My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 15 - Courting Death

Chapter 15: Courting Death

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Yao Si felt the veins on her forehead break with a loud snap.

Table flip! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

Who wants to play games! Don’t you have any professional ethics as a teacher? What happened to being a role model? Role model? Model?

How can you lead young people down a stray path?

“Come on babies, follow me, turn on your optical computer and connect to the galactic network.” No matter how Yao Si was complaining deep down, the teacher up ahead had already began demonstrating. “The school’s galactic network password is 23333333.”


Why was this password looking for a beating too!

“Hum, that baby over there.” Seeing that Yao Si didn’t move, the teacher looked over. “Why have you not turned on your optical computer, do you not know how to operate it? Do you need me to demonstrate again?”

With the entire class starting to turn and look at Yao Si, the corner of her mouth twitched; she had no choice but to place her hand on the optical computer. Sure enough, the next moment a semi-transparent projection appeared before her eyes, rows and rows of unreadable shapes took form in front of her.

She followed what the teacher had said and clicked on the sign on the right bottom corner to connect to the galactic net and a text box asking for password appeared before her. She was wondering how on earth she could input this annoying password in without a keyboard when the words “password:23333333” automatically appeared on the optical screen.

Yao Si was shocked, so this optical computer could be controlled by mind.

“My babies, did you see the icon of “The Legend of Commanding Celestials”?” the teacher asked again.

After receiving feedback, she immediately began to enthusiastically introduce it. “This is the trendiest game on the galactic network, developed by the Palace of Ninth Heaven by the Celestial race. It has holographic sensual experience effect and can perfectly restore the scenes of ancient games. Every server has been extremely popular, how about we play this today?”

A teacher zealously recommending the most conspicuous game in the game collection while introducing all it’s features with great details. Yao Si was a little suspicious regarding whether or not she was receiving endorsement fees from the game company.

Anyhow, this antique-style game did suit her, since she was the one who had most years behind her back. It was not too bad to obtain some understanding of the functions of the galactic network in there.

It only took a thought from her for the game to launch. She could see the entire holographic projection transform into lifelike paradise: palaces surrounded by enchanted mist, mountains that floated in mid-air, streams of water that rushed forth with great speed, and clouds that symbolized prosperity filling the sky as red-crowned cranes flew past. It gave her an illusion that she had arrived at the set of a xianxia 1 -themed movie.

In the middle of the scene shimmered a line of words.

“Welcome to The World of Commanding Celestials, 38th user of series 4384382 , do you want to start the game?”

Why did she feel like she was being insulted by this serial number? Can you change the name?

“Ping, please reset username.”

The corner of Yao Si’s mouth twitched as she filled the username field with Chinese characters “Ancestor for Antiquity” straightaway.

“Ping, characters exceeded the maximum length, recognition failure, username automatically matched by the system: Ancestor38. Entering the game, please wait…”

Shit! She really had to go through with 38!

Before Yao Si could protest, an overwhelming headache rushed upon her. In that instant, everything before her disappeared, and the next second she appeared with the name “Ancestor38” above her head in a small village where the birds sang and flowers blossomed.

It took her sometime to recover as she impatiently looked around. No classmates, no teacher, even the soft chair which she sat on had disappeared. She suddenly remembered what the teacher had said, she introduced the game with the words that this was a holographic sensual one.

So the so-called holographic sensual experience was the projection of a person’s whole mind into the game? ‘ This is awesome! 

Yao Si was a little excited. She surveyed her surroundings and came to a realization that they were all extraordinarily surreal, you couldn’t even see that they were made out of data just by looking. Even the flowers on the side of the road gave off a light whiff of perfume.

The place where she was standing was similar to the newbies’ village, and the teacher’s introduction was correct. There were indeed many people playing this game. Silhouettes and figures walked to and fro before her eyes, all coming and going in haste.

Most were like her, dressed in a gray newbie outfits, with a wooden sword hanging from their waists. Some had names above their heads like her while some seemed to have hidden theirs. What was particularly strange was that she had not met any of her classmates from the kindergarten.

She guessed that maybe there were many servers, that’s why they weren’t part of the same newbie village.

Staring at the extremely real world, although Yao Si was an experienced player who had tens of years of gaming experience, she still didn’t know where to start.

Just as she was hesitating about where she should start, a white light suddenly flashed next to her and a boy in green appeared out of nowhere. What was different from everyone else was that the name above his head was a strand of unfamiliar red symbols. He beamed a smile at her and bowed, then opened his mouth and let out a strand of words.

