union President’s Election

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The announcement repeated three times, and Gu Shucheng finally halted, leading her to the Teacher Appreciation Hall.

This place wasn’t far from the reporting area, and after a short few minutes, they reached a gigantic circular building. When they entered, the hall was already packed to the brim with around a hundred thousand students. There was no question about this school being the ‘first’.

Gu Shucheng led Yao Si towards the left side of the hall and was fortunate enough to find a front row seat. The other seats were almost fully occupied, with the surrounding students dressed in the same green uniform as her.

However, Gu Shucheng, who sat to her right, was dressed in blue. After they sat down, Yao Si could vaguely sense that the other students had quietened, their gazes peeking over at them.

Yao Si scanned her surroundings. The Teacher Appreciation Hall could be separated into three sections. The extreme left was dressed in the same green uniform as her, the section in the middle had a yellow and white uniform, while the section on the right was dressed in the same blue uniform Gu Shucheng. It probably served as a distinction for the three school levels.

“You can go on if you’re busy.” Nephew Gu was probably from the high school level, so she couldn’t possibly make him sit with her at the elementary level. “Don’t worry! I’ll be fine by myself.”

Gu Shucheng hesitated slightly, but he seemed to really have something to tend to, for after a short while he nodded. “I’ll come get Your Highness once the ceremony ends.”

“Right, right, hurry now.”

Reluctantly, he stood up and walked away, though he still sent several glances full of worry back at her. Yet instead of heading to the right side of the hall, he walked toward the stage at the front.


Before Yao Si could process this information, she was tugged at by the person beside her.

“Student, what’s your relationship with the president of the student union?” a girl from another race with two antennas on her head asked curiosuly.

Yao Si stilled. “President of the student union?!”  Gu Shucheng?

“Yea!” The girl’s curiosity deepened, and those around also turned to stare at Yao Si. “Before I came to report, I heard some seniors saying that Senior Gu has been president for the past five terms. During each of the five elections, he won with 100% of the votes. I’m sure this time will be no exception.”

Little Sudent Gu is a model student that excels in both his moral conduct and education? 

“Yes, yes,” another female student added. “Tell us more, when did you guys meet?”

“We met today,” Yao Si replied honestly.

The surrounding students stilled, their gazes turning complex, especially those of the girls. Infuriated, one asked, “Stop kidding, how could he be so nice to you if it’s the first time you met? Everyone knows that Senior Gu is a bloodling, and they don’t ever interact with anyone outside their race, yet he personally brought you over. What’s your relationship?”

“Er… He’s my nephew.” Nephew Gu seemed to be rather popular.

The girl that had spoke froze. “You… you’re a bloodling!”

Before Yao Si could nod, the girl beside her with hair tied into buns smirked. “How could it be? I haven’t heard about new bloodling enrolling into the academy. Couldn’t you have found a better excuse, really.” She glanced at Yao Si coldly, her tone soaked with envy and hatred. “Heh, so you know Senior Gu? What’s the big deal, if you don’t want to share it, just forget it.”

Er… She already told them!

“That’s right, that’s right!” another student in the front agreed. “Bloodlings don’t need to take the school entrance exam, they can just automatically enroll into the high school level. Why would they come to the elementary school.”

“What did you say?” Why didn’t I know about that?  (⊙_⊙)

“It has always been like that,” the girl said. She then added after a moment, “Bloodlings with awakened abilities are considered Triple-S level, so they enter high school right away. Normal people like use are able to only enter the elementary school which doesn’t require an entrance exam.”

“…” Does that mean that the three months of hard work she had put in for the entrance exam which she failed, because of which she was forced to enter the elementary school, were all in vain?


“Let the election begin!”

The voice startled the students, and they hurriedly sat back down with their backs straight as they looked toward the stage. Yao Si could vaguely make out a figure heading to the middle of the stage when a soft gentle voice filled the hall.

[Galactic Academy’s opening ceremony shall commence! We shall now start with the student union election!]

That is fast!

Yao Si strongly approved of such a direct system that skipped the draggy speeches that would put one to sleep. She looked at the stage and realized that most students were in either yellow or blue uniforms, which meant that they were either from the middle school or the high school. There were also about four to five senior teachers who stood at the back with no intentions of coming forward.

This was similar to what Mu Xuan had mentioned previously. Students held high authority in the current schools of the Galaxy, and the teachers wouldn’t interfere unless necessary.

[According to tradition, the president candidates will be chosen by the members of the previous student union before the student body will cast their votes!]

After the emcee explained the instructions, about ten students on stage began to write down the name of the person they wanted to elect. In less than a minute, the emcee headed toward the previous student union members, starting from the one at the left.

“Vice-president Zhao, who would you like to elect?”

“Gu Shucheng.”

“Department Head Qian, who would you like to elect?”

“Gu Shucheng.”

“Department head Sun,who would you like to elect?”

“Gu Shucheng.”

“Department Head Li, who would you like to elect?”

“Gu Shucheng.”

“Department Head Tian…”

There were no exceptions, Gu Shucheng’s name flashed on the screen continuously.

Yao Si sighed. Nephew Gu must be a high flyer in the academy!

“Chairman Gu, who would you like to elect?”

“Yao Si.”

Cough, cough! 

Yao Si almost choked.

F*ck! Nephew Gu, what’s your issue!

But it was too late, on the huge screen on the main stage, large letters of the common language formed her name.

[Yao Si]


The moment the two words flashed on the screen, the hall erupted in chatter and confusion as everyone scanned the hall trying to figure out who was Yao Si.

Her face twitched, and she wondered if there was still time for her to escape.

“Hehehe… This-this is the first time there is another candidate other than President Gu.” The emcee seemed startled. After a moment of silence, she hurriedly swept her gaze over the audience. “Congratulatons Yao Si, please come up onto the stage.”

The next moment, the futuristic technology was flaunted to perfection. The screen flashed, and a picture of her was displayed on the stage.

Yao Si cursed internally!

“Oh, so it’s a new student from the elementary level,” the emcee introduced.

Yao Si could feel the eyes of the entire hall full of people turning in her direction. The sister beside her with two buns on her head was gazing blankly with her mouth open wider than the topknots of her hair.

It was too late to escape. Yao Si had no other option. Enduring the uncomfortable gazes from the entire hall, she made her way up to the stage.

“Hi!” She waved her hand rigidly, greeting all the members of the student union.

Instantly, Gu Shucheng bolted forward with his back rod straight. If it weren’t for the table in front of him, he would have gone down on his knee to salute her.

His sudden actions shook the hearts of all student council members. With curiosity, they followed his lead. After all, since their president was standing, it wouldn’t seem right if they continued to be seated.

Yao Si felt as though she was participating in an international interview. It was as if everyone had stood up in preparation to shake hands with her.

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