My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 21 - A Dream? Reality?

Chapter 21: A Dream? Reality?

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The child subconsciously raised her hand to squeeze her thin cheeks.

“Hmm, it’s not painful, so I must be dreaming, haha!” No wonder she could see a mountain of gems and gold that reached nearly 20 feet in height as soon as she looked up.

Her feet were currently stepping on the red, blue, and green gems, whose sparkle nearly blinded people, which was also why the bottom of her feet was somewhat pained when walking.

Our dear Qiao Mu subconsciously moved her big toes, which were curled up.

“Hm? How come I can move my toes?”

She pursed her mouth and squeezed her arm again! There really wasn’t any pain! Yes, she must be dreaming.

Thinking about this, she could not help but chuckle.

It appeared that she thought about this so much during the day that it appeared in her dreams! She had been thinking about how to obtain a sum of money and stock up on supplies before the zombie outbreak, and now, at night, she dreamed of a rich mountain brimming with jewels and gold.

“Hahaha, this is simply too hilarious, isn’t it?!”

The child supported her head with her chin and knelt down cheerfully, looking left and right.

This place truly was not too big, merely covering 15 cubic meters, similar to a square box. The four sides and the sky were covered by a giant purple screen.

“Purple screen? Hm? Something’s not right! Why am I finding it more and more familiar as I look at it?”

The child moved her shifting eyes and settled her sight on the pair of human stone statues that were about three stories high and located next to the jeweled mountain.

The pair of stone statues were at about the same level as the jeweled mountain, and she could not see the faces; however, for some unknown reason, Qiao Mu found it ineffably familiar, and feelings of fondness and dependence rose from her heart.

She picked up an emerald from the ground and mindlessly caressed it in her palm. Her head turned from east to west before suddenly hopping two steps forward, and her hand sifted through the piles of gems before digging out an exquisitely carved food box made from red sandalwood.

Hehe, Qiao Mu almost could not resist laughing out loud.

This dream was simply too comical, wasn’t it! Not only did she see gems and gold and silver, but she also saw a food box.

She opened the lid of the box, and haha! As expected, there were two rows of 10 white, plump, and adorable meat buns!

There were also a few lollipops sticking up from the gaps between the meat buns!

Just how much of a money grubber and foodie was she that she would dream about hugging gold and silver mountains and being able to dig out a box packed with meat buns and lollipops from said gold mountain? Hah!

Qiao Mu guffawed!

Suddenly, Qiao Mu could feel her body being shaken and dazedly pulled open her misty eyes. She looked at the two large and small faces a hair’s breadth away with confusion on her face.

“Sister, what kind of good dreams are you having? You just said, ‘Hahaha! I saw meat buns!’” Qiao Lin’s head leaned back and extended two chubby little fingers out, pointing towards the sky, and then she opened her meaty little hands and demonstrated Qiao Mu’s dreaming appearance.

“Pft…” Wei Ziqin could not resist snickering. She picked up her round younger daughter with one hand, and with her other hand, she pulled Qiao Mu up by the hand. “Qiaoqiao had a pleasant dream, right! Come on, we have to wake up! Mother will go and prepare breakfast. Qiaoqiao, bring Xiao Lin’er to wash up, alright?”

After saying this, Wei Ziqin stood up and left the room, leaving behind the chubby Qiao Lin who was enthusiastically shaking her hand, wanting to pull her down from the bed. “Sister!”

“Hold on!” Qiao Mu sat in a lotus position on the bed, completely unmoving. She closed her eyes and slowed her breathing down before shutting off her five senses and guiding a small and weak current of mystic energy to slowly stream through her freshly triggered mystic meridian.

This thread of mystic meridian was extremely tiny and faint—so weak that it could be overlooked in all the tendons and muscles within her body.

However, this was a necessary path to beginning the journey of a mystic cultivator. Many people went no farther than opening up their mystic meridians, and they never stepped over the threshold to become a mystic cultivator.

Qiao Mu held her breath and concentrated, twisting this weak current of mystic energy together. It then charged to the spot between her eyebrows, forming a thin strand of mystic conscious.

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