My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 27 - Strike a Cow from the Other Side of the Mountain

Chapter 27: Strike a Cow from the Other Side of the Mountain

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The person standing before Yao Si was silent for a bit before speaking up again.

“I am really your father.”

“And I’m really your great uncle!” Yao Si dissed back without even considering the possibility.

She really thought that this person had some kind of illness. Not even talking about him not sleeping and running to her room in the middle of the night, but he also pretended to be something he was not and claimed to be her father every time he opened his mouth.

Do you think that because of that beautiful face I won’t know that you’re trying to take advantage of me?

The person fell silent again, not moving or talking, just constantly staring at her. The initial cold aura about him seemed to have intensified. He knotted his brows, suddenly extending his hand towards her.

“What do you want?”

Shit! He entered here in the middle of the night, could he be a pervert?  Yao Si’s heart sank as she considered whether to notify Yao Qian or not, since… it didn’t seem like she was at a disadvantage!


His hand was already pressed onto her shoulder.

“I’ll prove it to you,” he said lightly.

“Huh?” What did he mean?

Before she could react, a stream of powerful energy suddenly passed from the palm of his hand into her, leaving her breathless. She subconsciously tried to resist, but that energy instantly went through all of her. In a heartbeat, her whole body, even each strand of her hair, was filled with it.

Thump thump thump…

Her heart began to palpitate, as if responding to something, and the pressure on her shoulder became heavier too. She had a feeling as if her heart was about to pop out from her chest. It beat faster, more excitedly, more heavily, and then…

With a crack…

The bed collapsed!

The bed that was made from some unknown material turned to dust, and it looked like flour being blown by wind. Due to the pull of gravity, Yao Si ended up lying on the cold ground.

Gentle cracks sounded indistinctly from beside her.

There was a dull thud and she suddenly had an intense ominous feeling.

Then… the floor really cracked!

There was suddenly nothing beneath Yao Si, and as the familiar room became distant, numerous rocks fell with a loud clatter. She fell from the third floor’s sky-view room straight to the lobby on the ground floor.

Six feet under!

Everything happened in a flash, less than two seconds had passed since the man had raised his hand to now. And Yao Si was already lying on the cold ground of the ground floor while the first and second floor ceilings had two to three meter wide openings through them.

She didn’t recover from the shock for a long time. It was just too miraculous that she didn’t feel a single bit of discomfort in her body.

What a punch at the mountain which… struck a lot of cows on the other side…


Through the big hole above her, which crossed two floors, Yao Si could still see a certain culprit who was looking at his evil hand with surprise, a flash of confusion passing through his face. He frowned then jumped down through the hole and hurried towards her.


“Dad!” Yao Si didn’t hesitate, delay, or doubt for a split a second. She latched herself onto the person’s thigh. “You’re my dad, you’re my biological dad!”


Holy shit, your careless slap can penetrate through the entire building, you’re freaking awesome!

This kind of terrifying strength she had yet to seen from any of the bloodlings. Compared to her, this was clearly a highest level main account slaughtering level 1 newbies.  I’m willing to call you grandfather, let alone just dad!

“Stand up.”

“Yes, dad, no problem, dad!”

“You should call me father… My name is Mu Xuan.”

“Alright, Daddy Mu, understood, Daddy Mu!”

“I’m… your sire.”

“Right right right, understood, dad!”

“Your bloodline descends from me.”

“Right right right, okay, dad!”

“You’re my descendant.”

“Yes yes yes, dad… What did you just say?!”

“The person who converted you… is probably me.”


Can I curse you?

Yao Si had complex feelings toward this father who had appeared in the middle of the night out of nowhere. She was a bit discontented since she had been converted so long ago yet, as a sire, he hadn’t appeared even once during the whole time, let alone taught her survival skills. He didn’t even care whether she died or lived; he was simply a hands-off boss.

To her, ‘sire’ was just a noun with no meaning attached to it. Besides, maybe it was because of the influence from the numerous curses that Brother Li who sold blood curd said daily, but the word father in her mind was exceptionally close to another one – jackass!

However, thinking about it now, she didn’t haven any plan to hate him wholeheartedly. Although she was a vampire, but the amount of time she’d spent awake as one didn’t reach half a year. She didn’t have any profound or deep feelings toward the bloodling idea of bloodline being first above everything; her mind was still stuck to the way of Blue Planet inhabitants. And for an adult of that place it was really difficult to place a person around the same age to the role of the father.

In her subconsciousness, she only had two images for the word dad: One was of the person who left her in the orphanage at a young age, while the other had the last name Ma!

Inhaling a deep breath, Yao Si pressed down on the chaotic state of her mind and looked at the person before her who was so bored in the middle of the night that he decided to climb in to her bed… Pleh! To reunite with his daughter. Regardless of whether what he said was true or not, she felt that there was a need for her to have a good talk about life with him.

“You said that you’re the person who converted me, then you’re… a fourth generation bloodling!”


What happened to the ‘bloodlings are now all counting from  the  thirtieth generation’? The fifth generation who just had some carefree days refuses to accept this! (#‵′)凸

“Can I ask when you converted me?”

The man paused, his brows knotted together, and after a while he shook his head. “I don’t know.”


“I didn’t know about your existence.” Slight confusion arose on his distant expression. “Before now, I haven’t felt the drawing of your bloodline either.”

“Wait!” Yao Si had a somewhat hard time accepting this. “Doesn’t conversion require blood transfer? You mean you don’t remember when you bit me?”

“…” He remained silent for a few moments, then nodded.

Eh… Why did she have a deja vu of being abandoned.

“Maybe you… found the wrong person?” How about we do a DNA test or something?

“Your bloodline indeed comes from me.” He took a look at her. His face was still blank, yet it seemed shockingly serious. “I was awakened by the draw of your bloodline.”

That feeling was quite strange. Despite him not thinking about anything, there was still a voice in his heart that urged him to leave his home and find her quickly. And it wasn’t until the moment he saw her that he was sure that she was his descendant.

“That bloodline draw of yours, is it really reliable?” Yao Si couldn’t help but doubt, this kind of illusory matter, what would happen if he got it wrong.

He immediately straightened and said with a serious face, “We can try it again.”

“What?” Why did he say again?

“I can wake the bloodline in you,” he said while reaching out and patting her shoulder again.

The bed that had turned to ashes and the ceiling that was relieving them with cold air immediately flashed across Yao Si’s mind, and she instantly understood what he was about to do. She quickly pulled away! “Wait! I understand, I understand!”

This again!

Can’t you find a different cow to hit?

Speechlessness filled her, was the special ability he awakened in her ‘demolition’? If this continued, her house would probably be dismantled to nothing.

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