My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2049 - As If Nothing Had Happened

Chapter 2049: As If Nothing Had Happened

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Qiao Mu stood expressionlessly among the crowd. No one would be able to tell anything amiss from her expression.

This child just innocently watched everybody argue endlessly to no avail.

She couldn’t resist commenting helplessly, “Rather than arguing here, might as well hurry into that remaining spiritual domain and continue cultivating.”

Mentor Wei Xu nodded in approval. “Well said.”

There was only one remaining spiritual domain for them to use now. There were only twenty some students anyway, so they all entered together.

Qiao Mu gestured to Mo Lian with a glance, and they slipped out of the spiritual domain.

“Little Water, can you help me assimilate these two spiritual domains into Paradise Planet?” Qiao Mu asked sternly.

In the past, it was always Qiuqiu who helped her assimilate the secret realms she refined into the star domain.

Even though the assimilation process would be extremely unpleasant, she would do anything she could to help Qiuqiu.

“I can, Masta, but if you assimilate both spiritual domains into the star domain at once, this will… will be quite painful! Ma-Masta.” The water child fiddled with its stubby hands and asked, “Do you still want to proceed?”

Qiao Mu nodded steadfastly. “You can begin.”

Infusing all the spiritual energy from the two spiritual domains into Paradise Planet naturally required a certain amount of time.

And during this period, Mo Lian, Feng Chen, and them could only silently keep watch by her side.

Seeing her furrow her petite brows in pain and clench her fists uncontrollably was enough to let them know that the sensation of infusing spiritual energy into Paradise Planet was not pleasant, but unfortunately, no one else could stand in for her.

This entire process of infusing spiritual energy into Paradise Planet took a full four hours.

Luckily, it seemed like toward the end, Qiuqiu was also consciously trying to absorb with all its might the unceasing spiritual energy that was infusing into Paradise Planet.

With this, there was less pressure on Qiao Mu, and most of the pain had also disappeared. It seemed like the sapling had helped her assuage some of the pain and made it easier on her through this whole process.

After successfully infusing all the spiritual energy from the two spiritual domains into Paradise Planet, Qiao Mu opened her sparkling eyes and met everybody’s worried gazes.

During this period when Qiao Mu was infusing spiritual energy, Mentor Zhou and the other mentors had also come over and kept guard by her side.

They were elated when they saw her open her eyes.

“Qiaoqiao, are you fine?” Qi Xuanxuan grasped her petite hand and asked.

Qiao Mu nodded, and she leapt up to stretch. She then looked down at herself, and her eyes lit up. “I advanced a level.”

This gave everybody else a scare.

Mentor Zhou and them were sizing her up with unfathomable gazes. They exclaimed uncontrollably, “Le-Level-four entry rank spiritual cultivation???”

This… this imp had advanced without any ruckus!

Oh, it couldn’t be said to be without any ruckus. All the spiritual energy in the vicinity had gotten drawn over while she was infusing spiritual energy, but how was advancing levels this easy?

Qiao Mu was also quite delighted. It was probably because the sapling had carelessly slipped a bit through the cracks when absorbing the spiritual energy from the spiritual domains.

She was also a pitiful child…

After activating her inner sight, she saw that the sapling’s leaves and branches had become very green. It was clearly a pronounced improvement from the withered condition previously.

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