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Chapter 14 - In Order to Learn

Chapter 14: In Order to Learn

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Yao Si was nursing a grievance. Watching the bone in her hand that was snapped in half, she suddenly didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t just stick it back together…

“Sorry, how about I buy you another one?”

Fatty paused, then cried even louder. The entire garden was filled with his howling, no matter how she tried to comfort him he just wouldn’t stop.

Yao Si felt like weeping but had no tears. Just as expected, no matter in what era, children were the most horrifying creatures! How on earth was she supposed to control him?

Unfortunately, with Fatty’s crying, other big kids soon circled them. They all shot accusing stares at her which felt like steel knives stabbing her.

“Ah, she made Zhu baby cry.”

“The newcomer is certainly a bad baby.”

“Let’s not play with her anymore.”

“Yes yes, I won’t play with her anymore.”

“She even took Zhu baby’s teething stick!”

“She definitely hit Zhu baby.”

Woah woah woah, stop making this more ridiculous than it already is, with which eye did you see me hitting him?

“I didn’t do it on purpose.” Yao Si was becoming agitated. “I didn’t hit him either.”

“Liar, you did it on purpose.” The person that was standing closest to them suddenly moved forward, the muscles on the burly body shook as he pushed forward. The pointing finger almost poked her in the nose as he condemned her with stern justice in his voice, “You’re not only a bad baby, you’re also a liar.”

Yao Si ducked to the side and grabbed his unmannerly finger upon conditioned reflex. She stood up straight away and explained, “I said I’m not…” Before she could finish her sentence, she felt something snap beneath her foot.

She looked down and saw that the snapped bone which was just in her hand had fallen to the ground without her being aware of it and was coincidentally stepped on and grounded to pieces by her.

“…” There was a dull thud in her heart, it was all over!

She raised her head and glanced over. Sure enough, Fatty’s cries suddenly came to a halt as he stared wide-eyed at the bone that was turned into smithereens on the ground.

“Fatty, calm…”


The next moment, classmate Fatty burst into a rage of tears that was many times louder and more serious than before.

“Don’t… Don’t do it…”

Yao Sii panicked. Before she could even react, the muscular baby next to her followed the trend and broke into tears as well.

“Why are you crying?”

“Hand… Hand, hand…” The muscular baby cried as he pointed to her right hand. “You’re hurting my hand, hand.”

Yao Si looked down and, oh hell! She was so winded-up that she forgot to let go of the hand that was clenching him.

“Sorry, sorry!” She immediately swung her hand away.

‘But really, you’re tall and strong, with a body of a bodybuilder, is it really necessary for you to weep that traumatically after being grabbed?’

The muscular baby was using his actions to tell her.

It. Was. Very. Necessary…

His cries were loud and clear and had no signs of stopping.

“I already apologized, stop… Don’t cry, all of you!”

Yao Si peeped at Fatty, then at Strong Muscles. It was like two megaphones on the right and left of her rang at the same time, the noise could be heard from the ninth heaven and was enough to wake the dead.

And it happened that this crying was somehow contagious, for other babies around them saw and with a wrinkle of a nose and an opening of a mouth they started crying one after another.

At that point of time cries of “wah… wah…” flowed like an endless stream.

Surrounded by the crying, Yao Si felt like she was about to have a nervous breakdown.


Please let me go back and die on Earth!


This total involvement in the crying and howling festival lasted for a full half-an-hour until the teachers heard the sound and rushed over. With hours of persuasion and comforting, the big babies on the scene finally stopped producing noises.

After the teacher who came to save the day understood what had happened, she looked at Yao Si as if she was a problem-child. As a model student for dozens of years, Yao Si felt her heart ache so badly!

Principal Yu even took her to the office and gave her a two hour long lecture, educating her with the ideological and moral theme of “classmates must establish good working relationships and help each other”.

Yao Si… couldn’t make a sound!

Only when the bell for the fourth lesson rang did the principal release her and let her return to the classroom. Yao Si’s sorrow had cried a river, but now she took a deep breath and prepared herself, then pushed open the classroom door and walked in.

Maybe it was because children tend to be forgetful, all babies only fell quiet for a second when she walked in, then they all scattered and continued their playing. Yao Si let out a long breath. She was really afraid that theses babies would continue the previous bout of crying after seeing her.

She looked around and found a spot in the corner to lie down.

Yes, lie! Maybe it was because the people in the future were more into enjoyment, this mindset had been used for children too. There were no chairs or tables in the classroom, but numbers of crystal-like, transparent soft chairs that could be easily converted to different shapes. They could also adjust their color according to the mood of the person sitting on them.

Yao Si only knew this because the room which Yan Xuan arranged for her had one too.

Around the chair were scattered all sorts of toys. The entire room was less of a classroom and more of a giant nursery.


When she sat down, a displeased humph sounded next to her. She turned and looked right, and saw a huge…buttock!

Ehhh… Judging by this size…

“Big… Zhu baby?” she hesitantly said his name.

The buttock inched over and a round bright-red face turned around.

It was really Fatty!

He scanned her then quickly turned back, letting out an even louder “Humph”. The chair beneath his butt was the same color as his face, swelling red. The round body wrote clearly in bold the four words, “I am very angry!”.

It looked like he hadn’t come around yet.

“Sorry I broke your teething stick.”

The accident earlier was really her fault.

Fatty was stupefied. A slight hint of hesitation flashed across his face, and he thought for a few seconds before swinging his head away. “I’m never going to forgive you! Humph!” he said before turning his enormous buttock back towards her.


Just look at you! If you’re really not going to forgive me, then don’t make your chair turn blue!

“I’m not going to forgive you either!” A copycat like response suddenly sounded from Yao Si’s left.

She turned and took a look. Classmate, who are you?

The big classmate on the left squeezed further into the soft chair and stuck up a firm muscular buttock at her. It was the muscular baby!

Stuck in between two buttocks, Yao Si was left speechless. Did she accidentally poke the nest of butts?

She let out a long sigh. She had no mood and this wasn’t the time to serve these tsundere “large classmate…s”, because the teacher had walked through the door.

Yao Si couldn’t help but feel a little excited, after all she currently urgently needed to cram some common sense into herself. Although these “big kids” were a little annoying, the content that was taught at kindergarten was all formative education, just what she needed.

“Hello babies!” The teacher was female and had a gentle smile.

“Hello teacher!” all the big babies answered in unison.

“Are you happy today, my babies?” the teacher asked again.

“Happy!” they all responded.


‘ Just moments ago you were crying like there was no tomorrow, you guys sure get happy fast.’ 

“Okay, since everyone is so happy today, then this lesson…” The teacher pressed the optical computer on her hand. With some fidgeting she brought up a large projection.

Here it comes, here it comes. Yao Si immediately straightened her back and sat up. She was a hundred and ten percent ready to receive new knowledge.

See could see the teacher’s projection flicker as she opened her mouth to loudly say, “Let’s play games!”

Six huge words suddenly popped up on the projection – “Complete collection of galactic online games!”


Oh hell!

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