My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 26 - I'm Your Great Uncle

Chapter 26: I’m Your Great Uncle

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As soon as Yao Si returned home, she learned from the bitter Yao Qian what kind of person Qu Zhe was.

He was indeed the Great Elder of the Bloodlings, regardless if you cared for physique, special abilities, or knowledge, he was the most distinguished existence among all elders. It could be said that no one could rival him. What was even more rare was that even his IQ was the highest. It was because of this that he was more inclined to winning using his smarts compared to the bloodlings who fought without any extra word.

If he used ordinary trickery, that would be easily dealt with. However, what corresponded to his astonishing abilities were his shrewdness, it was even more shocking than anything else about him.

In Yao Qian’s words, he was an unprecedented, purely natural, free of any impurity – a lunatic!

If someone lined up those he’d tricked, from planet sovereigns to one or two year old children, they could circle the planet numerous times. He had tricked almost every person, and his motto was: ‘I see. I come. I trick’.

The best proof of that would be that as the saviors of the galaxy who had extinguished the Zergs, the bloodlings had for a long time been upheld as the existence of a hero-like species. That was until he appeared…

In less than a century’s time, the bloodlings had become a terrifying species that caused headaches whenever barely their name was mentioned.

Initially, no one among bloodlings cared about this, since no matter what he was still part of the family. Besides, as an immortal species they lived for so long, it was needless to say that they all found some way to have fun, who didn’t have one or two hobbies.

Thus, the bloodlings had a careless attitude towards this person who let himself himself loose in the outside world. As long as he didn’t commit things like exterminating a whole planet or killing off an entire species, which went above personal feuds, he could do whatever he wished.

Moreover, the species in the galaxy lasted for at most for thousands of years, while some died off in less than a couple hundred, so what dispute couldn’t death solve? The galaxy is so vast, so no matter how badly some people are tricked, how clear they remember it, there will always be a day when it all fades away.

However, this point was realized not only by the bloodlings but also Qu Ze! He plotted for so long to trick people into great confusion, yet in the end they forgot or their entire race died out. Qu Ze felt that this strongly impacted his enthusiasm for deception, and for a high IQ lunatic like him, this was clearly unacceptable.

To ensure that his ability to deceive maintained a continual and stable progress, he shifted his line of sight on his own species. That’s right, he wouldn’t even let his own people off the hook. This kind of thing had now lasted for billions of years, and all the people of the bloodlings, no matter young or old, female or male, thirtieth generation, fortieth generation, or even seven or eight hundredth generation newborns that were still in kindergarten were all tricked by him with no exception.

Some he tricked mildly once or twice, while some were so serious that his victims were still recovering from it even though few hundred years had passed.

His personality was so bad that it made people’s blood boil!

It also just so happened that those that were being tricked didn’t realize that they had been fooled until the last moment. And when they finally came to grasp it, he was already on the run. It was because of this that Qu Ze had become the first subject whose entry all species strongly opposed to, including the bloodlings.

“Second elder was tricked by him into hibernating for three hundred years; third elder mistook someone else for his wife because of him, which almost led to a divorce; fourth elder wanted to add some volume to his hair, but now there’s not a single strand of hair on his head; the prettiest spirit animal owned by fifth elder has not gotten over its depression yet; sixth elder…”

Yao Qian listed a certain person’s crimes in detail, and the more Yao Si listened the more embarrassed she got. Although these weren’t anything major, not some national hatred or family bad blood that needed to be resolved with death, but each gave people the impulse to crunch their teeth and give him a beating.

If there’s one word which could be used to describe him then it would be – annoying!

Really freaking annoying. So should she be glad that he only dragged her to a few days’ long experiment?

“That’s why we said that he returned specially for… for Your Highness!”

“Shit!” So he really did come all the way just to trick her. “Seriously!” He was so annoying!

“We’ve all been deceived by him, so…”

“So I was the one with the lowest level of difficulty?” Because he had tricked so many people, idiots had become scarce, that’s why he found her. F*ck! Why did she feel like this reason was so messed up!

Yao Qian nodded, and after seeing her looking as if there was nothing to live for anymore, he couldn’t help but add, “After this, he won’t do anything to Your Highness in a short while.”

“Short while?” Don’t stop me, I need to erase one asshole!

“Don’t worry, Your Highness, the Elders’ Committee will escort the Great Elder out of the planet in no time.”

Yao Si let out a long sigh, but there was still something that she was unable to figure out. “He has tricked so many people, hasn’t there been anyone that sued him?” No matter how small the matter, many a little makes a mickle, he must have violated some regulations, right? “Why can he still walk about free and unfettered in the galaxy?”

Yao Qian’s facial muscles twitched. He answered with a solemn expressions, “Believe me, Your Highness, keeping him inside the Red Planet is far scarier than deporting him.”


In the Elders’ Committee someone said, “Have you got eyes on the person?”

“He’s already been brought to the top security interrogation room, it has 24-hours non-stop scanning.”

“Only surveillance and scanning?!”

“No, seventh and ninth elders are also there to keep a close watch on him.”

“That’s reassuring, when is the earliest flight to the W galaxy?”

“Tomorrow morning at nine.”

“Good, send him away immediately when the time comes! Don’t delay.”

“Understood, Second Elder.”

“How’s her highness? Has she been examined?”

“Her health is fine, she’s now asleep.”

“That’s excellent! This incident is our negligence at work. Her Highness has just woken up, she’s still puzzled about everything in this world, so we must not let Qu Ze have any more contact with her.”

Third Elder frowned. With his face full of distress, he asked, “We will send him away this time, but if he still won’t give up the idea, the next time…” Who will be able to stop him?


Everyone fell silent.

A good while passed…

“How about… Let’s go the the Majestic Palace and wake up his majesty. Only he can…”

All the elders looked at each other, seeing the approval in the other person’s eyes.

“Then that’s settled!” Second Elder stood up. “Let’s go…”

Before he could finish saying his sentence, a person suddenly forced open the conference room door and rushed in.

“This is not good! His Majesty is gone!”


Right then, Yao Si awoke with a start from her sleep

Full of confusion, she looked at the man who had suddenly appeared next to her bed. Was she encountering psycho number two?

The corners of her lips jerked and she sat up straightaway, staring at the person who was half hidden by the shadows. She was far from being scared, since her racial advantages were very obvious in such a situation.

“Are you sleepwalking?”

The silhouette paused, then shook its head.

“Too full from midnight snacks?”

The head was shaken again.

“Walked to the wrong room while looking for a bathroom?”

Still the figure shook its head.

“Then what are you doing in the middle of the night not sleeping and pretending to be a ghost in my room?”

The other person stayed silent for a moment, then took a stride out of the shadow, exposing a face that could take a person’s breath away. Just by standing there, it was as if he had lit up the entire night sky. Black hair that swept the floor and were as smooth as high-quality silk, a pair of blood-red pupils which didn’t look exceptionally glamorous but gave off a sense of calmness that felt like the surface of the ocean after thousands of boats had passed.

Yao Si was unable to respond right away, and even her displeasure for being woken up had suddenly disappeared without a trace. She could only subconsciously stare at that face, unable to pull her eyes away.

“Who… are you?”

He walked over, his eyes glued to her the whole time, then opened his mouth and said with a cool but indisputable voice, “I am your father!”

The corner of her mouth twitched. “Haha, then I’m your great uncle!”

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