My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 11 - A Different Galaxy

Chapter 11: A Different Galaxy

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Yao Si had heard from Lu Ren that the place they were heading to was very far away. That’s why when she heard that someone will be picking them up, she thought that traveling in space would at least require a spaceship or something, a small aircraft at the bare minimum. She was all prepared to observe the future’s technology.

However, the moment she saw Li Yue, she realized that the preparations she’d made were far from sufficient; because she not only needed knowledge, she also needed to let go of common sense!

Li Yue did come on a “small” aircraft—he came riding a sword!

A palm-wide, shimmering with white light over the entire surface, and surrounded with magical air, like the swords in Xianxia TV shows on which people stepped on to fly around.

Yao Si was dumbstruck to the core.

Was this the galaxy or the world of Xianxia? Why were there people flying around on swords? Why were these people so calm, as if they had gotten used to it, when an unscientific occurance was happening right before their eyes. She hadn’t traveled to the future, she had f*cking traveled through time and dimension?

Where is logic? Where is common sense? Where is the dog? Throw it to the ground! 1

“She’s the one from your kind that you needed to pick up?”

The person in the air descended in a fairy-like manner, examining Yao Si from the top to the bottom. His cold face had no expression, identical to of those untouchable celestial beings from the TV shows. It was as if his entire face had labels of “I, the celestial being is sacred and inviolable” stuck all over it.

Quick, come and take a look at one of the celestial beings… Alive!

“Li Yue, she’s just a baby, don’t scare her.” Yan Xuan took a step forward protectively.

“Newborn.” Li Yue was amazed.

“Yes.” Yan Xuan petted her head. “Good baby, greet Uncle Li.”

Yao Si still hadn’t recovered from the recent shock, so she obeyed his instructions and called, “Uncle Li.”

Li Yue’s ice-cold expression eased a little. He casually took something from the side of his body and passed it to her, wasting no words and just saying, “Present.”

She looked down and saw that in the center of his palm lay a bright and colorful – egg!

Uhmmm… Why did he give her an egg? (╯﹏╰)

“This is an egg of a spiritual beast!” Yan Xuan winked, nodding to her, and said,” It’s a token of hospitality from Uncle Li, accept it! Hatch it when you get back.”

Yao Si took it into her hands. The egg of a spiritual beast sounded awesome, but she didn’t know how to hatch it.

“Wait till we return to the Red Planet, then uncle will teach you how to hatch it,” Yan Xuan quickly explained, seeing through her queries. Few second later he looked as if he thought of something and added a sentence, “The blood of newborn spiritual beast is the most delicious thing, my baby you will like it very much.”

“…” So this egg was for eating once hatched!


“Let’s go!”

Li Yue was a little uncomfortable. He waved his hand immediately and, with the sound of things ripping through the air, a white semi-transparent sword appeared. It was identical to the one that was under his feet.

Was the celestial being going to teach her how to be spectacular and allow her to fly along?

“Come on, my baby.” Yan Xuan stepped on the sword before her and waved towards her.

Yao Si hesitated, hugging the egg tight in her arms, and stepped on. Initially she thought it would be difficult to maintain balance, since all protagonists spent a lot of time to learn how to stand on swords and fly with them.

However, she didn’t expect this sword to be so shockingly steady. It didn’t even shake when stood upon; there was no difference compared to standing on solid ground. She also felt that there was some kind of protective dome thing surrounding her for she couldn’t even feel the wind blowing at her.

She didn’t know how Li Yue operated these swords. Not long after they stepped on the one before them, the three people rose in the air and were instantly over ten meters from the ground, flying towards the vast and boundless galaxy.

One after another, planets flew past them like shooting stars. Yao Si finally knew why Yan Xuan turned Lu Ren’s escort down, it was because Li Yue’s speed was, seriously, extremely fast. She had lost count of how many planets they had passed. Just as expected, the celestial beings in the galaxy were also at a galactic standard; this speed had surpassed superluminal by leaps and bounds.

After flying like that for less than five minutes, Li Yue suddenly turned and looked at them. His right hand seemed to have performed some gesture, and a long strand of weird sounds fell from his mouth, which even her translating device couldn’t decode.

“We’re about to leap, get a firm foothold, my baby,” Yan Xuan warned her.


Yao Si was confused, but before she had the time to react, a large, circular magic array appeared right in front of them, just like the magical patterns in anime. The circle rhythmically spun, and a huge wave of unfamiliar characters floated around it.

A blinding light emitted from the center of the magical array, becoming brighter and brighter until it eventually formed a white entrance like the portals in games.

Li Yue lifted his hand and gently pointed at the white light. At that moment the three of them flew right into the light. Yao Si only saw a brightness before her eyes, and then they arrived at a purely white world.

This was probably a passage, a vast expanse of whiteness which saw no end, but she felt that their speed of flight had increased. She predicted that Li Yue had probably turned on an accelerator or something, not too different from the wormholes in sci-fi movies.

They flew for almost full thirty minutes within this white space before Yao Si could see a different, red, glimmer in a far distance ahead. It slowly became bigger and bigger; it was probably an exit or something.

That light got closer and closer, and Yao Si finally got a clear view of the of it the second they flew out of the white space. It was actually a red planet. Its entire body was the color of blood red, like a ruby that hung right in the center of the galaxy. Three purely white satellites were spinning around it.

“My sweet baby, welcome to the Red Planet.” Yan Xuan pointed at the planet ahead.

So this was the planet that the bloodlings now inhabited- the Red Planet!

Yao Si had to say, it had a lot of cultural characteristics.

Li Yue’s speed slowed down, and he landed on the Red Planet. When they reached the ground, Yao Si finally understood why this planet was red. Unlike Earth which she was familiar with, this planet was covered with patches of dense unknown plants, and these plants were to one’s surprise all red.

They landed in a very large courtyard. As soon as they landed, four or five people rushed up and surrounded them, like they wanted to request instructions or discuss something with Yan Xuan.

The minister took her to a room straightaway and announced that from now on she would be living in here. He then repeated some matters which needed attention from her. In the end he stated that he needed to leave for a while and that he would arrange for someone to accompany her later, before leaving together with Li Yue and those four or five people.

Yao Si nodded understandingly, leading officials were always busy, but… She closely examined her surroundings and immediately felt somewhat of an ache.

Compared to the entirely red structures which she could see from the air that had a distinctive bloodling style, this room was surprisingly filled with pink. Pink table and chair, pink bed, pink curtains, even the carpet was a patch of pink.

The entire room indistinctly gave off a strong childish feeling. Touching the edge of the table, she felt something soft made of an unknown strange material which was intentionally placed around the edge to prevent her from bumping into it. The corner of Yao Si’s mouth jerked, it looked like Yan Xuan had made up his mind to raise her like a kid.

She sat down right away onto the chair, which was purposely made into a bunny shape, and exhaled. She started to digest the information she’d received from Yan Xuan on the way here.

She had become clearly aware that this galaxy, in comparison to the high-tech galaxy which she had imagined, was very different.

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