My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 83: Gan-Sister's Little Scheme

Chapter 83: Gan-Sister's Little Scheme

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"Yo, who's going to fire Qingfeng Li?"

Suddenly, a charming voice came from outside the room

Ruyan Liu, wearing a red dress, and carrying a graceful figure walked in with red heels.

Sending Qingfeng Li back to the company, she was ready to leave, but saw the contract in the car. She stopped for a moment, realizing that he forgot the contract, so she brought it over.

It didn’t occur to her that she heard someone was going to fire Qingfeng Li when she just came in.

This made her very dissatisfied. Qingfeng Li was now her gan-brother. It’s not the others’ turn to bully him. It would be her if anything.

"Who are you, who let you in?"

Jianjun Hu didn’t know Ruyan Liu. He only felt that the woman in front of him was very beautiful, so he asked.

Of course, with Jianjun Hu’s identity, he could not even get in touch with Ruyan Liu.

To be sure, the Liu Corporation’s charity banquet didn’t invite the Ice Snow Corporation. Xue Lin was able to attend because Qingfeng Li asked Ruyan Liu for the invitation card.

The Liu Corporation was superior and average people couldn’t even be noticed. The Ice Snow Corporation to them is too weak.

"I just heard that you seemed to be firing Qingfeng Li, right. "

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly. Her beautiful eyes flashed with a sly touch.

She began to consider in mind since the guy in front of her was to fire Qingfeng Li, then whether she should hire him.

This was an opportunity she must seize.

"Yes, Qingfeng Li deceived the president and beat up higher authorities. We naturally want to fire him."

Jianjun Hu smiled faintly and said.

Although he did not know the beauty in front of him, she asked and he was happy to answer.

"Oh, gan-brother, the Ice Snow Corporation wants to fire you, no one wants you here. But Gan-sister wants you so I'll hire you."

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly. Her beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of happiness, showing an enchanting smile to Qingfeng Li. It was extremely charming. The guys around were fascinated.


Seeing Ruyan Liu’s enchanting look, Xue Lin scolded secretly in her heart, having a really bad impression of her.

Ruyan Liu mentioned a gan-brother and gan-sister thing just now. What was that. Xue Lin’s cold facial expression changed, a bit confused.

Would it be that these two got together. Probably not. Ruyan Liu had such a high status, how could she like Qingfeng Li. Though thinking about it in her heart, she was a bit worried.

"I’m screwed. This gan-sister wants to give me a hard time."

Seeing Ruyan Liu’s sly look, Qingfeng Li knew she did it intentionally.

She said on purpose that she was the gan-sister in front of the president to demonstrate to Xue Lin. He felt that Ruyan Liu was not easy to deal with.

"Sister, first of all, thank you. But I’m doing well in the Ice Snow Corporation. I wouldn’t go to your company."

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and refused to go to Ruyan Liu’s company.

Also, the words "gan-sister wants you" made Qingfeng Li feel awkward and depressed. Xue Lin would very likely misunderstand.

The sly foxy woman’s skill was very strong.

When two women get together, they fight, which made him very depressed.

"Gan-sister! That asshole Qingfeng Li really called Ruyan Liu gan-sister. This f**king vampire is really seducing my husband."

Xue Lin’s cold face showed with a touch of slight anger, and glared at Ruyan Liu.

However, Qingfeng Li was her husband. She would never let him go to Ruyan Liu, who was a threat to her.

Go, little Xue, beat this vixen. She cheered herself up in her heart.

"Miss Liu, don't bother. Our Ice Snow Corporation will not fire Qingfeng Li."

Xue Lin glanced at Ruyan Liu coldly. Her beautiful eyes showed a touch of warning.

Her intention was clear: no matter how, I will not fire Qingfeng Li. You want Qingfeng Li to work in your place, no way. At the same time she gave Ruyan Liu a hint to not pester Qingfeng Li.

As for whether Ruyan Liu could understand Xue Lin’s meaning

Or listen to her warning. It was not clear.

"Hehe, Xue Lin. I just heard someone say they were going to fire Qingfeng Li. This is correct, right? Since the Ice Snow Corporation doesn’t want him, I do. I will give him a manager position, earning ten million Yuan a year, so much better than being a small staff in your company."

Ruyan Liu smiled charming, ignoring Xue Lin’s warning.

Though Qingfeng Li was the Ice Snow Corporation’s staff, he was also her gan-brother. As a gan-sister, she naturally had to protect her brother.

"President, since this lady wants Qingfeng Li, then fire him and let him go to her company."

Jianjun Hu smiled coldly and said.

At this time, Qingfeng Li had become a guy having affairs with the beauty. Otherwise how would this beautiful woman help Qingfeng Li.

Just now the beauty talked about giving Qingfeng Li a general manager position that earned tens of million a year. In Jianjun Hu’s eyes, that was nonsense and a sort of bragging.

A vice president like himself couldn’t earn tens of millions a year, and a small staff like you wants to earn it. Totally bullshit.

"Shut up. Once again, Qingfeng Liu is not working at the Liu Corporation. No one can fire him. You are the vice president. Who gave you the right to say whatever."

Xue Lin’s face was cold. Her red lips curled and scolded Jianjun Hu mercilessly.

Xue Lin treated the old staff very well before. But she found out that the better you were to them, the more arrogant they were. This was her company. She had the right to decide who to fire. Others didn’t have the privilege of finger-pointing.

Hearing Xue Lin’s words, Jianjun Hu’s facial expression changed. His eyes flashed a touch of anger.

Who was he. He was one of the oldest staff of the company and the vice president. He was working with Xue Lin’s grandfather before she came to the company.

But now, Xue Lin asked him to shut up because of a small staff and scolded him in front of others. This made him furious.

"President, I hope you are fair. Otherwise no one will be convinced by you. I have the right to impeach you. If Qingfeng Li can really bring the contract with the Liu Corporation, I will apologize and leave. Otherwise, this is deception. He has to be fired."

Jianjun Hu was also angry, directly talking back to Xue Lin.

It was true, Xue Lin was the president of the company. But don’t forget, Jianjun Hu was one of the oldest staff members. Lots of people in various departments were his men, including the security department, finance department and logistics department. So if he was really pissed, he will unite the board and drive off Xue Lin.

He had made up his mind this time to let Xue Lin know that he was to be trifled with.

'Damn, you dare to go against my wife?' Seeing Jianjun Hu going against Xue Lin, Qingfeng Li was dissatisfied.

This was his wife’s company. A few years ago when the company was facing bankruptcy, it was my wife who was working hard day and night to make the company come alive and develop into a large one worth several billions.

But now you dare to say that you would impeach my wife if you didn’t fire me. What an ungrateful soul. Your kind heart was eaten by dogs. Extremely bad.

For ungrateful soul like him, Qingfeng Li despised a lot.

He decided to teach him a lesson and let him understand that this was his wife’s company. It wasn’t his role to whip his d*ck out as he wished and swagger.

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