My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2050 - Out to Kill…

Chapter 2050: Out to Kill…

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“Qiuqiu, Qiuqiu.” Qiao Mu shouted excitedly at Qiuqiu while using her inner sight. She didn’t get dejected at the lack of response.

After infusing such a tremendous amount of spiritual energy into the star domain, plus the water child helping Qiuqiu absorbing black spirit jade every day, Qiao Mu believed that it would take at most three months, if not shorter, for Qiuqiu to wake up and recover completely. There might even be pronounced advancement too.

“Mentor, I have to take care of some private affairs. Will you be continuing to stay in Blinsheet Island’s spiritual domain to cultivate, or? …”

“We’ll leave together!” Zhou Danjin promptly decided.

Don’t be kidding. If not because of Li Nanshen and the other people’s presence, they would have long gone to cultivate on Fish Orchid Planet.

After all, cultivating one day on Fish Orchid Planet only amounted to two hours in the outside world. So cultivating 12 days only equaled one day outside!

This gave them so much more time to cultivate.

In this world where time was the most valuable cultivation resource, a spiritual domain in which time was multiplied by 12 times was simply a miracle!

Qiao Mu nodded upon hearing this. She had already pocketed away two of Blinsheet Island’s spiritual domains, so she’d just leave the remaining spiritual domain for the other academies’ cultivation use. Her companions didn’t need to fight other people over this pitiable amount of resources.

When she thought about it, Li Nanshen and the others were quite unlucky. After going through so many rounds of competition, they didn’t benefit much in the end.

Qiao Mu silently gave them her pity and then expressionlessly turned to say to Mentor Zhou and the rest. “Then you guys go cultivate on Fish Orchid Planet. Second Aunt-Master, Senior Sisters, you all also go too.”

“I’ll have Little Water block off the star domain so that you can all cultivate properly.”

At that time, the mentors would naturally not know about her going to Clear Sky Gorge to kill people…

“Qiaoqiao, what are you going to do?” Yang Xirong walked up and grasped her petite hand, asking, “Will there be danger?”

“Aunt-Master, don’t worry. I will be with Qiaoqiao.” Crown Prince Mo pointed at Feng Chen, the Little Despot, and the others. “Them too.”

Who’s your aunt-master! This d*rn brat had such a glib tongue!?Yang Xirong glared at Crown Prince Mo in a huff, and then she stroked her martial niece’s head. “Don’t let yourself be in danger. Just tell us directly if you need our help.”

Qiao Mu nodded as she gazed at Yang Xirong with bright eyes. “It’s nothing worth mentioning. I can handle it on my own.”

“Qiao…” Before Qi Xuanxuan could say anything, Qiao Mu had turned around to toss her a porcelain bottle.

“Focus on cultivating. Come out to see me when you have broken through to the spiritual realm.”

After saying this, she had the sacred water Dottie pull everybody into Fish Orchid Planet for closed-door cultivation.

“Masta, do you want to block off the entire star domain?”

Qiao Mu nodded decisively.

After blocking off the star domain, all the people and beasts besides Qiao Mu’s contract beasts could not see or hear what was happening outside.

She was out to kill…

She could not let Second Aunt-Master and her senior sisters see her nefarious side, because even she herself didn’t know what she was going to do!

In her aunt-master and senior sisters’ hearts, she had always been a good darling…

Have you prepared yourself? Fan Qiuhe!

Do you see the death reaper beckoning toward you!

I will have you repay every bit of what you owe me: the pain of chiseling my body and the grudge of heartbreak in my previous life, as well as the enmity of all those assassination attempts in this life!

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