My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1231 - I Am Here!

Chapter 1231: I Am Here!

“He asked me, Qiao Mu, why is your inner world different from other people’s. Your cultivation is clearly lower than mine, so why do you have a bigger inner world?”

“He would hammer my body with small hammers and nails all day and night, researching my inner world to find out my secret.”

“Qiaoqiao.” Mo Lian tightly hugged her slightly trembling body. “Don’t be afraid, that person will never harm you again.”

“Because, I am here.” Drawing close, Mo Lian nuzzled the soft hair at the back of her head. “I will not allow anyone to harm a single hair on you.”

Qiao Mu turned around and gazed at him in a stupor like this. Afterwards, she nodded and said softly, “I know. I know that was only a dream, that it will not happen.”

“But sometimes, I feel that those things had happened personally to me, as if I had been present! I, every time I see those, those enemies in my dream.” When Qiao Mu uttered the word “enemies,” her eyes flickered with specks of light.

“I wanted to stab them until their death.”

“I won’t let Fan Qiuhe die so easily like this.” Qiao Mu looked at Mo Lian and asked softly, “Do you think that this me is very horrifying?”

Mo Lian shook his head vigorously. “I won’t. I just feel that this you makes my heart hurt very much.”

Grasping her small hand, he pressed it against his beating chest and sighed forlornly, “Qiaoqiao, when I hear you talk about this, it hurts here.”

“It doesn’t matter whether it is a dream.” He lifted her small face with his hands and suddenly kissed her lips lightly like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water. “All of this is in the past. It will not happen to you again.”

“I swear that I absolutely will use my life to safeguard you, my Qiaoqiao. My lover…” He murmured as he hugged her in his arms.

The two people had unconsciously interweaved their fingers tightly and did not let go until the noon sun shone down on them.

“That fat old man is the Third Elder of the Divine Province’s House of Elders. He… came to look for me.” Mo Lian grasped her small hand and continued faintly, “But no matter what happens in the future, Qiaoqiao, we will never part, okay.”

Qiao Mu was a bit tired out after laying bare these deeply-buried secrets to him.

She had already drifted off to dreamland, seemingly unable to raise her spirits to continue her conversation with him.

Seeing that she wanted to sleep, Mo Lian set aside the matter with the Divine Province’s Third Elder.

While caressing her bright and smooth forehead, he planted a light kiss and murmured gently, “Sleep, when you wake up, everything will be fine.”

This was a kind of mental tiredness and not that she was necessarily sleepy.

It was just like after she told him all of this, she felt like she had finally been pulled out from that hell, that vast and endless darkness.

The her right now especially wanted to have a good, comfortable sleep while basking in the sun’s warmth under the sky.

The cries of hawks rang out.

The war hawks carrying the Huge Bear Squad flew in the direction of the Mo Kingdom capital across that bright and expansive sky.

Qiao Mu’s lips curled up lightly as she shifted into a suitable sleeping position in Mo Lian’s embrace.

His strong and rhythmic heartbeat was like a lullaby, urging her into a slumber without any defenses.

It was like she felt that there was nothing to worry about with him by her side…

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