My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 10 - Weakling on the Rise

Chapter 10: Weakling on the Rise

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“Uncle…Yan.” Yao Si had a doubt. “Didn’t you say all the people of the Blue Planet were extinct? If all the survivors were turned into bloodlings, then how do you have newborn bloodlings?” If only the Blue Planet’s people could be converted into bloodlings, then the reality didn’t make sense.

“Good question!” Yan Xuan was pleased and praised her. “Able to realize this problem, my little baby is really smart.”


He clicked on the textbook generated by the optical computer in his hand and pulled up some materials to continue his explanation.

“Indeed, we bloodlings cannot reproduce, and every bloodling can only convert one descendant,” he stated with a solemn face. “That’s why the first bite for the bloodlings is a once in a lifetime thing, it is extremely important. Unless it is done by absolute necessity, like during the doomsday era that happened on the Blue Planet before—only then may it be free of this worry. It is because of that the population of every generation of bloodlings is fixed, with a base number of around three thousand. That’s why we are also called the third species.”

The third species, so it was also because of this that Dr. Wang and others called Earth the third planet?

“Although the Blue Planet’s people no longer exist”—Yan Xuan sighed—”but with the genetic technology today, we can replicate the original Blue Planet’s people as long as we find their genes.”

“Clones!” Yao Si’s eyes widened.

“Yes. But…” He shook his head in pity. “The genes are all unique, those that get successfully replicated are rare. That’s why even with this kind of technology, the success rates are still very low, and the Blue Planet’s people that finally get replicated have, more or less, some original genetic traits.”

“Genetic traits?” What did that mean?

“For example, memories from their past life and things like that.” He looked at her, his smile making his eyes narrow into a thin line. “Just like you, my little baby.”

Yao Si was distracted. She finally understood that he thought what she said earlier were the memories brought about by these genes, that’s why he wasn’t surprised at all.

“But, my baby, don’t worry, these memories will fade away in no time.” He caressed her head and comforted her, “Soon you will return to your real self, a good, obedient baby. Until then, there are things which my baby will have to learn, lots and lots of them.”


Was that why he was determined to call her baby? But she really wasn’t a clone!

“You might initially have other flaws in you as well,” Yan Xuan speculated. “That’s why your father would have let you go into hibernation at such a young age, but he probably didn’t predict that because of the Planet Termination Plan you would be awakened before the scheduled time.” His brows creased, some evidence of anger appearing on his face.

“However, my baby, you don’t need to worry, when we get home we will investigate and find out. We will examine your bloodline while we’re at it, to see which generation of bloodlings my baby you belong.”

“I know about my bloodline.”

“Oh?” Yan Xuan raised his brows and asked, “Did your sire tell you before you went into hibernation? What generation are you, my baby?”

She hesitatingly extended five fingers. “Five.” So what if she was a fifth generation weakling.

“Fifty? Or five hundred?”

“…What?” Yao Si was confused by his questions, what were those numbers?

“Can’t remember?” Yan Xuan exhaled and caressed her head to assure her it was all fine. “It’s okay, you’ve done a good job, it’s difficult to even remember the number five. There aren’t many bloodlings around fiftieth generations, we might need some time to find them, but it would be easy to track down those of our kind who are from five-hundredth generation that have a descendant.”

“Hold… Hold on!” Her heart suddenly quivered, an absurd idea suddenly popping up in her mind. “Uncle… Yan, can I ask what generation are you?”

Yan Xuan smiled as his eyes narrowed into a line with that “good uncle who satisfies children’s curiosity” expression. “Uncle’s bloodline is quite close to the front, I am a forty-eighth generation bloodling.”

“Forty-eighth!” Yao Si’s eyes popped out with shock. What the hell, how was this possible? This pull on the progress bar was way too fast, a second ago she was just looking at the first three generations having a catfight on the streets. “What about the first ten generations?”

“The first ten generations of bloodlings ceased to exist before the doomsday, they are a thing of the legends,” Yan Xuan answered patiently. “Other that his majesty, everyone else of our kind are bloodlings from the thirtieth generation and onward.”

“Thirty… Onward!!”

“The youngest newborns are almost seven hundredth down the lineage. My baby, you don’t need to worry, you are not of the youngest generations.”

