My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 8 - Disdain

Chapter 8: Disdain

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Everyone from the Heavenly Dao Sect looked at her, dumbfounded. They had probably never seen a child asking for reward money not only so frankly but also this unwilling to even exert the effort to speak to them.

Seeing Senior Brother Ji’s lack of response as he foolishly stood in place, Qiao Mu first glanced at him, her eyes full of disdain, before pushing her hand in front of him again and beckoning him a few more times!

“Pft!” Crown Prince Lian laughed genuinely, his features turning up from his humor.

The servants of Heavenly Dao Sect all dumbfoundedly placed down the magnetites they were organizing and blankly looked at the child who guided them here.

The child’s face had already moved on from its earlier disdain to the present super disdain. Her enraged almond eyes were wide open, as if she was looking at an absolutely irreconcilable enemy, as she glared at Senior Brother Ji.

“You bandits! Don’t tell me you don’t have any money!”

“Don’t tell me the great Heavenly Dao Sect can’t even scrounge up some guidance fee!” Crown Prince Lian once again understood the little girl’s gaze in a second and generously translated it.

The corner of Senior Brother Ji’s mouth twitched as he rigidly reached into the cloth folding in front of his chest and dug out a small silver bag, tossing it onto Qiao Mu’s open hand. “Take it!”

The child rudely opened the silver bag in front of him and sifted through it. There were 10-20 taels of silver pieces in the bag—a considerate fortune in the small mountain village.

However, the child appeared to be dissatisfied with the silver bag and threw it back to Senior Brother Ji’s face. On her stoic face, the overflowing disdain from her eyes was nearly tangibly flooding out.

Her gaze toward the members of the Heavenly Dao Sect truly caused its recipients’ minds to froth with nervousness.

Crown Prince Lian chuckled again and translated, “Are you shooing a beggar! Too little!”

“Pft!” This time, the youths in black behind Crown Prince Lian could not resist laughing either.

Qiao Mu suddenly turned her head, and her lifelessly placid and unfathomable eyes coldly stared at Mo Lian before turning back to look at Senior Brother Ji again. She took a step forward and raised her hand high in the air.

Her young and pliant fingers jabbed toward Senior Brother Ji again.

That so-and-so crown prince might look annoying, but he was the most intelligent person in this group and could understand her meaning.

Senior Brother Ji did not know whether he was humored or angered. He pulled out two more bags embroidered in gold from the cloth folding in front of his chest and stuffed them both into the child’s hands.

Qiao Mu flipped through it and found 50 taels of gold in each bag. She closed the bags and stuffed them into the cloth folding in front of her chest before turning around and climbing down the mountain without looking back.

“Qiaoqiao.” Seeing the back of the child who briskly left after taking the money, Mo Lian chuckled before catching up to her tiny body with a stride. “You are truly heartless. Look at you, I commentated for you and helped you obtain quite a generous reward. Shouldn’t we be good friends now?”

His only response, however, was the little girl icily glaring at him before shooting down the mountain. Her sudden swift speed greatly startling Mo Lian.

“Heh, she got shy.” Mo Lian chuckled before chasing after the little girl, his figure flitting across the forest like smoke.

Mo Lian’s black-clothed servants were all stupefied. What was going on? His Highness the Crown Prince actually ran off to chase after the vicious-looking little girl?

“Your Highness, what happened to your haughtiness and dignity?”

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