My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 49 - Through the Academy's Gate

Chapter 49: Through the Academy’s Gate

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“Yo-yo-yo-your Highness…” The young boy stiffened. Even after stuttering for a long while, he still wasn’t able to articulate clearly.

Yao Si sighed. “Just call me Yao Si!”

“Yes!” He straightened, agreeing instantly as though he had received a command.

“Are you the person Yao Qian mentioned?”

“Yes.” He took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves before replying. “I-I’m a bloodling from… the 720 generation… I’m called… Gu-gu-gu Shucheng. Elder Yao personally instructed me to ensure that you are escorted to-to the academy safely.”

“Hello.” Yao Si reached out her hand instinctively. “Nice to meet you.”

The boy stilled, his eyes going wide. As though he had received a heavenly gift, he suddenly took hold of her hand and went down on one knee. He leaned forward to tap her nails with his forehead, which was a special greeting by the bloodlings. In a respectful manner, he responded, “It’s my honor, Your Highness.”

Yao Si brought back her hand. She was already used to the anxiety bloodlings felt when they met her.

“Send me to the academy.”

“Yes!” Gu Shucheng stood up, directing her towards the school gate.

Since this place was The First Academy, there was a huge crowd in front of the its gate even though it was already the third day of reporting. The students formed groups of either threes or fives, although there were also some that were there by themselves just as Yao Si. There were students of every race here, and there even more different races here than she had seen in Eternal Brilliance.

After they passed through the gates, a person waved at them from afar.

“Sis, Sis!” Huo Qi panted heavily as he ran over. “You’re finally here, I waited almost the entire day.”

He had rushed over anxiously, so Gu Shucheng took a step in front of Yao Si protectively, worried that he might hit her.

Three months earlier, she had told Huo Qi that she was going to apply for the First Academy, but she never expected him to be waiting for her.

“He is?” Huo Qi glanced at Gu Shucheng curiously. “Sis, you have a date?”

“What are you saying?!” Yao Si’s lips twitched, and she pondered for a while before providing a suitable response. “He’s… a child… from an uncle’s house.”

Gu Shucheng was indeed the youngest cub with Yao Qian’s ability.

“Uncle’s house? Your nephew?”

“Er…” How did his thoughts run? She was now an aunt?

“Oh, a distant relative.” Huo Qi quickly moved on, continuing on animatedly, “I never expected you to really make it! It’s fate, indeed, Yao…Yao… Mmh, what’s after Yao?”

“Yao Si.” Even though she was aware that his impression of her was blurred because of Mu Xuan’s mental strength, they had been online friends for a few months. How could he forget her name?

“Yao… Yao.. Little Sis Yao!”

“…” Y ou better remember it!

“Oh right, I’m currently in class C of high school here,” he added enthusiastically. “I’ve been here for two days and have already familiarized myself with the entire place. Which level are you at? The middle or high school? And which class did you get into?”

Yao Si’s mouth twitched once more, and she weakly pointed to a building on the extreme left. “That one…”

Huo Qi turned, his eyes widening instantly.

“Elementary school!”


“Why didn’t you try for the middle school?”

“…” Get lost! If I could enter it, would there be a need for me to join the elementary school! His words reminded her of the horrifying scores on her entrance exam.

“But… elementary school is… good too.” Huo Qi smiled stiffly. Just then, he tapped her shoulders as though he had remembered something. “With your ability, it would be good to build a solid foundation. Which series and class are you in? I’ll have your back from now on!”

“Biological series, third level of Class D.”

“Biological series!”

A concerned expression appeared on Huo Qi’s face. People with abilities were natural warriors, and the series they were sent to would aid in teaching them how to better their abilities. The biological series was actually a class that taught other knowledge to races that didn’t have abilities. For instance, their subjects included machinery, space, finance, etc. For someone with an ability, entering the biological series was basically incomprehensible.

“Aren’t you from the water series? Why are you in the biological series?”

“Er… I wanted to learn other stuff.” She actually wanted to gain some common knowledge here.

Huo Qi was incredulous. He took a deep breath. “All right, if you have any problems, remember to look for me, okay? Since we both fought the same galactic beast, you shouldn’t feel shy. I’ll… charge you a bit less than others.”

You were expecting to charge me! You miser!

“Oh right, do you need me to direct you to the reporting area?”

“It’s fine!” Yao Si was worried she couldn’t afford his services. She pointed to Gu Shucheng by her side. “My nephew will bring me there.”

“Oh, all right…” Huo Qi murmured with regret, upset to have lost his money making opportunity. “Go on then, I’ll leave now, see you at the ceremony later.”

Yao Si nodded. After sending off that money-minded person, she followed her nephew Gu over to the reporting area.

It wasn’t like the reporting area in the Blue Planet. There weren’t any teachers around, just a simple detection door that she could walk through. After walking through it, the reporting would be complete. There would also be a friendly announcement. Her was “Student Yao Si, welcome to Galactic Academy’s elementary school!”

“Your Highness, here’s your Student ID.” Nephew Gu passed her a transparent card. “You’ll need it when you enter the school and during the exams.”

“Oh, thank you.” She reached for it, taking a quick glance at it. Her name was imprinted on the card with a photo of her beside. Below was a bunch of numbers which were probably her student number.

“Your Highness, you can add it to your optical computer.” Nephew Gu pointed to the bottom left of the card which had an optical computer symbol.

Yao Si nodded, and the tiny card disappeared. Her optical computer beeped, acknowledging the action. This was indeed quite convenient.

Before she could take a closer look around, though, Nephew Gu hurriedly pushed a bunch of things over, and all she heard next was continuous beeping from her optical computer.

“Your Highness, these are the notes that you need for school.”

“Your Highness, here’s your textbook.”

“Your Highness, here are the notes that I prepared for you.”

“Your Highness, I studied the books for elementary school at least ten times, here are my thoughts.”

“Your Highness, these are the important analysis for the first six lessons.”

“Your Highness, these are the 108 basics on machinery.”

“Your Highness, here are the histories of the main races in the Galaxy.”

“Your Highness…”


This is just my first day… How much time did you spend on this? How much work did Yao Qian give you?

“Your Highness, one more thing.”

“There’s more?” My optical computer is about to explode!

“Elder Yao emphasized that this is the most important point.”

“What is it?”

“Please be punctual for your meals at home.”



She gritted her teeth. Once everything was stored in her optical computer, a clear sounding announcement came from the skies of the academy,

[All students, please proceed to the Teacher Appreciation Hall to participate in the Galactic Academy’s 9518th Opening Ceremony and election assembly.]

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