“Se… Seven hundredth!” That was way too far.

“Yes.” Looking at her dumbstruck face, Yan Xuan thought she was dissatisfied with her bloodline and continued to reassure her, “My baby, your bloodline hasn’t been confirmed yet, maybe you’re not after the five hundredth generation. If you are from around the fiftieth generation, then you my darling baby would be the princess of our kind.”

“Princess? No no no…”

‘There’s no way I’m your princess, because I’m your ancestor!’

She would have never thought that the bloodlings had continued for so many generations. Every bloodling in the entire galaxy was now from two digit generations and counting, and according to the elemental law, the closer your rank was to the top the stronger your ability was.

Did that mean her pre-fifth generation weakling self could now walk around sideways like a crab 1 and not need to be afraid of anyone.

Ha… Haha… Hahaha…

Who would have thought that one day a weakling like her would get an opportunity to shine!

The happiness had struck her too unexpectedly, she needed some time to recover.

The gods had suddenly become so nice to her, and she was still not used to it.

“Minister Yan, I’m actually…”

Beep beep beep…

Before she could finish her sentence, the optical computer on Yan Xuan’s wrist suddenly rang with a notification. A semi-transparent red flower floated out from the screen, shimmering with light.

“Arrived so soon.” He stood up and helped her up by holding her hands. “The person that is picking us up arrived. If my baby still has anything you want to know, how about uncle will answer you when we get home?”

He said that and then dragged her out the door. Yao Si was forced to swallow the words that were rolling on her tongue.

On second thought, with his trend of treating her as a baby, even if she said she was from the fifth generation, he wouldn’t believe her. May as well wait until they got back and tested the bloodlines.

No worries, she will show him how freaking awesome she was when they got back!

“The uncle that is picking us up is called Li Yue, he’s a friend of Uncle Yan from another species.” Yan Xuan brought her to the platform where she had seen Earth disintegrate into nothing.

Only then did Yao SI realize that there were already a lot of people—a rough estimation would be around a few hundred—who were lining up in a perfect formation. Once they noticed that they had exited, they saluted in a uniform manner. The person that was standing at the very front was Lu Ren, who had a bitter smile lingering on his face, and behind him was the deputy commander and Dr. Wang.

“Minister Yan, leaving so soon? ” Lu Ren squeezed out a smile that looked uglier than a crying face and walked up to them. “The distance to the Red Planet is quite great and Miss Yao is so young, the journey might be tiring for her. How about resting for a bit more on our space station, I will contact the Union and send fleets to give you a farewell, what do you think?”

“No need!” Yan Xuan rejected straightaway. “I’ve contacted a friend from the Celestial species, he’s already arrived.”

Lu Ren’s face became even paler. It was as if the words “nothing to live for” were written all over him.

Yan Xuan walked Yao Si to the center of the platform to a place like a landing site, then scanned her from the corner of his eyes. It was hard to say whether it was her pleading that had some effect or that he had some compassion, but he suddenly turned and said, “Oh by the way, about the thing earlier, due to my sweet baby’s demand, I will no longer hold you accountable.”

“Minister Yan!” Lu Ren was overjoyed. At that split second the entire person had burst into life, the smile on his face looking as if it was about to bloom like a flower. “Thank you Minister Yan for your understanding!”

“However…” Yan Xuan’s tone suddenly changed, the corner of his mouth revealing an evil smile. “You have woken up a hibernating newborn like that, and as to whether her sire will seek trouble in the future, that has nothing to do with me.”

Lu Ren stiffened, instantly recalling the possessiveness that was even scarier than the bloodlings’ immorality. The flower that had just bloomed withered on the spot, his entire body solidifying into a stone, the type that was in the middle of cracking.

Yao Si took a look at the slight gloating grin at the corner of Yan Xuan’s eyes that could hardly be hidden, and her mouth twitched.

This rascal was definitely doing it on purpose, right? Was it really necessary to stab them while you were about to leave?

“My baby, look, here comes Uncle Li.” Yan Xuan pointed towards the sky above them.

Yao Si followed the direction where he was pointing, raised her head, and looked.

… She suddenly froze.

You gotta be kidding me!

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