My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 9 - Eat Her!

Chapter 9: Eat Her!

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The crowd had yet to disperse from the village plaza, and since the people from the Heavenly Dao Sect had not dismissed them, naturally, no one dared to leave on their own.

A drizzle had started falling from the sky, dripping onto the people’s heavy hearts. Everyone stood with their families in the gathering place, their breaths slowing.

When Qiao Mu’s petite figure ran down the mountain, everyone’s gazes immediately shot to her.

“Qiaoqiao.” Qiao Zhongbang and Wei Ziqin were about to happily step forward when they suddenly heard several villagers call out in panic, “Watch out!”

Qiao Mu only caught a glimpse of an enormous black shadow flashing past her before she felt something land heavily on top of her head.

Desperately, Qiao Mu tumbled onto the ground and swiftly escaped from the giant monster. However, the back of her left hand was unable to escape unscathed and was scratched, a jolt of pain instantly stinging her.

Qiao Mu used her right hand to support herself in a half-kneeling position on the ground as she indifferently looked down at the three bloody claw marks on the back of her hand.

She slightly lifted up her injured hand, and her tongue peeked out, gently licking the blood that was rolling down her hand.

A wet and salty metallic flavor invaded the tip of her tongue.

Qiao Mu’s unruffled and natural appearance sent trepidation through her audience’s eyes. It was as though she was licking food crumbs instead of her own blood. Her icy gaze landed two meters away, her eyes so placid that it lacked any signs of life.

The atmosphere in the plaza grew more oppressive as everyone closely huddled together. They held their breaths as they tensely watched the similarly aged girls of different heights.

In contrast to the shorter Qiao Mu who wore unremarkable gray cotton clothing, the girl standing opposite of her was about 12 years old and wearing a flowing camellia yellow dress with jade beads looped around her neck, adding beauty to her pretty looks.

The girl was holding onto an enormous hyena and surveying Qiao Mu with squinted eyes. Upon seeing the disdainful and indifferent glance, anger suddenly burst inside of her. “It’s truly just as the other disciples say. You are extremely arrogant, you darn brat.”

Qiao Mu’s soft tongue delicately licked the blood from the back of her hand, and there was a faint trace of red on the corner of her mouth. When Mo Lian descended the mountain as well, he immediately caught sight of the little miss’s apathetic action, and his eyes darkened.

A woodcut-like darling!

“Eat her!” The 12-year-old girl abruptly released the rope leashing her hyena and haughtily raised her chin, looking at Qiao Mu as if she was already a corpse.

The giant hyena fiercely kicked up its hind legs and bared its teeth, emitting a few cries. Saliva dripped down its chin as it positioned itself into an attacking stance.

“Stop!” Mo Lian coldly reprimanded and shot a fierce glare at the hyena. It appeared to sense an immense threat and subconsciously cowered back.

The girl turned her head, a brilliant light immediately emanating from her eyes as she fluttered toward Mo Lian like a butterfly weaving through flowers. “Brother Lian.”

Mo Lian flicked his sleeves, side-stepping her contact, and a caustic glint suddenly flashed in his eyes. A snow colored arc radiated, and a slender jet-black sword appeared in his hand, nearly chopping off the girl’s fingers.

Thankfully, the girl retracted her hand fast enough, and upon catching the severe glint in his eyes, immediately recalled the rumors of Crown Prince Lian’s mysophobia and dislike of people’s approach. However, while she did retract her hand, the long fingernail on her middle finger was still cleanly cut off.

If she had been even a second later, then her finger would have been lost. The girl shuddered and limply fell onto the ground, as if her bones had been removed. Pitiful droplets of tears filled her bright eyes as she bit her lips and looked up at the aloof and remote crown prince, who was as unapproachable as a god.

Although his eyes clearly contained a faint smile and his appearance was gentle and tender like a spring breeze, the swiftness of his heartless behavior evoked despair in people’s hearts.

If it were not for the suffocating coldness of that slash, perhaps she would drown in his smiling and gentle gaze.

At this time, another wave of gasps was heard in the plaza.

The hyena who was halted by Crown Prince Lian did not move again. Instead, it was our dear Qiao Mu who moved. While Crown Prince Lian attacked the girl, Qiao Mu had rapidly rolled forward and shot to the belly of the giant hyena in a few moves.

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