My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 1230 - The Agony of Opening Up

Chapter 1230: The Agony of Opening Up

She suddenly opened her eyes and gave an uncontrollable shudder.

Mo Lian quickly hugged her and stroked her back to placate her. “What’s wrong, Qiaoqiao.”

Yet Qiao Mu shook her head. “No-Nothing.”

“No clues have been left behind here. Do you want someone to continue keeping watch?”

Qiao Mu nodded. “The person who made contact with Fan Qiuhe is most likely very cautious and therefore, will probably not make an appearance here again. Let’s return. I’m a bit tired.”

Seeing that she was indeed a bit tired out, Mo Lian’s heart ached, and he whisked out of the rundown cabin while carrying her by the waist.

Qiao Mu had a good night’s sleep. The next morning after washing up, she discovered that everyone in the Huge Bear Squad was already waiting outside.

Little Sixth Zheng, dressed in black, stood gallantly under the morning rays as he turned to nod at her with a smile.

However, Mo Lian grabbed his wifey’s hand and looked askance at Little Sixth Zheng.

When Captain Gao saw her coming out, he immediately flashed his white teeth. “Xiao Qiao, are we returning on flying hawks?”

“Okay.” Qiao Mu nodded. In any case, there were still two days until her mother’s designated deadline, so she could still make it in time even if they travelled back slowly by flying hawk.

“Alrighty.” The squad members gushed outside.

Out of the corner of her eye, Qiao Mu caught a glimpse of that fatty old geezer that they had encountered back at the entrance to the base.

Qiao Mu creased her brows and looked up at Mo Lian. When she observed no change in the expression on his face, she chose not to say anything.

The pair hopped onto a flying hawk and retraced their route back to the Mo Kingdom capital with the Huge Bear Squad.

While sitting on the flying hawk’s back, Qiao Mu leaned against Mo Lian and watched as the flying hawk ascended into the sky and plunged into the clouds.

It was only then that she had put her thoughts in order. She asked softly, “Mo Lian, do you believe that there are miracles in this world?”

“I, once… had a very long dream. Inside the dream, I died once. That feeling was so real that you practically couldn’t believe it.”

As her mumbling—almost sleep-talking—voice drifted past, Mo Lian felt that his breathing also stopped…

He completely didn’t want to understand what it meant for his Qiaoqiao to have died once.

He didn’t want to think about it. If he did, it felt as if someone had sliced open his chest and wanted to take out his beating heart.

Thus, he abruptly tightened his arms and encircled her waist firmly. “What do you want to say, Qiaoqiao.”

“I knew that there would be a zombie outbreak, I knew that zombies would evolve. I knew… everything would progress, slowly but surely, according to that grand dream I had.”

“However, I don’t want to look back on that dream.”

“Mo Lian, did you know, in that dream, there was someone, someone who was controlling my life the entire time. I was just like a puppet on a string, a puppet without its own consciousness, living a tragic life according to someone else’s directions and wishes.”

Mo Lian’s pupils contracted as he recalled the information he had extracted when he searched Liu Yizhi’s soul.

Yes! There was someone who didn’t want his Qiaoqiao to live happily.

There had always been someone who was spying on her from the shadows and wanted to destroy her hard-obtained happiness.


How could he allow that—

“In that dream, I got captured by Fan Qiuhe. He broke all four of my limbs.”

“Qiaoqiao!” Mo Lian looked at her in alarm and involuntarily wrapped his arms around her waist tightly, as if he wanted to embed her deeply into his embrace so that he could guard her safely.

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