“Welcome to The World of Commanding Celestials, I’m your Beginner Guide, customer service number 233. Please enjoy this celestial world with me!” the youth said enthusiastically, while Yao Si was…



What did he…just say?

Yao Si was confused. Why couldn’t she understand what he was saying all of a sudden! All she could knew was that his mouth opened and closed, yet what reached her her ears was a string of weird sounds.

She immediately had a bad feeling.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to calm her emotions. Don’t panic! Maybe this player’s language was so niche that it hadn’t been recorded into the translating device?

She walked straight past the boy dressed in green and found some people to talk to, but she soon realized that she couldn’t understand anyone’s words. What was happening? Did something happen to the translation device?

Hang on!

If this game was completely sensual, didn’t that meant that she’d only brought her mind into the game and not the translation device? Was that why she couldn’t understand?!

Yao Si’s first response was to quit the game, but no matter how she muttered inside her mind to quit, there was no reaction, she was still in the newbie village.

Maybe she needed to call it out to exit the game?

“Exit, quit, shut down, game over, goodbye, sayonara…”

She had said every word in every language she knew that had similar meanings to quit.

Yet there was still no reaction!

She was still standing in the same spot, the flowers still blossomed and the grass still swayed in the wind.

No way!

Was she trapped in a game?

Did she have to be this unlucky!


Meanwhile in the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Yan Xuan was holding a bloodline examination report in his hands. He forcefully opened his eyes wide as his hands trembled like the glowing splinter of flame against the wind…

“Director…Yu, I’m…not reading this wrong?”

“No,” the director of the bureau of inspection answered.

“Did you re-inspect?”

“Sixty-three times!”

“What about the inspecting machine?”

“Changed six of them!”

“That center.”

“Thirteen inspection centers.”

Yan Xuan felt his feet giving in and he almost knelt on the ground, luckily Director Yu, who was next to him, gave him a hand just in time.

“Due to it being a matter of great importance, that’s why I delivered it personally.” Compared to Yan Xuan, he was much calmer, but he still couldn’t repress the trembling of his palm.

Yan Xuan had a vacant expression on his face. He suddenly had a feeling of not knowing where he was. “It’s… It’s…real!”

Fifth generation! Really fifth generation!

So the person that he carried back from the space station was a fifth generation bloodling! Not fifty, not five hundred, but five! It was the fifth generation that only existed in ancient legends! The fifth generation ancestor which every bloodling should bow down and worship.

“According to what you said, you spent most time with her highness, I thought you were already prepared.” Director Yu was a little confused by his reaction. “Did her highness not mention her life during her stay with you?”

“…She did!” And more than once.

“Then why? You look like you had no clue.”

“I thought… that it was the remnants of her genetic memory.” He’d had no idea that it was real!

Director Yu didn’t ask any further. You will die the death that you brought upon yourself.

He waited for a few more minutes. Seeing that he didn’t know how serious the situation was, he couldn’t help but warn him.

“Minister Yan, I don’t think this is the time to let your mind wander…”

When the director said those words, Yan Xuan looked like he was suddenly woken up. He stood up in a fury. With trembling hand he clicked the optical computer on his hand and swiftly gave some commands.

“It’s Minister Yan. Please notify the Department of Blood-Police to seal the Bloodling Captial in five minutes, forbid any member from foreign species from entering and exiting. The entire planet is in total security mode, I need all flight routes of the galactic passage to be urgently shutdown, temporary traffic control is to take effect in the road between the Department of Foreign Affairs and Royal Kindergarten!”

“Notify the residence of the president, the Department of National Safety as well as all bloodlings within the first forty generations, they are all to meet up at the Department of Foreign Affairs in five minutes.”

“Yes, everyone! What? Not on the Red Planet, then order them to hurry back!”

“Can’t get in contact? I will send you a document later, you deliver that to their end of optical computer. Crawl! They will crawl back for me!”

“Hurry up and do it! Now, immediately!”

He hung up and immediately sent the report to the person he’d spoken. Only then did he let out a long breath. He struggled as he fetched his coat from the side.

“Quick, we must head to the Royal Kindergarten.”

“Her highness is at the kindergarten!” Director Yu was shocked.

Yan Xuan nodded with great difficulty, uncomfortable, especially because he’d sent her there, personally! He suddenly felt a bitter feeling coming up as his entire stomach cramped up.

Director Yu didn’t think too much, he turned and walked out of the office before him. When he turned back and looked, Yan Xuan was still where he was.

“Minister Yan?”

Yan Xuan responded by extending a hand to him shakily. “Lend me a hand, my feet…feet are weak!”

He couldn’t stand anymore.


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