My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2346 Wandering To The End Of The World...

A nimble woman wearing a black lined jacket walked in from the door and said with a smile, “Conglu, don’t you know our madam well enough? She will raise both hands in support of anything that will make the eldest young master happy.”

Mu Qingya glanced at her with a smile. “What happened at the store?”

“Don’t worry, Madam. It’s a small problem. Business at Butterfly Pavilion is good as normal. We have also found out where those two troublemakers came from. Our Butterfly Pavilion’s service and dishes are truly superb. No other establishment can surpass us in the capital.”

Mu Qingya looked at her in exasperation. “You’re being cheeky. How can one forever be first in this world? We just have to put in our best efforts.”


Mu Qingya picked up a thin yellow booklet and handed it over. “It will be winter soon. This is Butterfly Pavilion’s main menu for the next three months. Take a look.”

“Alrighty, Madam.” The woman in a black lined jacket took the booklet with a smile and declared cheerily, “With Madam’s input, I guarantee our Butterfly Pavilion will flourish even more.”

“Mother Qing, also keep an eye on Couture House.”

“Don’t worry, Madam. The designs Madam brought over have already been made into the first batch of jewelry, netting impressive sales.”

After chatting for a while more, Mu Qingya felt tired and dismissed everybody with a wave. She kept Conglu behind to wait upon her.

Mu Qingya picked up her teacup before setting it down again. She still felt worried and announced, “Someone, send several people after the young lord, and transmit any news as soon as possible.”

It was a bit unthinkable for Chen’er to coax a little lady with his chilly temperament.

If he really couldn’t do it, she would personally make a trip.

“Madam.” The young maidservant called Conglu pursed her lips and commented, “She’s just a lass who’s been living outside for ten plus years. Are you not showing a bit too much concern?”

“What lass.” Mu Qingya glared at her coldly. “Don’t be so impudent and mind the rules. I have overly spoiled you all.”

Conglu’s eyes reddened, and she hastily knelt with a bowed head. “Apologies, Madam. Conglu spoke wrongly. Conglu should not say such disrespectful words about the Young Lady.”

Mu Qingya did not say anymore, merely picking up her teacup as she swept Conglu a glance.


In the vast sky, the starry lights connected to bridge a long river.

Qiao Mu had already wandered for four days!

She did not know how many places she had drifted over in her disoriented state. She only felt sorely miserable!

She was clearly conscious, but she couldn’t show a corporeal form. She wandered through the long night until dawn as a pitiable soul.

When the first ray of light shone upon the land.

The boundless tundra entered Miss Qiao’s eyes. It was a world of ice and snow.

I wouldn’t have wandered to the end of the world, right?

Qiao Mu silently mocked. In any case, her body was drifting absent from her control.

During this time, she had thought of contacting the sapling, but after failing multiple times, she gave up on trying…

What exactly was this soul-separation curse up to?

Could separating her soul to cultivate her spiritual conscious just be having her wander about?

She wondered how Lian was. Lian wouldn’t have gone ballistic, right!?

Her pitiful Lian. Little Qiao Mu watched the sun rise over the tundra as she drifted forward.

It was like half a salted egg yolk pressing down on the horizon.

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*RRRumble!* The sound of horse hooves rang out on the vast tundra.


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