My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 20 - The Bun's Mother Exploded!

Chapter 20: The Bun’s Mother Exploded!

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“Ziqin, wait for me, Ziqin!” After exiting from the main entrance of the main estate, Wei Ziqin had carried Qiao Mu without a word and hurried home without a single look at Qiao Zhongbang.

“Ziqin.” Qiao Zhongbang managed to catch up to the mother and daughter by taking three steps in place of two, and he reached out to take Qiao Mu from Wei Ziqin’s arms. “Ziqin, calm down and listen to me.”

However, Wei Ziqin abruptly moved to the side to dodge Qiao Zhongbang’s hands. “I don’t want to hear anything! My Qiaoqiao did nothing wrong. In that type of situation, if she didn’t retaliate, should she have waited to be killed instead? Your mother is absolutely absurd! My Qiaoqiao will not go and apologize to anyone! If you want to go, go yourself! What you promised your mother, do it yourself!”

“Ziqin, how could you speak about Mother like that. It’s also not easy for Mother…”

“Shut up!” Wei Ziqin’s sudden explosion slightly stunned Qiao Mu. In her previous life, Wei Ziqin’s personality was soft to the point that she would swallow and stifle her anger every time, even when Elderly Lady Qiao bullied her to the extreme.

This time, for her, Mother directly crossed swords with Qiao Zhongbang and his mother. Although Qiao Mu did not say anything, her heart was immensely touched.

This was her mother!

“After all, in your mother’s eyes, Miss Liu is mightily above us and incomparably honorable! But my daughter isn’t anything? It’s nothing if she is hit and cursed? If it’s really nothing, why doesn’t she hand herself over on a silver platter to be hit and cursed! Miss Liu is a dignified lady of a sect and an esteemed daughter of an affluent family! But my daughter is also a treasure that I cherish with my heart, and no one is allowed to bully her!” Wei Ziqin became choked as she continued speaking. Her eyes were furiously red as she glared at Qiao Zhongbang and said, “Qiao Zhongbang, let me tell you, if this continues, I’m afraid we can’t live together anymore!”

Qiao Zhongbang was stupefied as he watched his wife turning around with their daughter and angrily charging away like a bull. His mouth turned bitter, and he sighed before hurriedly chasing after them.

When Wei Ziqin reached their home and immediately turned around to lock the door, Qiao Zhongbang hastily went up to use his body to hold the door open and managed to squeeze himself inside after a long series of persuasions.

Seeing her old dad’s sorry figure, Qiao Mu inwardly curled her lips.

“Ziqin, why must you be so impulsive? You are also pregnant, so how could you be so careless?” Qiao Zhongbang walked forward to support Wei Ziqin.

His wife was completely unappreciative of his gesture and promptly flung him away before entering the inner house, slamming the door shut on Qiao Zhongbang’s face with a bang. “Let me tell you, Qiao Zhongbang, my Qiaoqiao will NOT go and apologize to that pampered and unreasonable eldest miss tomorrow.”

Qiao Zhongbang dazedly looked at the tightly shut door, dumbfounded, and dejectedly hung his head down.

Later, her mother’s even breathing drifted into Qiao Mu’s ears. Wei Ziqin had been shocked and was also exhausted by today’s events, so she entered dreamland as soon as her head touched the bed.

The three-year-old Xiao Qiao Lin’s round little body closely leaned against their mother, and she was also sound asleep.

Qiao Mu’s tiny hand gently flitted across her sister’s baby fat cheeks. Suddenly, the sight of a child who laid in the rain with a body littered in wounds from torture and an emaciated face that nearly sunk in flashed before her eyes.

She fiercely shook her head and tightly grasped Qiao Lin’s little hand subconsciously.

In this life, her siblings and she absolutely would not tread their old path.

Pained by her grasp, Qiao Lin whined, so Qiao Mu swiftly released her sister’s hand before taking a deep breath and slowly closing her eyes.

A thousand thoughts ran through her mind. At this moment, she recalled how the zombie outbreak was about to erupt, and she had to hurriedly prepare and purchase some necessities. At the next moment, she thought about how she should go find her second uncle, Qiao Zhongxing, to discuss with him how she wanted to stock items in bulk.

Second Uncle was the owner of the steamed bun shop in town, so entrusting him to purchase items should work…

As her thoughts continued to roll, Qiao Mu sunk into dreamland. The little girl in the dream walked barefoot with a confused expression, and she could feel something pressing painfully into the bottom of her feet with every step that she took.

In reality, Qiao Mu was currently leaning against her mother, her little eyebrows knitted together from her restless sleep.

How could she step on something that poked into her foot when she was comfortably sleeping on a bed? It truly rendered someone speechless! Little Qiao Mu forcefully raised her foot.

When she looked up, her whole body started…

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