My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2345 Go Ahead And Do It

“Child, listen to Mother. Your birth mother is open and aboveboard with others. She definitely won’t teach your younger sister to be like that.” Mu Qingya declared with certainty, “Even if she resents our Mu Clan, she will definitely not transfer this hatred to your younger sister and have her bear all this.”

“Mother, don’t speak on her behalf anymore. I have seen clearly these years and know what kind of person she is.” Mu Xingchen sneered.

“You!” Mu Qingya stomped her foot in anger, and she grumpily plopped back down on her chair.

Mu Xingchen turned and bowed to her. “Mother, since Younger Sister greatly resents our Mu Clan right now, put off telling this to Father and Grandpa. Wait until I bring her back.”

Mu Qingya turned to glare at her son. “How can I do that? This is such an important matter. Your dad must know, but we can put off telling your Grandpa.”

“Okay then, I’ll have to trouble Mother with this.”

Mu Qingya sighed and looked gloomily at the tall and handsome young man in front of her. “Chen’er, come over.”

Mu Xingchen walked up to Mu Qingya and sat down in front of her.

Mu Qingya pulled her lips in a thin line and grasped his hand. “Mom raised you up on my own, so I know your temper. You are a good child. If you can put down your resentment toward your birth mother, that would be even better.”

“I don’t resent her.” It was just that she did not deserve any of his attention at all.

To him, that woman who abandoned her own son while he was still young was akin to a stranger.

Yet now, because of his younger sister’s enmity for the Mu Clan, he had no choice but to look at that evil-minded woman squarely. If she didn’t teach by personal example, how would Younger Sister harbor such enmity toward the Mu Clan?

Mu Qingya knew that this child deeply resented Long Chuyun. It was not something that could be explained away in just a few sentences, so she could only regularly talk about Long Chuyun’s good to imperceptibly influence him. She hoped that this could lessen that child’s resentment toward his birth mother.

“Mother, I plan to spend some time accompanying her until she is willing to come home with me. What do you think?”

Mu Qingya looked tenderly at the child she had raised by herself. She nodded and said, “She is your sister by blood. Of course you must bring her back. If she is unwilling, you have to spend one day, ten days, a hundred days, to let her know you truly like her, and so she can feel your goodwill.”

A faint smile showed on Mu Xingchen’s lips. “Mother, I also feel the same way.”

“I will tell your Father about this matter. Go ahead and do what you want. Mother will certainly support you.”

“Thank you, Mother.”

“Silly child, what is there to thank between mother and son.” Mu Qingya smiled.

“Then I will go back to prepare. I will bid my temporary farewell to Mother today. Later on, I will definitely bring back Younger Sister to see you.”

“Okay!” Mu Qingya nodded with smiling eyes as she sent off the young man.

“Madam, how can you bear to let Eldest Young Master leave like this.” A young maidservant puffed out her cheeks and remarked, “Eldest Young Master is our Mu Clan’s young lord. He had been implying that girl didn’t like him very much. By letting Eldest Young Master go to accompany that girl, wouldn’t he be subject to all sorts of grievances?”

“What do you know.” Mu Qingya glared at her brusquely. “How can the ties of blood between brother and sister be cut by just scolding? I believe in Chen’er. He definitely can bring his younger sister back.”

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